May 25, 2011

New Addition {Cottage Charm}

Firstly...has Blogger been making all of you nuts too?
Sheesh! Issues, issues, issues! Among other things
I have not been able to publish, if
you think you left a's just
vacationing in my in-box until such time as Blogger
decides to release it from purgatory!

Anyway...{there is no "secondly"...sorry! ;} are a couple more additions to our
that only the other participants can win. So, if you'd
love a chintzy rose laden cup & saucer...

...or a vintage Royal Winton butter pat in the Sweet Nancy pattern...
there's STILL time! Just pop together a Cottage Charm Give Away
of your own and get it posted at Twice Remembered Cottage
You have until May 29th!!!

Hop to it!!!


  1. The only way I could get into my account was through internet explorer, I have always used firefox!

  2. I am having problems also,so are many others. I left another 'question' for them today, this time asking would they please give us some sort of update on some sort of progress in addressing the PROBLEM. I found that I can leave comments only on blogs that have comment sections like you do and it only is people with blogs that seem to be affected...Ugh..They better give us some sort of explaination this time!!! Thanks for letting me vent.

    Beautiful Chintz pieces.

  3. Blogger has been driving everyone crazy! Just wanted to thank you for the heads up on the Bayberry Cove hubby thanks you as well. ;)

  4. Hello,

    This cup and saucer are beautiful!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. I have found that if you write yor blog name in your comment and then send it under anomyous it will go through.

  6. The patterns are just stunning! Love those florals. As for Blogger...I'm going crazy. I haven't been able to comment on many of my favorite blogs as I'm in a permanent loop when trying to sign in. This is 3 days and while I realize there are many with the problem, it doesn't appear that Blogger cares.

  7. Love this pattern! So bright, friendly, charming and pretty!
    While we won't join you due to another project pending, it looks like this giveaway's idea is a real humdinger!

  8. Hi I wonder if you'll get my comment. Okay this is random and not related to this post, but do you sell your things? Otherwise where do you store it all?????

  9. Love the chintz tea cup. Same colors as the floral on my bedspread for spring and summer. Make sure you check out my aprons at Cottage Charm Giveaway at

  10. Hi,

    Im a new blogger. Im ur follower! I really liked ur site!

    Could u visit mine too at

  11. I have been having problems all week and it's driving me nuts too!

    Love that sweet shell on the spoon in your header; adorable! I have that same chintzy tea cup but I would always welcome another! Cute butter pat too.


  12. Classic! Wonderful!
    I love Cottage Charm!

  13. beautiful! just found out about the contest today - pc issues, then blogger issues YIKES! would have luved to join.
    hoping you have a great weeknd!

  14. It wouldn't even let me comment as anomyous. Then when that got fixed, my followers on my sidebar disappeared, showed back up and then disappeared again. It's back for now. Hope it stays there!!
    I love teacups and these are so pretty!!!


love to hear from you! ;}