June 11, 2011

The Pink Past Re-Imagined...

Computers are stupid and annoying and...and necessary!
Apparently there is a thing called a "start-up" disk somewhere under
the white plastic of my laptop...possibly, it's the thing that makes that
wheezing sound from time to time!

So anyway...said start-up disk is displeased with the number of pictures
I have accumulated and has appointed itself dictator and supreme ruler of
my laptop!

Pulling shenanigans like, not allowing me to upload new shots from my
camera until I delete...yes, I said delete..{geez, I get palpitations just
typing the word!} many, upon many, of my precious pictures!

So, the other day I actually deleted over 3,ooo shots from iPhoto...
not willingly...through gritted teeth...and mumbling, "you are NOT
the boss of me!" the entire time!

I know! Get with the 21st century and get an external hard drive already
you big dope!
I will! I know! I have to! I promise!

All that schmegegge just to say that whilst I was whittling my pictures away...
I was also going down memory lane...

all those pictures I thought were so cool back then...

WOW! What the heck was I thinking!

So, I took a few of them and "re-imagined" them using all the editing
tools at my disposal...

Which, of course, does not include Photoshop...
because I do not have the requisite number of brains cells necessary
to master that sucker!

{Ok, he's not pink...but his little tongue is! Besides, this picture
just cracks me up! {this might have something to do with that
brain cell thing I just mentioned! ;}

So, if you are anything like me and can't remember if it's Wednesday...
or where you put your keys...or if you put the stuff from the washer
into the dryer....you will have NO memory of these old pics...

and what was old will be brand new again!!!! ;}

Pink Saturday @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. some of these pictures are great. the cat really made me laugh!

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. AND some of us were not blogging beauties yet when you posted these the first time around...so...I am glad to see them. Loving the pinks!

    I finally went out and shelled out less than $40. for a back up thingy that just plugs into the side of my computer and I took my pictures and backed them up...and my blog. If I can do that-SO CAN YOU...now I want you to promise me you will...PINKY PROMISE, okay? xo Diana

  3. Lovely photos! I especially like the "Sea" one and the kitty! :)

  4. These are all beautiful photos!!

  5. first time for me! such sweet pinkness. xoxo Debra

  6. I love your photos! I don't remember seeing them, so they are new to me! HPS, Marcia

  7. Aw, sweet pinky memories! But of course I've been coming over here for forever!

    I've never heard of having to delete pics off your computer! Oh dear! Then again, we go through our computers pretty fast! ♥

  8. HOW could have I ever missed so many posts here M??? I can't believe all the pretty I have deprived myself of while elbows deep in the garden. In my defense...the sun was actually shinning here in podunk Idaho so it had to be done. I love your posts and get kind of shaky when I don't have my OC fix, so I thought I would come by this morning and laugh. So glad your computer got cranky (and that you are too cheap to get an external HD)otherwise we never would have seen your beautiful altered photos. But I also see that you have been making the prettiest things!!!
    (So sorry, I didn't mean to write a book here).
    hugs from here...

  9. Oh I'm sorry to hear about all the deleted pictures :-/ However the ones you brought back to blogging-life by posting them again are wonderful, especially th eone of the kitty :)

  10. I loved your pics....
    but then I am horrible with a camera, and mine is so old that it just makes for the worse.
    You know, if you saved your photos on Flickr or photobucket you wouldn't need to have an external drive. But it is still good to have one to back up all your files should your pc crash. All the more, would be to save your photos on a "safe" server....saves them from being hacked into and when you post to certain sites viewers will not get the "do you want to view all or only those items that are safe".
    Hope you are having a pinkishly beautiful weekend

  11. Ooooh, I love it all!!! The pink watering can, the pink chandelier, the china, the pink seashells and the kitty!! What a cutie! Happy PS!

  12. Love the first photo with the heart! And yes, you need an external hard drive!
    xo Cathy

  13. Computers are not our friends. I've had to learn that the hard way too. Love your pics though - please don't delete that batch!


  14. Happy belated PS!
    Am in ove with your glitter sea!
    gypsea nurse

  15. Amo lo stile inglese... nonostante io sia 100% italiana. Mi sono da pocio registrata al tuo blog incantata dalle fotografie e per conoscere meglio la tua lingua. Baci Silvia

  16. My husband does the external drive for me.

    2 things - my favorite picture is the cat. And I would wear that pink heart necklace every chance I could get. It's gorgeous.


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