June 5, 2011

Boosted From Bayberry!

{photo: Bayberry Cove }

Oh, yes I di-id!
Wasn't is Nietzsche who said, "Thievery is the sincerest form of flattery"?
Ok, maybe it was Oliver Twist? Cary Grant? Robert Wagner?

Well, whoever it was...I do know that it was me who said,
"Recession is the mother of the kind of necessity where you make
something yourself for cheaper than you can buy it".
{I know that is my quote because it's unnecessarily wordy and for
the Love of Mike, who else would admit to it???!! ;}

So, when I happened upon the Bayberry Cove 500,000,000% off sale last month, I noticed the cute little birdie above...
...yet another dizzying creation from Wendy Addison!
{sorry for the repeat picture, but I got so wordy in between pictures that
even I forgot what I was talking about! Like I said, unnecessarily wordy!

Now, my pal, Wendy A, makes THE most luscious treats...
but, as tight as we are...I still need to do the mundane things of
life like...oh, I don't know...pay the gas bill...more than I need to
buy a giant glittery "Noel" sign! I didn't say I wanted to...but that
I need to!
{much of the above was an outright lie...not the gas bill part...
the me & Wendy A. part...Wendy doesn't know me from a hot rock!}

So...let the "boosting" begin!

And just look! It's Miss Jane Austen...giving us the bird...I mean
showing you all the little birdie I found in the "cheapy-cheapy"
bins at Michael's.

Poor little guy...never knew what hit him!
I couldn't bring myself to do it...so, I let Jane...
she kept mumbling, "Clarice...Clarice...". Creepy!

Bathed in glory!

I had this great idea to use his parts as a template of sorts along with
the cool graphic I found...naturally...at The Graphics Fairy ...where else??!!
Unfortunately...that didn't really work out so well!

So, instead...I actually just "eye-balled" the outline of the original...
this was a tragically moronic scene...therefore, no pictures were taken...
beside I can't be tragically moronic and eye a bird's outline at the same time!

Fancy scissors in hand...I cut! Eh...not so bad if I do say so myself.

And this is what I came up with...

Since I hadn't really thought it through...in true Lazy Girl fashion...
I had to use a mop button and a little loopy dealie from an old
crystal prism...yah, I know...MacGyver is shakin' in his boots right
about now! ;}

And the fact that Mr. Birdie's head is turned to one side makes
him look like he has some kinda attitude!

And it also makes his wings look like they will poke him right in that
bleary eye of his!

Ok, maybe a wee bit of forethought would have been helpful...
But he isn't total garbage...he is my prototype...I have named him
Steve Austin...I know...Jane didn't get it either!

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Thievery is wrong!


  1. So lovely! I see a bunch of them hanging from a holiday tree. Boosting. I like that! ;)


  2. you made me chuckle when i needed it the most. merci mon amie! you never fail to! :)(oh..the oiseau is tweet...er...i mean sweet!)

  3. You're a riot! Your thievery/flattery/blatant rip-off is just wonderful. Thanks for the idea so I can try it, too.

  4. You crack me up. Thanks for the laugh. I really enjoy reading your posts!

  5. Well, I think you are a tad off-on the quote that is...but hey..what do I know? I read every word from someone that dissected a poor green glittered bird that was just minding his own stinking business in the dollar bin. You bought more than one, didn't you? Come on - you know you did!

    He is very, very cute though! Nice job- I think it might be
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery- or some such...or as SweetCheeks says- Whatever.

    Hope your Monday is a wonderful one..now go put the rest of that headless bird back together. xo Diana

  6. stop 'boosting' my quotes...I don't want to tell you again! great post...;j

  7. Oh my! I loved your post! I am visiting from Mary's and loved the name of your blog! I have to say, I am in love with the type of mosaic you made. How did you do that? I can't steal it because I can't figure it out! Help a girl out!

    I will be back. Something about your attitude...

  8. A lovely transformation. Great post.

  9. You are amazing. I would not have been able to think of creating anything so pretty. V

  10. Hello,

    Wow! You did an awesome job with this bird. Love it! They would make great gifts...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. You are so funny. Always a delight to visit with you and I quite like your Noel Birdie (much better than the Jane Austen bird). I'm sure *he* is much happier, too!

  12. Enjoy reading your blog!! ALOT!!
    Steve Austin is just too adorable!!

  13. Your little birdie, is cute,cute,
    --this is not stealing-this is being inspired, and using what is on hand :)
    So sweet.
    Thanks for your sweet comment today- I never thought I should be in a beautiful american magazine!

  14. Boosting, eh...is that what we call it when we steal...I mean borrow ideas from others...I like that! Steve Austin turned out great...I'm sure he'll be happy in his new digs!

  15. Oh goodness. . . too funny! You go girl! I LOVE them!

  16. Omigosh, you crack me up! And now I think I have to go watch some "McGruber" clips on youtube... :)

    Beautiful work!!!

  17. hey those "overseas" peeps have been stealing from us for decades. It's about time we brought something back here to the good ole USA. You did a great job and I'm proud to be among such august company ...oh wait , it's still June, but you know what I mean. (())

  18. Your blog is so much fun...I was looking at it and started cracking up. My 25 year old son had to see what was so funny on my laptop and he cracked up to. CSI in OC got belly laughs and admiration for sparkle-ly bird/angel from Inland Empire :)tkx

  19. Love it! All the way down to the little "Noel" tag you put on him!

  20. Soo charming! Love these darlings- Would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday at my blog sometime! :)


love to hear from you! ;}