June 22, 2011

Of Migraines And The Radio...

So...not only am I poster girl for slovenly blog upkeep {say that 3 times
fast!} what with my lack of pictures due to "weather considerations"...
but I am just plan unimaginative, right?! I mean, should I be hamstrung
in my pursuit of a post merely because I can offer you no visual stimuli?
Is that all there is to me? {well, yah...but don't let that get around...k! ;}

So, I thought I'd do a topical post today...about my migraine. See! Now I
have drawn you into my web of intrigue even without the use of visual aids,
haven't I!!
Now, I am not here to whine...just to commiserate with those of you, who,
like me, are RULED by your hormonal fahrvergnügen and thusly, feel that
a nice swift hatchet to the cranium would make that boring sensation at
the base of your skull fell all better!
Ok,I know...save the drama...right?

It's not like my pet megrims {that's what they call them in Britain, isn't
that cute! Very "stiff upper lip" and all that!} keep me from life or
anything. They just make me UGLY...inside and out! Although I mostly
keep that to myself...well, the "ugly outside" is hard to keep to myself since
I look like a hag that could gag a maggot! {I heard that in a Scottish movie
once and it sounds way better with a Scottish accent!} I can hide the
"ugly on the inside" though...for example no one realized just how close they
came to being smacked today...they were this close...and never knew...now that
is self control!

But I am on day three, so I know I am close to other side...I will feel fine
soon. And that's the one good thing about my pet megrims...they do...
eventually...end. Glass half full, right?!

So, yesterday on my way home, I didn't even want to listen to music...today I
did...baby steps...and I heard a great Cure song and my toes tapped and I felt
better...funny what a song can do...funny that it was by The Cure...but then
the guy in front of me...who COULD NOT have had a drivers license...irritated
me and set my brain to pinging and I found myself chiding the Bee Gees for
the goat sound in, You Should Be Dancing! Seriously...google it! All this time I
though the were saying "yah"...and it was actually "baaah" !
{Unless I was hearing the 4-H remix!}

And then...can anyone, without a protracted history of drug use, tell me
what the lyrics to Blinded By The Light mean?

Some silicone sister with a manager mister told me I got what it takes
She said "I'll turn you on sonny to something strong, play the song with
the funky break"

And go-cart Mozart was checkin' out the weather chart to see if it was
safe outside

And little Early-Pearly came by in his curly-wurly and asked me if I
needed a ride

Asked me if I needed a ride

And I thought my brain was in a bad way!

Aren't you glad you stopped by today? ;}
Or maybe just a little scared? ;}
Juuuuuuuuust keepin' it real, like everyone likes to say...
but just HOW real do we like it?! And is this more real than you'd like?
{I know! I try to be deep and I just end up confused!}
Yes, I am done.
No, the pictures have nothing to do with the price of tea in China...
but a post needs pictures, right??!!

And if you get migraines too...what's your magic cure?

And then forget you ever saw this post!


  1. In spite of the migrane... Your post is beautiful!

  2. I definitely feel your pain! I have suffered from migraines my whole life...I get the light spots, then the horrific headache, sensitivity to noise, light and scent, and then I vomit! Yuck! Have you tried Periactin or generically known as Cyproheptadine? Ask your doctor for the prescription, it is an antihistamine but it makes a world of difference when a migraine hits! Good luck to you and I hope you find something that helps!


  3. You're too funny! I'm sorry about your migraine, though. I get them myself. I really don't have a magical cure, because no prescription I've tried has worked. I just take a ton of ibuprofen and that eventually knocks it down. At least I tell myself that's what's happening. It could be that the migraine has just run its course. Feel better soon!

  4. Beautiful photos, you really are awesome. Sorry for your suffering. I didn't have them until I was in my 30's with 3 kids and decided to finish my college degree. Mine are stress induced not hormonal. I avoid pain meds normally and just tough it out, but when the go 3-4 days in a row I am ready to kill someone too! My mom outgrew hers when she finally got through "the change" but that is little comfort now, huh?

  5. Despite the misery of the migraine, I love your post.
    Never thought about that silly song, I just figured they were on LSD or something! LOL.

    hugs and hope you feel better.


  6. have only had ONE and wouldn't care for another...thank you very much! so sorry to hear that you've been battling with them. be well!!

  7. Seriously, you need to give yourself some credit for creating such a cool post while you're in pain.
    As for Blinded by the Light:
    I AM GoCart Mozart. Well, used to be. We were at a Starbucks in that scenario. Silicone Sister is her real name. She was doling out carmel macchiatos. They were strong. Pearly was driving her hooptie, she was the only one with wheels. The dude had WAY too many macchiatos before he wrote the song, we all warned him people'd think he was stoned, but it became a huge hit. Who knew?

  8. I too, suffer from migraines every week! So you have my sympathy! They are the worst! I take relpax for mine. It is an expensive prescrition but what do you do? If I didn't take it I would be bed ridden for days and I refuse to let that happen.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    I loved your post (not the migraine part).
    Praying for you,

  9. It is a beautiful post. My migraines last three days if I don't take migraine med.... isn't that amazing.... why is that? I do take Imitrex for them .... and then they are gone. But I HATE the way Imitrex or any migraine med makes me feel so I only take it when I go to bed. You should get some! Oh...and I'm 62.... they are never going away.

  10. Two words: migraines stink! I know the feeling. =( Amazing photos though. Hope you're feeling better today!


  11. Feel better soon. Gorgeous photos. I've had a little success using migrastix to stave off migraines if I can catch them in time.

    The lyrics? I just sort of make them up :)

  12. I admire your ability to still be creative while you are suffering. The post is just beautiful. I have pinned you (on pinterest). Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Loved Your Post and I feel your pain. I thought that when I reached a certain age, all would go away. Wrong! Instead I started Hormone Replacement Therapy and the torture continues...Only good thing about the headache is now I'm totally responsible and the benefits out weigh the migraine. I feel bad but I look fabulous!

  14. Oh I can relate...in a way...my hubby gets migranes and for days he is in a bad way...hot baths seem to help...or maybe keep his mind off them. He finds that diet plays a part in his too...weird! Despite your headache...you are still a fun read...feel better!!

  15. Yes...and Peter of Peter,Paul & Mary fame (that I saw several times in person over the years) said that Puff The Magic Dragon was just a song about a dragon...and a kid...and what in the heck were people talking smack about it for.... Love that!

    'Spite of your migrane you were quite wordy and wonderful, as usual. I suppose you don't want to know that I have never experienced the agony of a migrane...Thank you Lord! So..in light of that...I am saying a prayer to the Headache Gods to take away that which they have so freely given! Amen....Hope you have a wonderful night and I love your little pictures popped in here and there-just because! xo Diana

  16. I do try to resist just chopping my migrained head off since I know they will pass eventually. Ice and a cold swim are my secret remedies if I do them right at the start.

    I miss waterbeds--a cold waterbed was a surefire cure!

  17. first off, my heart goes out to you for sure, been there done that and have the tee shirt,, I developed migraines after a head injury ten years ago,, I've tried everything,, my now go too is,, ice on the back of my neck feet in hot water,, no bright rooms, and lavendar oil on a pillow.Massage around my eyebrows and a cool cloth on eyes.You have a lovely blog and I'm joining cause I want to come back.I lost my sight completely in one eye and half my vision in my other from this head injury,, I really know your pain, nothing worse than a head ache,

  18. A friend of me had a doctor that recommended vitamin B complex and that has helped allieviate some of my migraines but I get them every month. I don't like the imitrex,maxalt and that genre, they kinda freak me out so I just take the Fiornal with Codine 3. It is a narcotic so it has to be ordered and approved everytime I refill but it is worth it! Ice helps but basically they just stink!!! Especially when they take a few days away from you!
    Feel better soon! karen....

  19. I am a migraine sufferer too. A cold washcloth on my forehead, a dark room, and lots of uninterrupted sleep is the only relief that helps me. I stopped drinking diet coke and anything with artificial sweeteners and that seemed to help. Sorry for your pain. Hope you find relief soon.


  20. I used to get those and they were brutal! I rarely get them now...think they are sinus related when I do. I sure hope you feel better. Is your's a sinus thing, too? I think they have Rx to help with them, although I just usually take sinus Rx and Advil and go to bed.
    Feel better sweet friend!

  21. I'm so sorry you have a migraine! Those are awful. The cool wet washcloth on the eyes in a dark room and lots and lots of sleep are the only thing that work for me, either.

    The song, though, is interesting! You're probably quoting the Manfred Mann version, but the original song is by Bruce Springsteen and has much more complete lyrics. Anyway, it's all autobiographical about his early years as a kid and as coming up as a musician. So all the references are to real people or events in his life. Fascinating, huh?

    Hope you get better!


  22. Ok migraine or not YOU my dear are hysterical! I like to write like that, a little crazy BUT here is my sayin, Of all the Things I've Lost! I miss my MIND the most! So you can say and act and write anyway you wish feelin good or not and it won't matter to anyone!
    I love love your blog, SO PRETTY!!!! and thank you for sharing how you feel! NOW I don't feel so bad!
    Sign me a follower now, a born raised So Cali gal )Los Angeles!)who has migrated to Nevada, hang in there! Love Kat =^!^=

  23. So sorry to read about your migraine episode.
    Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have worked wonders for controlling my migraines....

    Can't recommend it enough!

  24. No magical cure - like you, it's a case of working through it. I tend to disappear as I am usually rendered completely incapacitated with my head in a bucket. A few times I have slumped in the doctors surgery and begged for painkilling injections which have worked. But they have to be off the scale for that. The household knows they have to get on with by themselves when there is a migraine in the house. I have often thought of a meat cleaver to the neck myself during these times. I love your migraine accompanying pictures.

  25. I am sorry, too, for your migraine suffering. I'm amazed at all the comments and various remedies. I used to think mine were also either sinus related, or stress related. Over the years I tried all kinds of things. No chocolate. No cheese. I've had various prescriptions over the years, too. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I've never really found any rhyme or reason as to why I get them. It's odd that I'm reading this tonight because I just suffered through one of the worst ones in my life on last Sunday. I wish you pain free days for the next hundred years!

  26. At least you keep your sense of humor.

  27. Honey Child, in spite of your migraine, your post is delightful. I am 64 and have suffered w/ those devils since I was 19. I have been taking Topamax since 1998. This med was originally was for seizures. Doctors prescribed it off label for migraines. FDA approved it a couple years ago for migraines. I still get them but not as severe or as many. Maybe one or two a month not the kind that would put me in bed.

  28. Don't migraines stink? So many of the "cures" don't work but it seems many of us have found what works for us... My migraine routine: Extra-Strength Excedrin, a heating pad in the middle of my back and a frozen water bottle under my neck. As long as I've caught it before it goes hyper-migraine, this works for me! Love, love, love all of your photos and your creativity inspires me!

  29. Oh my gosh, this is my first ever stop at your blog and not only did I get a chuckle but I also found a new migraine buddy. Hate, hate, hate them and I know that hate is a strong word but I do. giggle. Glad you are almost on the other side of it! Pleased to "meet" you.

  30. First I must say that I love your blog ~ really I do. I am amazed that you can write like that with a migraine. Incredible! So sorry you suffer with these. Mine are hormone related. I get a warning a pre-headache pain behind my right eye. As soon as that comes I hit the Excedrin migraine. Get the electric heat pad for over my eyes & forehead & go to the darkest quietest place I can find to sleep it off. As long as I am able to sleep until I wake on my own this usually takes care if it & I am left with just a tolerable head ache for the next day or so. If I don't catch it early I am usually found kneeling before the porcelain throne praying to die.Several chiropractic adjustments & some herbal remedies have reduced them to just a couple a year.


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