June 30, 2011

Oh, Look...The 10,000th Post About Pinterest!

First, I just like to say, "HA! Made you look!" ;}

Ok, so I know "the Pinterest" post has been done to death!
Everybody luuuurves it!
Everybody is doing it!
So, I'll admit it...I had to see what the hullabalu was about!
And I confess...it's pretty darn fun! After all, it's where I met
him! {I really have no idea who he is...I just thought he looked
like Michael Vartan circa Alias...and, well, you know. ;}

I just like to look at the main page....before I log in to see what's
new...and it's like a magazine! A little of this...a little of that...
a whole lot of CUPCAKES! I like these people!
{who could eat those! They are gorgeous!}

Uh, no...to me this says, "hey, angst filled teen girl...cut here..."
Ok, so, it's not all cupcakes in Pinterestville!

Can I be honest? This fills me with resentment! I WANT TO FIND
scenario just doesn't happen around here!

This is cute...but as a Lazy Girl, I find myself wondering why they
just didn't paint it right on the wall? But then I suppose that wouldn't
really be a "headboard" would it...picky, picky!

This brings a tear of pity to my one good eye! How very sorrow filled
I am for those of you who live where there are no In-n-Outs! I weep!
I rend my clothing...but with just a single gulp of their chocolate shakes
... I will be all better!

Now, I think Katie M is just as peachy as the next American
who actually has no concept of the whole royalty thing...but
for pity sake! Someone give this girl a sandwich...
a Double-Double Animal Style...
Some Funyuns!
Before she blows away...in a very proper way, of course!

I could stare at this all day! And I just might!

I could stare at this...
oh, sorry, where was I...
{lots of Jane's people are Pinteresting!}

There are many, many of these hair-how-do's to be seen...
and soundly mocked!
"Just part your hair and then just twist it and then just
hold it all in place with one bobby pin."
I must force myself to pass them right by as I find I become
lightheaded from my exuberant scoffing!

This picture makes m jealous of j...
jealousy is wrong... ;}

This makes me want to read...
all my books would be stored in the closet to the right...
and my snacks would be stored in the cubbies to
the left, ok...and some wine.
And I would read and read until my bum was good
and asleep!

This makes me think that someone is eavesdropping on
my mind!

This made me laugh out loud!

{even though I am a huge hypocrite because I LOVE this sign!;}
{Ok, I like that one that says to eat a cupcake too!;}

See, a little something for everyone!
And you don't have to join to look!
And the looking is fun, yessrieeebob!

So, if you have a spare sec this LONG Independence Weekend...
march on over to PINTEREST and see what's there
to be seen!
And by all means, scoff a little too! ;}


{Sad, but I had to read this twice before I got it! ;}


  1. OK it took me 4 times to get it...I kept thinking must go! No in and out burgers in Orlando, truly deprived never had one! Funny post...Well, I must dash to pintrest! Keep Calm and have a great 4th


  2. Well, I signed up, but that is as far as it has gone. I keep getting emails saying people are following me on Pinterest - not much to follow yet! Loved your post though, it was great fun and visually stimulating too!

  3. I love your blog.I love your humor.I love how it makes me laugh.Every...single...time!And don't get me started on Mr. Alias man.Sooooooooooo in love with him.And that show WAS AWESOME!

  4. My daughter would love the last graphic. I mustache!!

  5. Made me laugh...thanks I needed that!

  6. LOL...oh I think this sums it up perfectly! So funny everyone is pinning beautiful decor and lovely flowers and you are so respectful of your followers and then someone pins cheesecake and we all cut loose and start pinning gorgeous faces! Such a fun pastime...but then my but goes numb and I have to get away from the computer. LOL

  7. I spend waaaaay too much time on the computer already...haha! I loved seeing your take on the whole thing, though....you just make everything so much more fun!

  8. Next time I use the wi-fi in town, I'll try to remember to check pinterest out! I tried here a home but it's too slow!

    Well I could stare at the flower pot picture, too! Just lovely and I'm sorry but I read the last one 4times and I still don't get it! Ha!

  9. I've gotta say, I'm a sucker for the Band of Brothers series, so I really like that one!

  10. made me laugh (as alway!) j'adore Pinterest! so much fun! Loved your "take" on it! Happy 4th....:)

  11. Well. That was fun. Thanks and happy 4th!! - Kathy

  12. I don't find treasures on the side of the road around here either . Where is that? Around here people are poor and they use their furniture up , and when it is used up they cut it up and burn it for heat. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it .

  13. You are hilarious and creative...great combination! I am following your blog! :D Kathi

  14. I don't dare go anywhere near pinterest, lol, I can' hardly cope with reading all the blogs on my list!

  15. First i have heard of pinterest but i will check it now ;-) you have shown some wonderful pictures. I know i am a bit slow on the up take but i have read that last picture loads of times and sadly i still don't get it...ah well ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  16. What's a Pinterest? Okay...kidding...kidding....Love your easy/breezy post about all things hysterical, true and angst producing...such as WHY can't I be the one to find that pink tea cup image? Lovely, my dear, lovely. I will thinking of your finger boarding your way to Pinterest Nirvana whilst I am stuck working! Have a great 4th! xo Diana

  17. I loved all of this! All the photos, all your wittiness, etc! What can I say? I just love stopping by OC Cottage!

  18. That, really, good looking guy is the one, and only...Jason Statham. Check out his movies, The Italian Job, The Transporter and a few others. I did'nt care for Crank, but he is good to look at. Let me know what you think of his movies. Must dash...Decor. Lady

  19. I am right there with you on finding cool furniture on the side of the road that can be made fabulous with a couple of coats of paint. Where do these people live? I can't even find that kind of furniture at antique stores.

  20. Oh, I could stare at some of those "things" for a bit too. ;) I've seen the Pinterest craze but won't dare go near it for now. Blogging has me hooked enough.

    ...Mr. Darcy...uh...meant, have a great weekend.


love to hear from you! ;}