July 24, 2011

Am I The Only One Who...

{**circuitous post alert** sorry...i am just full of words and pictures
today! can't be helped...it is what it is! ;}

so, am i the only person who saves things...
TOO many things...
bits and bobs...
scraps and such...

this bit came from a magazine ages ago...
i have NO idea what the ad was for...
i just LOVED that print...like old fashioned wallpaper!
{neither of my shots did it justice, so the above shots are
edited and enlivened! a visit here is like the MATRIX isn't
it? what's real?...what's true?...oh! i think i can walk up that
wall while wearing black patent leather!}

this is from a tissue box...
the cutest tissue box i had ever seen...so i saved it!
it's just enough to scan or copy and make a cute
trinket every now and then!

this is from a box that something or other came in...
roses AND stripes!
be still my foolish heart...ok, be still my whole foolish me!

just look at the adorable trailing rose border!
shut up!
not a very wise marketing plan to make the box SO
cute that the purchaser cannot even remember what
the contents were! ;}

which, in a very roundabout way, brings me to these!
{i know...don't worry if you are feeling a bit dizzy or
disoriented...i changed gears without using the clutch there!
sometimes being with me is like having a double martini...
without all those pesky calories!}

when i said circuitous, i meant it...
i didn't just say it because it makes me sound like i
know what it means...which i do...therefore, i used it!

so, since i have several of those cans...uh, i LIKE pasta
and i LOVE that sauce! what did you expect from someone
who bleeds flaming hot cheetos? to say that my palate is
less than refined would be an understatement! ;}

but being the "queen of green" as i am...ah-hem...ok, that was a lie!
al gore sooooo has me on his hit list...but then al has a home up the
road with 9 fireplaces...by oprah's house...so i'm guessing that his
"footprint" is a tad bigger than mine! but that is just a guess...

al gore-schmal gore...the real reason i used them is because they were
there! and they were there because i am lazy! which would you do?
schlep cans alllllll the way down the stairs and to the trash...or set
them on your counter? see! i rest my case!

besides, they are a really good size! they hold all my brushes, scissors, glue
pens, etc, etc!
on this one i used a copy a piece of the spendy scripty burlap i have.
the detail is pretty darn cool! and paper is a bit easier to work with
than all the fraying edges that burlap tends to have!

on this one, i used a copy of the cute-box-that-i-don't-know-what-came

those are some dreamy roses! and a smidge of rick-rack too boot!

this one got a little help from The Graphics Fairy ...she's just a peach!

then i added a little bit of hand-stamped seam binding and sealed it
with fleur-de-li-y stamp! tres...uh...add something french here!

and lastly...yes, only because i was out of cans! {but i will have another
just as soon as i finish this post and make dinner! ;} i used a copy of
the stripy section of the "cute box"...and added a little trinket that
Freckled Jami sent me.

all that to say...
that the moral of this VERY long story is...
you can be green and lazy...
and eat a lot of pasta...
AND have a place to store all your necessities!

i'm exhausted!
time to break out the pasta!!!!

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  1. What wonderful things you made using the lovely papers and things you saved! Talented, artsy people know how to save the right stuff! Love everything about this entire post! I've been away, though,....did I miss something about a give-away?

  2. I love that you re purposed those cans! Too many things end up in the land fills!!
    I haven't re purposed cans yet, but I do save all my candle jars!!

  3. Wow - i love these! adorable! xoxo, tracie

  4. You are SO clever! How darling these all turned out - no one would ever guess that a Hunt's can hid beneath such charming beauties!

    You have inspired me - to keep collecting pretty trinkets, to get crafty, and to eat more pasta! :)

    Smiles to you!

  5. БЛАГОДАРЯ!!!!!!
    Аз ги правя с други материали,самата идея е чудесна.Поздарви и хубав ден!!!!

  6. I found you a while ago and I'm so glad I did. I just looove your blog, everything is so beautiful but the best bit is your sense of humour, if I didn't know better I would say you sound like an Aussie. Hope that doesn't offend you!

  7. I found you a while ago and I'm so glad that I did. I just looove your blog, everything is so beautiful but the best bit is your sense of humour. If I didn't know better, I would say you were an Aussie! Hope that doesn't offend you, it's just that you have a "laid Back" way of speaking that's very common here in Australia.

  8. Hello,

    Love papers! Your dressed up containers look lovely.


  9. What a lovely and clever idea. Al Gore would be so proud! LOL!

    Makes me look at those pasta sauce cans a little differently. Also, saving papers too.



  10. Sometimes you say the things I think...tee hee hee!!! I love the storage containers...and pasta...and the pasta sauce...hmmm, the sauce containers I've thrown away!!! I too keep lots of things maybe I should go eat and dig some of them out!! Great projects!!

  11. WOW!!! I too save a lot of things in hopes to use them. Love the cans.. they are so lovely and very useful.. really like this post..knowing I'm not the only one is great!!!

  12. Love the papers you used! I have done this myself, mainly for the pens, pencils, etc. I keep on my crafting table. Such a great way to personalize and customize your space ~ and for free!

  13. OK - those Frency lookin' ones are just too cute. As is your story-telling. I do save little stuff - but prob. not quite to the extent you do. But then - I'm not as creative - so there ya go :) Keep up the good work.

  14. This is a great recycling idea...and also a great idea for gift wrapping a present - I always save Pringles cans just for this! I also used the very same Graphics Fairy graphic on my project this week - stop by to see it.

  15. I wish I had a house in your neighborhood, so I could just come over and watch you create these masterpieces. But I could probably only afford 3 fireplaces, max.

  16. YOU ARE A REAL GOOD COLLECTOR. I am a small collector but since we sized down I have to stop doing it. ( I hope)

  17. So glad to visit with a fellow "collector" As long as we don't show up on that horders show I think we are OK! Cute way to use trash, uh I mean, cute storage solutions! Thanks for sharing. Now I want pasta!

  18. You have some terrific creative ideas here. I like the idea of using wallpaper to cover a pencil holder. I remember a time when it was all the rage to make wallpaper fans to adorn the walls of a home. I admit to doing it too. ;)

  19. I had to laugh when I saw this post as you remind me of my MIL who loved to save pieces of paper, cardboard, fabric scraps, etc. 60 years worth! (please be sure to make more things with yours) Most, well mostly all, of it went in the garbage. So, yes, your tin can covers are very pretty and I'm happy that you are using your odd bits of pretties for a worthy cause. Just don't let them pile up for 60 years! I really do like the cans! Blessings, Pamela

  20. Thos are all very cute. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to find something cuter than my Mason jar for my paint brushes. I have a soup can sitting in there from my lunch (hasn't made it to the garbage yet). I think I have my rainy day project all figured out. thanks for the inspiration.

    fran @ eleven-o-one.blogspot.com

  21. I came over here after seeing your link on Graphics Fairy for Brag Mondays and I love your blog! Quite funny...plus you have a quote from CS Lewis, roses and stripes and ridiculously cute tea cups. Oh, be still my heart!

  22. These are beautiful. Definately the best decorated cans I've seen. Thanks for the inspiration. I've pinned it to make after I eat some pasta!

  23. Girl~ job well done!
    I love them all..and Need them all!!
    Now I want to eat pasta!

  24. These are all tres chic!!!
    TFS.Came over via Brag Monday.
    XO Marie

  25. I posted a can tutorial today too. Love the ones with the words on them soo pretty

  26. Aack no, i do that too! Pretty pieces of paper from magazines, snippets of quotes, odd bits of wood, and yes, CANS! (Absolutely love what you've done with yours...)oh, and the little plastic tomato packages (I always think i'll start seeds in them...) and has ANYone figured out a good thing to do with the net bags that vegies come in? :-)

  27. You really are a genius M!!!
    and yes, I think Al's footprint is more the size of a yeti's
    sending hugs...

  28. I've been doing something similar lately with re purposed glass jars... these turned out beautifully, Kae! Thanks for sharing!

  29. These are gorgeous! And no, you're definately NOT the only one :)
    Found your beautiful blog at White Wednesday and now following. Have a blessed week


  30. What a fun, clever, crafty post! I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the OC Cottage today!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  31. You are just waaaay to clever!

  32. What wonderful stuff! I'm totally inspired to try this now! I love the french chocolate label, so sweet. Just found you, but now a follower. Thanks for sharing.


  33. I found you through Faded Charm and I'm glad I did.

    You are too funny! I needed that chuckle this morning.

    Love this post, I am a new follower. Off to see the rest....

  34. Very clever! Your blog is gorgeous and I love your sense of humor. I need to inject more of that into my blog. :)
    Fabulous photos here!
    - Susan

  35. I spotted the first paper detail right away! its from the liquor "St Germain" YUM YUM YUM!! its made from elderberry flowers from France! and its my light refreshing drink of the summer!! Try It! you can mix it with anything! ...
    The bottle is Gorgeous also! Art deco... xxoo Vanessa

  36. you are sooo clever!!! those are soooo pretty!

  37. Love those sweet cans, got to make me some.

  38. The cans are wonderful.... I have a bunch of round tins from the tea room that I wanted to do something with ... so now I know.... just tutu cute! I always enjoy your post in addition to being inspired I am entertained by your wit and whimsy! Thanks for sharing, L

  39. Thanks so much for the patterns!

  40. These are so pretty. Great photos as well. Yes, I'm also a hoarder of bits, pieces, and papers.

  41. Well that was the cutest post!! You are so talented! Those cans turned out beautiful! If I had done it, they'd look like something out of a kindergarten class lol! I will spend some time looking at your other posts today, can't wait!

  42. I created a cool image using the roses and stripes! I posted it on my blog wall and gave you credit for the background. :-D Thank you!

  43. cans are addictive! they're the "gateway" to jars. use caution!


  44. Too darn cute! Love that you save crazy stuff like that. I am guilty as charged. I told my kids, I feel sorry for you having to go throuh all my stuff after I'm gone. My daughter, Karrah said, "at least it's organized". That made me feel a tad bit better. I don't save cans, but now I may have to. Hee-hee. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. p.s. I got my burlap curtains at a store in Lehi, Ut called Thanksgiving Point (the Emporium shop).

  45. Great idea to save those papers... the transformations are amazing. I have to show these images in my blog if you don't mind.


  46. Cutest recycling I have ever seen! And I thought I was the only one who saved pretty old Kleenex boxes! I do collect bits from here and there, but hadn't thought to scan the boxes. Thanks! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  47. You are not the only one who saves everything that is cute, sweet, precious, darling, and oh no I can't possibly part with this! I too am crazy about decorating cans. Yours are too cute for words!!

    Susan and Bentley

  48. Wonderful...I used big coffe cans years ago like that for gift bags...I think I like yours better!

  49. Another fun post! Who knew cans could look so good? We share the same {illness? appreciation?} for saving cute boxes, papers, patterns, etc. Some things are just too pretty to send to the landfill or recycling bin. You saved some good stuff! Thank you so much for adorning one with my clay tag (and for mentioning me)! Much love.

    Freckled Jami

  50. Great ideas with the cans. I save everything, too. It means I have one studio to work in and another to keep all the stuff and supplies! Nancy

  51. Crazy awesome idea! They look like something purchased right off a store shelf. Totally pro.

    Shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 92. :)



  52. Very very pretty! I too have a scrap and bittie problem! Going to have to make these!

  53. You are one talented girl - with sauce cans???

  54. LOVE! Not only are yo creative you have all the tools to whip up these beauties. Seems like I am always missing a key piece, like a punch or the wax seal.
    BTW, the beautiful pink and green paper you can't identify is from Shabby Chic lined collection from Target!
    I know, because I am constantly visiting my favorite pieces and drooling over them.

  55. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging this year & have put together a daily blog on design, fashion, food, travel and anything pretty.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  56. Thanks for the prints! I too save snippets, paper, and bits and pieces that capture my imagination. Your covered cans look great.

  57. You certainly got your money's worth out of THAT box! :) I want one!

  58. I can hardly wait for my garden to have blooms for me to put in cans. Hope my covered cans, inspired by you, are half as pretty as yours.


love to hear from you! ;}