June 14, 2011

The Birdhousing Bubble...

So, my little friend Peep O'Cheep has been asking me for a
bigger home...
Asking...more like nagging, so I have just been putting the
cover over his cage early every night to avoid the conversation!

He's feeling like it's time to start a family...
another conversation we are NOT having!
He's just a chick for corn's sake! I know he gets these
ideas from The WB!

I thought this was very nice!!!
And everyone is downsizing these days!

But he thinks he is going to take Lorenzo Llama with him...
I told him that Jane would have a lot to say about that...and if he
wants to see a 19th century writer flip her mop cap...just go ahead
and try it!

He was thinking more along the lines of this!
He's NEVER watching the OC Housewives again!

Poor little guy...he's a stress-eater.
So, I figured I'd better shake a tail feather and find him a new nest
before the fire department has to use the 'jaws of life' to pry him
from his cage!

Now I have these little birdhouses I bought from Oriental Trading
forever ago...not very impressive, but I just can't resist this kind of cheap

And Peep is not impressed either...
Oh! Did I get his dander up! He won't even look at it!
What a diva! It's not like he doesn't have his own issues!

He thought he was just Tweeting this to some bird in Seattle...
but he sent it to EVERYONE! This is what happens when you
over do it with the humming bird food! ;}

Well, I may not have Ty Pennington on speed dial...
but I do have The Graphics Fairy right at my finger tips!!

A little whitewashing a la Tom Sawyer!
And a bit of a roof update...
Bon Jovi! I think we've got it!
He was hoping for something with a view?
{he is this close to becoming a mcnugget...I swear!}

Again...I'm no Andrew Dan Jumbo...
but I made it happen with one of my previously made terracotta pots!

Well, I'll be a cockatoo's uncle!
I do believe we have a winner!
He says he likes it's Tangled vibe!

Oh no!!!!
That "tweet" has come back to haunt him!

There's goes the neighborhood!!!!

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  1. You are so sweet ;-)) It looks great, amazing what you get up to and make but your posts always make me smile ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  2. Your post is so funny and sweet. The birdcase is beautiful.

    Hugs from here

  3. What a cute and creative post. I love it. Have a great week!

  4. You are so talented in so many ways! You have left me with a smile on my face!!! Have a wonderful day! You made mine! Cathy

  5. Hilarious! You're killing me. LOL

  6. Hi M,

    You are too funny, lol, I just adored this post! I love your little birdhouse and all the way through I was smiling and giggling! What a perfect way to start the morning!! You have such a great way with words and humor, that is just as much as an art form as your items are! Fabulous! :)

    Big Hugs, Cynthia xo

  7. Seriously, you are a comedy genius. Are you this funny all day long? I think I may need to move next door to you.
    (How did you get those little birds to stand up with the bird-sized china on their heads?)

  8. always puts a smile on my face and creative spark in my heart when i visit here...merci!

  9. These are so cute! What delightful photos/projects.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my 'chocolate' coffee table!

  10. How adorable! Love the little diva {and his "tweet" friends}! They look adorable with their teacup hats and the house is just darling. Lots of tea parties going on there!

  11. Well, I'm still laughing at this sweet post. You tell a great story and could almost be a children's book writer. Love the little birdies and with the teacup hats and the birdhouse too.

  12. Great post. Love it!. Enjoy the week.

  13. I sure enjoyed your "Days of a Tweet's Life" saga...and what a cute condo for the family!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  14. Fickle little blighter, isn't he? Managed to get himself a very nice home there, persistence obviously pays off. But you want to keep a close eye on him, some of those visitors look like rather attractive females....

  15. You mention your muse, your mention your wine.............I read a lot of detective novels and am seeing a pattern here! Please share the brand of wine you imbibe, I want to play with birdies in litle teacups etc. too!!!

  16. what a fun post! i just love those little chicks and teacups!!!

  17. i want to hang out and play cups 'n chicks (said in a fab british accent), too!!! love those pics the best and of course the project is lovely but cups 'n chicks rules!


  18. Oh, you must have had so much fun doing this post! Ha, that is one finicky bird -- I don't know where is flock found all of those cute little teacups.

  19. What a sweet and fun post. Thanks for the lighthearted laugh. I have to tell you I went to the craft store for scrapbooking paper. Well I have to tell you somehow a bottle of pink paint came home with me to..I could resist...Heavens, I think you are to blame. Love your pink! LOL

  20. I don't think I have ever seen such a cute post! Totally adorable, and the new home is fabulous the way you did it up!

  21. Seriously M...how do you come up with this stuff??? You are hilarious. I've said it before, but I go right for a diaper before I read any of your posts!!!
    This is way to tweet!

  22. OK, it took me a couple minutes to stop laughing. What a hoot, said his owl pal. I think he likes his new digs and as such he won't need that darling white bird cage now. I'll give you my address for its new home. ha ha. Enjoy your week.

  23. I'm still laughing- where do you get these ideas? So funny!

  24. WOW!!~ this little bird has tweeted his way ....

    WAY over the Pacific Ocean to AUSTRALIA..

    I love him/her & your post..

    too cute...

    he/her is MOST welcome to come & live in our "gum" trees with our native birds as I think they would embrace a "newcomer" with no tweets attached!!...~~

    xx andrea

  25. Sweet tweets from a wee peep!

    Happy Tuesday!

    If you get a chance, please stop by my blog and enter the giveaway.

  26. Ha-ha! Those cups on the head cracked me up! ♥

  27. Too darned cute! Love the photos with the tea cups on their heads.

  28. You are truly a gifted woman, this blog had me laughing so hard mu face hurts now! Love the little animals and names for them, too adorable!!! The birdhouse came out great as welll :)

  29. What can I say.....tooo cute!

  30. It's a cute little birdy party complete with teacup hats! Cute post. Made me smile.


  31. Oh how I love your little picture stories! This was so cuuute and hilarious! I'm glad Peep O'Cheep got a new house instead of becoming a McNugget :D

  32. Love your blog.. I have got to have a Lorenzo Llama...please tell me where to get one.

  33. We have all fallen in LOVE with Mr. O'Cheep!!! I see children's books, movies, clothing line!!! What a lovable little guy!!! I had a mental picture of your little Dutch yawning and lil' O'Cheep getting too close..............a thriller for sure!!!!
    Please have periodic episodes, he is an addictive albeit demanding little character!!!!

  34. Ohhh Ms.M...if this isn't just the cutest post that I have ever seen!!! Girl, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Your dear little Mr.Peep is sooo adorable (even though he has his issues...I mean, which one's of us...don't?) I love his new home...aren't you the creative one! Totally rockin' story and photos, my friend...thank you sooo much for sharing it with us!

    Well my dear lady, I just wanted to come by to tell you that the pretty little pink and silver glittered starfish that you sent me (awhile back) have finally found a home in my Tea Rose bedoom. Thought you might enjoy taking a peek. You know, everytime I see those pretties...I think of you and your sweet generosity!!! Thank you, M!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  35. Your posts make my day!! You have a talent to make me smile :0) all day! By the way...cute new home for Peep!!

  36. You are a hoot and each post of yours I read just confirms it! Children's book is what immediately came to mind ...have you ever considered it? So very creative and just plain fun!
    I'm contacting all those that entered my cottage charm giveaway.
    I am have a June Giveaway and Linky Party and I'd love for you check it out to see if you'd like to join in... here is the link:

    Hope to hear from you soon. L

  37. I love your brain.....great post :) Ava

  38. A great presentation of your "Tweets" life and home.

  39. I forgot how much I LOVE your blog! It's been a while since I've checked back, but I simply adore your gorgeous photos and your writings! So entertaining!
    Have a wonderful day!

  40. The cutest share today in bloggyville. May tweet be forever content. I am not sure if he realizes he nearly fluffed your feathers.
    Have a beautiful PS weekend.
    TTFN ~

  41. This is so darned cute. Love the little birdies with cups on their heads.

  42. How clever and funny you are! Thanks for the smiles!

  43. wow wonderful post- I enjoyed it thanks (:)

  44. I had to be a follower so I can come back,, too much too read at one time,, love your sense of humor and your photos are to die for,,


love to hear from you! ;}