June 26, 2011

Dance With The One That Brung Ya...

Ok, I know, I'm not using that expression in its strictest sense...
I'm going with..."use the perfectly good stuff you already bought
and HAVE instead of going to Micheal's to buy even more stuff
{that you will, no doubt, forget you have because you hung the
bag on the back of a chair or a door nob} just because that gift
card from Christmas is burning a hole in your pocket!"
See! Lucidity and logic are the mainstay of this blog!
{just think how confused the non-Americans are who have
never even heard that expression before...I should have entitled
this post "Putting Lipstick On A Pig"...now that would have
really thrown them for a loop! ;}

No, I will NEVER win an award for using the least possible
words in the presentation of a post!}

So, ahem...like I was saying...I have too many little buckets,
don't you? No? Hmmmm...that's the thing about all those
great deals at Oriental Trading...they all come in DOZENS!
And it's not like I remember why I bought the above little
white buckets...I just know that they have been mocking
me with their nakedness for months{...and believe you me...
that's A LOT better than being mocked FOR your nakedness...
trust me! ;}

So, as true Lazy Girls are wont to do, I asked myself...
"Self, how can I jazz up these little buckets with the minimal
amount of effort while still having one hand free to eat Cheetos?"
"Are you talking to me?"
"Are YOU talking to ME?"
{apparently, self has a bit of an attitude today...yeesh!}

I soldiered on...

I remembered that I had this very thick stack of coordinated scrapping papers
that a friend got for me several birthdays ago...
and then I remembered that I just got some new paper punches...
{I know! Like a hole in my head I needed them! But I was already ordering
some books from Amazon...and there they were...all pretty and shiny and cool...
and all you have to do is click...and in a few days they magically appear on your
doorstep! Who needs crack when there's Amazon??!!}

And how about some matching clothespins aka clips to go with that
smartly embellished bucket? {And I will have you know that I got
those clothespins from the 99¢ Store! 100 for 99¢! Sure, they look
like wolverines have used them for toothpicks...but the 99¢ is ALL
the matters in this post about the virtuosity of thriftiness! ;}

Niiiiiiice huh?
Just want to give you all the visual aids necessary for me to persuade
you of my can-do crafting!
You may recall...{or perhaps months of therapy has helped you to forget}
my 49¢ clearance tape?

Well, I though that it would be a rootin' tootin' addition to a bland

The bummer of it is that the pattern is so busy that it obscures the
fabulously punched label...didn't really think that one through all
the way...so, what else is new?! ;}

Onward and upward!

FYI- this glue is really cool...if you use it immediately when wet, it's
permanent. But if you let it dry before affixing...it's removable...
cool,eh? I tried it...and it works! Lazy Girl Seal of Approval!
{uh...that came from Amazon too... ;o }

NEXT! I turned to the The Graphics Fairy for something a bit more subdued.

Can you go wrong with vintage calligraphy? I think not!

Who said PINK??!!

Like I could live a day without it!

Can you see what I'm getting at here?
On your desk...
Pens, protractor, various and sundry tchotchkes corralled nicely
in the bucket while the clips wrangle your unruly stacks of $20's!

No 20's?
Ok, unruly stacks of vintage wallpaper maybe?
Have you ever noticed that after spending decades in a tight roll
it's less apt to lie flat? Quite a phenomenon that!

So, here's my trick.
Just put it right on the kitchen floor with a box of elbow macaroni
right on top!! It flattens out before you can say, "Bobs your uncle!"
Sure the cats will mess with it and most likely knock the box over...
then you will have to chase them away with threats of being next
winter's muff...but in the end you will achieve success!

Now what in Sam Hill am I gonna do with all these buckets!

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ALERT**bad light...no editing...too much cat hair...sorry! **


  1. Love your posts and your funny comments! What a great project...I like these buckets and you did a wonderful job on them and those cute clothespins! A-DOR-A-BLE!!!

  2. Ok..I'll dance with you. I just happen to have a couple dozen of those little buckets, a peg bag full of clothespegs and tons of scrapbook paper. Think my granddaughters are going to have a great time making Christmas gifts for their friends. Teen girls will adore these!
    Wonder if Micheal's has that Zig Glue....

  3. I think your posts always make me smile!!!
    Fun idea with the little pail and clothes pins!
    Deb :)

  4. It looks like you showed those naked buckets a thing or two. They look great. I especially like the one with the caligraphy.

    Be sure to stop by my blog Tuesday to enter my giveaway.

    Have a great week! La

  5. Cute project, yes...I can always count on some sort of wonderful craftiness here....
    But it's the humor that makes it all even better!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face and a great idea in my head!

    ....hmmmm....maybe a teacher gift filled with office supplies and Staples gift card clipped to it......or bath products with tea bags clipped on....thanks for the inspiration :D

  6. You sure know how to dress things up!

    I laughed at your Sam Hill comment because my Mom is the only other person I have heard say that.


  7. OMG thanks for a great laugh this morning. The buckets are adorable!

  8. Those little buckets are so cute and clever! I have some I might need to play with now.

  9. Adorable my friend...I just did a bunch of the clothes-pegs for a magazine article. So easy and so cute. Happy new week to you. xoxo

  10. Its fabulous how your sense of humour comes through in your posts. it makes them more interesting to read. Otherwise I would just look at your wonderful pictures and think horrible thoughts about you because you have such great photography skills.

  11. Love your post!!!! How'd ya know? Micheal's bags find there way to my door knob to my craft room as well, often filled with some rhyme and little reason, whatever my eye fancies, waiting for "those creative moments" (sounds like a Viagra commercial) LOL Loved seeing what you do with the buckets, clothespins and paper. You always give me inspiration!

  12. Yes, that glue is super cool. My mind is buzzing.

  13. Oh, my goodness. You write like I think. Now I'm wishing I hadn't given my daughter those lime green buckets. Maybe she hasn't found a use for them yet. I think I'll call her.

  14. I really like your projects, especially the one with the vintage calligraphy! Very cool.

  15. These are just darling, and I'm all for using what you've already got! Wonderful job, and so many uses too!

  16. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  17. Fantastic! I like one better than the last.

  18. OK that is too cute!!

    I'm gonna have to make me some of them there clothes pins!!!

  19. OH -- these are like candy!! So many cute patterns and colors! Love it all!!

  20. You are all sorts of cool. I could never ever come up with these ideas.

  21. You ae always into something great and creative - these are fabulous! You make me smile every time I come here~~


  22. I love those buckets! How great for favors or in a bathroom to hold soaps or those hotel shampoo/conditioner bottles. Even a guest room with some little things for the guest to use while they're visiting. I love the shape that punch does.

    That first guy is Jason Statham ~ hot and an accent! Most recently saw him in The Bank Job and The Mechanic.

  23. I bought 5 of these cutie pails at Target before Easter - afterwards wondering why I did that. Now, I know. Thanks for sharing.


love to hear from you! ;}