June 4, 2011



Ok, her name isn't Smalls...it's CYNTHIA ...but the "smalls" are her game!

And if you have never been to her blog, CYNTHIA'S COTTAGE DESIGN ...boy have you been missing out!

She is an artist extraordinaire!

Just drool over..I mean, admire these details!



Tiny wax paper wrapped sandwiches...{ahhh, the memories...anyone remember
taking wax paper wrapped sandwiches to the beach, back in the day, and eating
peanut butter & jelly...and a lot of sand to boot!! ;}

The cuteness is nearly mind-numbing!

Be still my heart!

There's even a little mixer, for corn sake!

{even if I was really small...my drawers would never be this neat! ;}

Yes, please! I'll have a bedroom just like this!

She sells these, and many more, precious creations on her ETSY SHOP ...

but a word of warning...
Once you go in...you may never come out!
You will be entranced!!!!

And, if you are brave enough...

take a tour through SUMMER ROSE COTTAGE !

The amazing alternate universe she has created!!

You'll be calling her up to come decorate your own home!!!

Look at this room!


A-dorable barely covers it!

So, do a little something nice for yourself today...

Pop over to CYNTHIA'S

And spend a few hours in a tiny dream world!

Trust me...it's a HUGE treat!!! ;}

PINK SATURDAY @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. Hi Sweetie~ ~I love her blog too. How cute are all those tiny little things. I never had a doll house as a kid so maybe that's why I love it so.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. Oh my goodness! You were right. Adorable does not cut it. Wow. Love it!

  3. I LOVE THIS!! How adorable ~ the amazing attention to detail!! I'll be sure to stop on over and check these out :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  4. Yes, I'm very familiar with her blog and yes, one can become a little girl again just by visiting her blog. It's a real treat. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Those are amazing! I want to be small and live in one of her creations :) Nice Sandlot reference too, btw.

  6. tiny dream world is right, M!

    i have no idea how she works on such a teeny-weeny scale. i'm convinced that magic is involved.

    it's been equally fun following her blog which went from decorating homes down into the rabbit hole of miniatures. cynthia is most definitely beloved in the blogging world and she is one of the first bloggers i connected with. she is a peach!

    your title is a riot per usual.

    happy weekend


  7. I have been following her since I first started blogging. Can you believe the talent that gal has? She makes the most amazing creations AND she is just the sweetest thing to boot! Love her place! Makes me want to shrink down and live there! xo Diana

  8. I did a blog post on Cynthia's Etsy shop a couple of months ago then I found her blog about a month ago. She is truly amazing!!! It's just the ultimate dream dollhouse furniture!

  9. Oh my gosh.....cuteness overload, go on without me... save yourself!!!!!

  10. I have been there and yes I never wanted to leave. Her attention to detail is amazing. She brings out the girl in all of us and makes us wishe we were young again.

  11. These miniatures are wonderful! Everything looks so real. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti

  12. Dear M,

    I'm speechless!! (and lol, that doesn't happen often ) I literally was blushing all the way through! Thank you doesn't say it enough!!! You were so sweet to do such a kind and giving post about my Minis! They really give me such joy to do , and if it makes others happy that is the best reward I can think of!! Thank you , Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Your blog is so wonderful, I just spent a good hour going through your posts and I'm so honored to be included in one! I love your sense of humor too! What a gift! I could go on and on as most people know, lol :) But there would be no words fitting for how you made me feel today! I'll stick with.... again, Thank you :)

    Much love and friendship! Cynthia xo

    ps: and thank you also to all the lovely , warm and giving comments left here by others, you've all made my week for sure! xox!

  13. I WANT that petite dining room..strike that....I NEED that petite dining room!

  14. I love her blog too!!! It's as if you escape into a petite place that is perfectly magical.

  15. Be still my heart...I'm on my way over!

  16. wow is all i can manage to say!! soooo amazing. all the details are seriously incredible!!

    wow wow wow :)

  17. OH MAN!!!! I want to live in there,,,,lol if I were only that tiny.... she is amazing..can't wait to pop over to her blog.... love it all....


  18. Hi, M! Cynthia just kills me, too! I have two dollhouses that are just screaming for some of her goodies!! I truly feel like her rooms are....well, REAL!! Where is some of Alice's "Drink Me" elixsor when I need it?!?! I could shrink and just live there forever!

    Happy PS!
    Angelic Accents

  19. Oh my goodness..this is adorable!!! I want to live in that sweet little home. oxxox hugs.

  20. Dearest M,

    That's quite an endearing 'mini-world'...
    Have a great Sunday,


  21. Oh my goodness! Thank you for introducing me to Cynthia's blog. What an enchanted world she has created. I am totally spellbound. What a remarkably talented lady!

  22. Oh my Goodness wow, this is amazing! All the details are incredible!

  23. I could play with this all day long.. It's as cute as it wants to be


  24. OMG, I'm moving there! I just showed my husband the shot of the kitchen sink/china cabinet/table, and he said, "Oh what a cute room, we should do a sink like that." -- Granted he was sitting a few feet away from my computer, but he didn't realize it wasn't real! I had to tell him it was a doll house. We're both amazed. Thanks for sharing that!


    P.S. And for Pete's sake, how does she make the eeny weeny slices of cake? SERIOUSLY? It's amazing.

  25. I'll take that in a human size, please! : ) I'd really love all of these pieces in a real home. But I guess if you can't, the mini size is better than nothing. This is just so pretty. I have a doll house in our storage that my Dad made for my daughter and now that I have a granddaughter it is going to need updating. I could just see prettying it up this way.

  26. i totally know where 'you're killing me Smalls' is coming from! love the post!!!


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