July 23, 2011

Gray Matters...Pass The Ginkgo, Please!

Welcome to Lazy Pink Mosaic Saturday! What? You were unaware
of this blog event?! Well, don't fret! It only exists for me...in my mind...
a cluttered place, where angels fear to tread! ;} Today, it's also a place
of indecision and wavering gray matter!

I made and edited a mosaic...but when I uploaded it...it appeared to me...that all
my editing magic was gone...had I not saved it...was Picnik messing with me...I
knew not. I tried again.
But I couldn't remember exactly what I have done before...oh where, oh
where, has my gray matter gone? So what I thought I had done...apparently,
I didn't do, because I ended up with 2 different mosaics!
So, I just decided to use both "DISHY" mosaics...you decide which one floats
your boat!
Me? I'm gonna go start an IV drip of Ginkgo while doing a crossword
puzzle...I seem to be losing brains cells by the second!

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  1. Wow, they are both really gorgeous! And, I can't really tell the difference. Hmmmm. I wonder what my gray matter missed....

  2. I've always liked the sign that reads ,"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!" And the older I get the more I can relate. The mosaics are both lovely, as all your posts always are! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  3. I liked the first one best--probably because the colors seemed more vivid.

    Lovely lovely mosaic!

  4. all of those tea cups are lovely, but I must admit, being a cupcake lover and xmas ornament "collector" I am quite partial to the cupcake ornament!! Hope you have a fun pink weekend!

  5. Fun! Lets get a group rate on the ginkgo! The mosaic is gorgeous...

    Hope you have been great! Happy to be back..


    Love, KeleeKatillac

  6. Like them both. Why not try Suduko AND a crossword puzzle mix? That should really stir up the old cells! xo Diana

  7. Well I'll take your pink mosaics any way I can get 'em M. I think you have the prettiest pink teacups I've seen. (DO you keep your key under the mat or in a pot by the door????) I don't think you'd even miss a few if I stole in a borrowed a few so I could participate in Pink Saturday too.
    sending hugs...

  8. here's a puzzle to get thing started ...

    your photographs are always very

    _ E A _ _ I _ U _


  9. Love it! I guess my gray matter is closer to white or something.

    I like pink so I liked them both!

  10. well i have looked at both sets of photo's and the only difference to me is the first set is a bit brighter then the second one i might be wrong. Either way i love all the plates and cups etc so pretty, dee x

  11. So pretty, it is like looking at a puzzle...each one is nice and together they look great~
    Have a great week :)

  12. Scrump-dillicious collages, M! Such swoon-worthy pinks; all of them! Thanks for sharing.


  13. You have dished up some seriously gorgeous mosaics! I love them both!
    All the pics are romantic and the pinks are heavenly.

    I totally understand the "gray matter" issues : )
    I had not thought I IV drip Ginko...hmmmmmm wonder if my doc would give it a go for me!


  14. Ok, they are both amazing! I should loose gray matter like that! What you did was double amazing. Thanks so much for joining us, I am sure the ladies are drooling. I am! What a pair we make! Hugs, Martha

  15. Love your blog. do come and see mine. My giveaways start Monday!~

  16. Double pretty! ♥ Can you tell I'm playing catch up today?


love to hear from you! ;}