May 4, 2011

Sealing Wax And Other Fancy Stuff...

So, I have these newsprint flowers that I got on clearance from
Oriental Trading...mostly because the were on clearance...and also
because the shipping was free! Are there any words more beautiful
than "free shipping"? Ok, maybe "hey, want a chunk of this World's
Finest Chocolate bar!" runs a tight second!! ;} (do you have WFC in
your neck of the woods? No?! Then, for the sake of all that is holy,

Where was I? Oh yes...apparently in this litigious country, there is danger
lurking around every, no matter how tempting you may find
them...please DO NOT EAT! Let me assure you...they taste NOTHING
like a WFC bar...and for pitty's sake, they smell something fierce! But
you know me...always crafting on the edge...I'm just crazy like that...I look
paper flowers dead in the eye...and spit! HA!
Somewhere in there, my point was, the paper flowers were cheap...

Clothespins from the 99¢ Store...
Cheap...YES! Fraught with peril....Land Sakes, YES!
Every other one is splinterpuhlooza! But, again...we're talking...ME...
danger crafter...glue gun in one hand...Shiraz in the other!
{I'm a trained professional, please don't try this at home...but then
again, don't try it at work either...there would be HR issues! ;}

Now this stuff was a tad "spendy"...but I wanted it...and what is a tax
return for? Oh, whatever! Who needs new tires when you can buy
sealing wax! Where are your priorities!

This is a pushpin I bought in St. Louis a million years ago at Brighton...
I had this idea that it too, might be fun with the sealing was better
in theory than reality...but we'll get to that later!

Sometimes I just get like this...a Timothy Leary Stream Of Consciousness
kind of wax...hmmmm....
I's not normal...and usually follows extreme sugar intake...
like, say, 10 marshmallow Peeps! Pink bunnies and yellow chicks to
be exact!! ;}

I dusted the sugar granules from my hands and made some opulent

...and then I made them into opulent/semi-rustic clothespin clips!

{see...the Brighton push pin was NOT my best idea...I blame the high
fructose corn syrup! ;}

Personally, I am always in need of a clip for my chips...I have been on
a salt & vinegar chips tare for a while now...YUM!

But then a mania overtook me...
and I sealed....and sealed...

and sealed things that shouldn't oughta even be sealed!
{I blame Timothy Leary!}

Oh, please! Who among us doesn't need a dangerous paper flower

OK...well, I do!

A snazzily sealed match box? I might have to start smoking!
{noooooooooooooot really...that would cut into my junk food
money! ;}
{elegant script courtesy of The Graphics Fairy }

Even Lorenzo Llama got some bling!

Look at the face! He's feelin' it!

Even Jane approves...did she just call him "Mr. Darcy?" Oh man! I have to go!!!

{I know...forget you ever saw this post!}

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  1. So it seems that the wax tends to get one going a bit like glitter eh?! Well wax on, they look terrific.I had to stop looking at my Oriental Trading catalogs because I kept buying that sale stuff and stuffing it into my "studio" (you know, the unfinished side of the freezing cold basement - sigh) for a "project idea"!Oh, I could use this...It was getting out of hand!Enjoy.

  2. I think these are adorable! I love sealing wax! Very creative!

  3. Just love it. Of course Lorenzo needs bling- who doesn't? Jane seems to approve so who are we to question!!!

  4. Uh...I'm thinking the llama has that "skeered" look in his slanted eyes! I throw those OT catalogs out before I llok at them because the last time I LOOKED at one I ordered $58.00 of useless crap...yes I did! So now I KNOW that THEY's a game we play~ OT and I!

    Well, I actually LOVE your little wax whinky-dinks and your paper flowers...but I especially emjoyed your written word today..because i is nice to know there is another fractured soul out there~one that remembers Puff The Magic Dragon and all~ xxoo Diana

  5. Your nuts ! Welcome to the club !

  6. Not only are you crafty and clever.....but also very funny.....and a very good writer!!! I needed these smiles today!!! Yes, I knew that Puff.....cleo

  7. Ha ha ha ha i do love your posts that set my day off nicely ;-)) And you have put the first smile on my face of the day ;-)) I love Lorenzo The Llama he is a scream bless him. I am loving those flowers in the vase idea i don't know if its nuts paper flowers, glue gun stamps etc. Nuts should be the new word for "BEAUTIFUL" ;-))) have a great day, dee x

  8. OMG I almost fell off the couch laughing when I saw Jane with Lorenzo lama!!! Too funny in deed!

  9. Those paper flowers are great and I love what you've done with the sealing wax. I keep thinking I need a glue gun and now I know I do, but not for glue, oh no!
    Not come across Oriental Trading, off to look them up now.

  10. Whoda thunk you could put sealing wax into a hot glue gun?!? Love the idea of it, but is it ok to use for hot glue later? That matchbox is the prettiest thing I've seen in quite a while!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

    Your lama looks angry....or constipated.....

  11. You are amazing! Love that llama :) ~Have a wonderful day and keep yourself crafty~

  12. This post was so great!!! Everything I could ask for....drama and food....tee hee hee!!!! Lovin' it...them....all of it!!!!

  13. Miss Jane and Lorenzo look delighted with his new bling! Your exuberance with sealing wax reminds me of my first days with crackle finish....I crackled anything that would hold still. Welcome to the club of over exuberance!

  14. oh this had me wiping away the tears...hilarious! you manage to be ever-so-creative and funny at the same time...never a disappointment when i stop by here! LOL! :) :)

  15. Hello,

    Love what you did with them!
    My favorites are the bottle label and the box.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  16. Love this post. You made me smile and then I laughed out loud (I'm at work so I got a few odd looks).


  17. oooo! papaer flowers and sealing wax. sounds like a julie andrews song, doesn't it? I can see having fun -- I just might have some newsprint around or an old book and put my Cuddlebug to work! Have you used a rubber stamp in that sealing wax yet?

  18. Yes. Yup. Absolutely. No argument. This is officially the best post EVER! First of all, like the stuff you made, BUT...and this, my friend, is far more important, mind you, as I'm sure you will understand...the entire thing is written EXACTLY how I think...and how I often blog, actually. It's nice to see it from the other side. As it turns out...I LIKE it! Good thing, 'cause I'm not a big one for chang'n the way I do things and such. Just say'n. ANYWAY...all that to say...AWESOME post! Have a happy day!

  19. I love, love this post!!!!! entirely, love everything.
    XXXX Ido

  20. I hurt! Ilaughed my teacup off ( blogspeak y'know) over Jane Austen in the frostin' and now that that smoldering cauldren of hormones is lusting after a llama!!!!
    You KNOW is she lived now she would be a blog diva. She gets all the glory but I do so love Cassandra, I want a Cassandra!!!
    Thanks for your refreshing sass and oh the laughs, much needed out here in the cornfields!!!

  21. So freakin' creative M! xo, Janet

  22. I agree that Lorenzo looks wonderful in his bling...but is that a knife in Jane's hand...I hope she isn't a little jealous of his new bling!Great post...the best today so far!!

  23. This is the cutest post! I think I need to run to Michaels to get some sealing wax! But first I need to order some WF Chocolate! :)


  24. ha ha "who needs new tires"? (I do) lol. I have the same fleur de lis stamper (thing)and wax, except I have the old fashion candle wax not the "glue gun" type.

  25. Over from Show and Tell.. I have to join your blogj! How creative and funny are you? Love it.

  26. This is so lovely !! thanks for visiting my blog !! happy

  27. So nice your wax stick and once you put that stick in the gun I guess you just need to keep going until the stick is finished..
    Lucky your pets are unharmed.
    I have to get me one of those, your flowers are super cute.

  28. OMG THAT WAS FUN!!!! teeeeheeee...I LOVE LORENZO and that face does show he may have gotten one whiff too much of the VAPORS! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A CHARMING RIDE through your adventure. Now I HAVE SOME OF THESE DANGEROUS FLOWERS that I too got on sale at West Elm and I have not known what to do with them. I SHALL GO OUT and buy myself one of those signets and wax and give it a whirl. THANK YOU ALSO for coming to my faery post. WOW I love your blog. I have so many I am following but I need to keep an eye on what you are up to; you are fuN!!!!!! Anita

  29. You didn't glitter the newspaper flowers? (grin)

  30. That little lama has the cutest face!

  31. Oh, that was a fun post! The flowers are so cute. And Lorenzo Llama? Adorable! All the girl llamas will be lining up at his door.

  32. What a fantastic and fun I gotta love sealing wax!!! And your creative use of it too. Hey, I knew Tim

  33. You are taking me back here to the mid 70's . . . I was a college student . . . wrote hundreds of letters . . . and sealed them all with wax. Fun.


  34. Adorable amaze me with your talent! love your flowers. xoxoxox
    Happy weekend

  35. You crack me up! I love reading your posts and this one is no exception. Lovely idea and you so obviously enjoyed playing with the wax. =) Life is short, use your wax - ha!


  36. Wait, let me catch my breath, laughing here! Love this!
    Cathy - your newest follower via The Graphics Fairy

  37. Does Jane have a knife in her hand? Was she playing a little live action/role playing Clue? Is she indeed Miss Scarlet in the Library with the knife?

  38. Well I have no idea what sealing wax is, but I do know it beats new tires. Nice post.
    Nancy Jo

  39. LOL! Or actually LMAO...I love the glue gun sealing wax and all of your beautiful things you made. VERY clever. And I rather enjoyed your Tim Leary moment!

    Have a great week,

  40. LOVE the paper flowers - the sealing wax is the perfect creative touch!

    I love the way you write your stories - you make me smile every time I visit!


  41. THank you for the sealing wax info. I was always wondering how it works. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  42. Good ole tax returns! Every time I see a period piece type of movie and they seal a letter, I want to do it, too! So I understand. does sealing wax come in Pink? ♥

  43. hiya , wow i love the flowers so many ways to use them you are just hilarious and love that you have you junk food money as a priority
    about the wax melting , do they give off fumes ???? half way through your post i started to wonder thats all , only kidding , loved reading it and will be sure to come by again real soon
    happy crafting , waxing , sealing chocolae eatingetc x

  44. I love love love your blog...I can't stop laughing!! I want a Lorenzo Llama!! Thanks for the laughs. Melanie


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