May 15, 2011

So, Hey...What's Newel?

"Indecision" is my middle name... of my middle names...
{"Lazy" is the other...and, oh yah, "Sugar Addict" too ;}

So, I bought this little "Christmas card holder" made from a newel post
because it was $3.99...{please DO NOT get me started about how it's only
$1.99 now! Grrrrrrr....}

Anywho...tho' I was fully aware that it was intended to be a "Christmas
card holder"...the picture on the web site was really, micro-
scopic, I couldn't see that it had holly embossed into all
four sides until I actually had it in my hot little hands...sheesh! My
grand plan was to use it for something other than a "Christmas card holder"...
so, while I do adore the holly during the Yultide...during Summertide...
not so much!

What to do...what to do...

Well, obviously, the first thing to do was paint it...white...and save it
from itself! {how can a Christmas card holder only have 3 loopy things?
Who get 3 cards at Christmas...even an atheist gets more than 3...seriously!}

Where was I...oh yah...not like I was expecting a miracle, but the paint
did less than nothing to help disguise my seasonal problem...I would
need to resort to full-on decorative camouflage!
But which one?
Indecision, they name is ME!

Sheet music? Have I done that to death?
{Can you do it to death...I just LOVE it! ;}

My fabulous script-covered burlap?
{ok, I may have done this to death...but tough tacos and get used to it!
It was kind of expensive so I will be using every square inch of it...and I
bought 2 yards! Never fear, I used a big chunk today, so, I figure you will
only have to endure it until 2016! ;}

A tag? {it totally smells like coffee...I hate coffee...but I like to smell
that tag...let's keep that between us, ok?}

One of my silly flowers?

Well, I couldn't, I used them all in a hodge-podgery of frightening

It's only hot glued on, so I can pop them right off...which looks best?


Or is the whole thing an epic fail?
I can take it...have at me!
{I can just buy another for $1.99...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!} don't not keep my bits and bobs so artfully displayed...
they are all in a pile on my counter...I dig through them occasionally
to remind myself that they are there...and for the love of God not to
buy any more! ;} still looks better than it about bubblegum
or red...
or aqua? there's some food for thought!

I will soldier on!

We'd be ever so pleased if you'd join in our


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Uncropped table photo shoot area...
are you scared? ;}


  1. As you were showing each picture, I was thinking I couldn't decide which I liked best. I think it's fun that you went with each one. The whole thing is really cute and.....

    It gave me an idea that may or may not work. Love it when that happens. Can't wait until tomorrow to beat a path to the thrift store to see what I can come up with.

  2. Cute, cute, cute...way to visualize and follow through!!!

  3. I LOVE it! What a great buy and I love how you transformed it. I like all the pictures you have of it, but maybe you can alternate as the mood strikes! : )

  4. You make me smile. I needed a smile. Thank you for writing what you thought as you were turning the 'card holder' into art.
    - Joy

  5. Your writing cracks me up....always a fun read :D

    As for the project...I don't know if I like the doodads on top.....I might take them out and display a cute victorian or flowery hat on it or maybe just put a really large piece in one of them and use the smaller pieces as accents to the photo/image? I don't know....just thinking out loud :)

    It's fun to have something that makes those cogs in the brain turn a bit...haha! So many possibilities :)

  6. You do such a wonderful job of teaching in steps the way your transition through the process! Thank you! Well done! Cathy

  7. Very cute and creative. Now you can change with the season.

  8. Awesome work there, love your blog so much creativity here!

  9. Definitely the music - and then it will be good for any season.

  10. Absolutely adorable!! Love it! And hey...I didn't know we had the same middle names: indecision, lazy, and sugar addict!!

  11. Very pretty! I like them all, but a bubble gum pink (or lilac) & chocolate brown have always appealed to me...

  12. What a wonderful transformation!! I love the tags!

  13. It turned out so well; I confess that I had my doubts. You made me grin and it's late. ☺

  14. What a great little item you've made. So pretty.And variety is the spice of life. i love the different sides.

  15. I like the flowers best but they all look great.

  16. We have the same middle name. And here I thought I was the only one!

    When you showed the shell sitting on the table, I thought you'd cover the holly with seashells. Glittered, of course. Just sayin'...

  17. Tehehehe, the crop feature is my best friend. I like the idea of having a different graphic on each side. On white. Or aqua. Aqua is good as well.

  18. Brilliant! I loved the flower the best. V

  19. I kind of liked the burlap best - though all the ideas are great.

    But flexability is the key - for you never know what mood or idea the muse will drop on you tomorrow or the next day.


  20. Hi! I love all four sides, but the flower is by far the cutest!! Oh yeah, and I'm lucky to get TWO Christmas cards a year. (No, I'm not an Athiest!) :o)

  21. Looks great! You did a wonderful job!

  22. Love this! I love that you just went with EVERY whim you had! And your post is too cute! As for the uncropped photo...LOVE looks vaguely familiar! HA!

  23. You are so funny ... always entertaining and fun! Have a delightful day!

  24. This post was awesome!!! The lazy struck a cord... the price thing....sooo meeee (isn't that infuriating)!!! I like all of your options....I just love the entire piece white! Love the uncropped photo more than everything else...made me feel a little better about myself!!!

  25. It's no wonder I never get enough accomplished most days. I keep finding new blogs that I just have to read. I justify it on the need for inspiration. I chuckled all through your post. I like all four sides but the sheet music seems too white for the newel. The flower is cute but I like the burlap the best. You know everyone is going to come up with equal reasons why they like a certain one best or they will say they like them all, so you'll probably be more undecided in your choice. Looking forward to more of your blogs. ~Nancy~

  26. Okay I am going to be really, really does nothing for me;o( But I love your little flower. Do you sell them????

  27. Well, I really like them all but how about changing out the sides every month or so or u could even just change one side at the time. Would be new and different each month. Great idea!

  28. It is so charming ~ well done!!

    Happy Show & Tell Friday :O)

  29. I think I like the music; It's very clean looking.

  30. I am VERY scared you coffee tag sniffer you! ;)

    Don't like holly in the Summer, eh? I knew it! Now you know why I haven't beeen around much lately!


  31. Okay, now for my advice. ;) If it was MY card holder- Pink polka dot paper all around with cutie pie children's cards on top but that's ME!! You gotta be you!

    I'm way past visiting and leaving so sweet comments so watch out! ♥

  32. Please dont call your flowers silly, stunning is more like it.

  33. First off, I love that you got this for 3.99 ( even if someone else got it for 1.99) 3.99 is still a great price. I also think it looks fabulous with the sheet music...but I love the idea of putting a flower on it. How creative, clever, unique,( enough adjectives).I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog.I hope you'll stop by Katherines Corner. The new giveaway is up! xo

  34. awesome find... and transformation!!!

  35. I like the way it looks with your do-das displayed on top. I vote for your little flowers for the sides - love those!

  36. I love how you show the "process" of your creative mind!

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  38. I'm so glad I found your blog.

    Your new follower


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