May 22, 2011

Going Potty!

{SIDEBAR} OK...I am obviously using the British definition of "potty"...
you know...nutty, addlepated...NOT the American version!
Can you have a "sidebar" before you have even started? If not,please
don't rat me out to Judge Ito! ;}

So, I don't know if you now this about me...but I have a lot of terra cotta
pots...I can't resist them! They are my kind of blank canvas! To paint,
to glitter, to decoupage...whatever is floating my boat on any given day!
I really can't even remember when I bought these little pots...and I don't
know what made me think about them today...possibly my synapses were
awakened by the Hotpocket brain food I had for breakfast?

Or perhaps it's because a whole new world has opened up to me since
I figured out {with A LOT of help} my only took me 2 years...
have I mentioned that I am lazy? Yah...the kinda lazy that takes 2 years
to get motivated...that's lazy! I suppose then, that this must be included
as chapter 57 of The Lazy Girl's Guide To Crafting From Your Couch...
"Two Years In The Making...And Mount Rushmore It Ain't!"

So, first I lazily sort of whitewashed the pots...
this means that the bowl I poured the paint into...because the hole was
plugged up with old paint...had a bit of water in it so, my paint was
fortuitously transformed into "whitewash"...and you know, I figured what the
heck, let's go with it! Sometimes I get all Zen like that!
Then I covered the rim with a copy of an old document {copiers are like
magic! ;}
And let me tell you...this was not as easy as it sounds! You cannot just cut
a band of something an expect it to travel nicely around the circumference
of any given object!
No worky!
Now I am not up on the geometrical physics of all this...but it takes a bit
of planning and a fair amount of thought...which, depending on the day,
might also necessitate Ibuprofen!

But, even I was able to get a handle on it...ok, yah, after the Ibuprofen! Don't
judge! It's not like it was a shot of Grey Goose or anything!
And next, because I told you that I would...and I may be lazy, but I'm not a liar...
I used more of my spendy-burlap-scripty stuff!

{A bona fide LAZY GIRL craft!}

You could actually use these for plant would only need to seal
the inside...but since I have a "black thumb" that is out of the realm of
reality for me!

I am recommending...for myself...that I use them for tchotckes only!
{I have much better luck with non-living things!}

Think pens, pencils & protractor for your desk...ok, exnay the protractor,
but you get the idea!
Q-tips in el baƱo...
Teaspoons in the kitchen...
ok, I'm out...

We'd be ever so pleased if you'd join in our


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  1. good girl, going potty!

    very very pretty. as a fellow black-thumber i have taken to ... um, how shall i say this? ... buying faux flowers here and there. not all the time but you know ... sometimes.

    now you can have a sticker on your chart.


  2. I just love them!!
    You are so cute!
    Thank you for sharing them with us ~


  3. You are a real wiz w/ those terra cotta pots and you make it seem so easy! Love your blog be back soon. Blessings, L

  4. oh that looks so fabulous, and dare I say it... easy..ish!! And very very pretty! I shall have to try these, as I have a bit of a fetish for terracotta pots too!!

  5. Just what I need! A lazy girl potty project! LOL!
    I love these and they look absolutely delish. I just might have to get out my stash and start making something.


  6. Very nice. I really like them and you are so talented! Cathy

  7. Wow you are potty~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pots ;-)

  8. Love, love, love these! I am definitely making some of these for my desk. And as a teacher...what a great gift for my parent helpers! Thank you so much, Jacqueline xx

  9. You make so many pretty things. Love the pots and the decor.

    Have a nice day

  10. So cute! Love the look with the burlap.

  11. These are precious. I always have a time covering a round edge...what is the trick?


  12. ;-))) you always make me smile your like a tonic ;-)) Love your latest creation its great, dee x

  13. Love, love, love! great post -jennifer

  14. Beautiful! I love the burlap and the paper. I know exactly what you mean about covering a round area. It is not as easy as it looks! I have gotten frustrated on many occasions and just push the project away. Did you say that burlap came preprinted? I'm going to have to backtrack through your posts and see.

  15. You did a fantastic job with those potties! Absolutely love them!
    XXXX Ido

  16. What a great idea - thanks for sharing. Perhaps, just maybe, no promises....but this is something that I just might be able to manage!

  17. What a great idea!

    Have I ever mentioned how fun your blog is...not only are your ideas great...but you are just fun!

  18. Think-Tampons in wrappers (kinda like lollipops) or peppermint sticks (oh wait-Christmas is over) many uses- so little time for me to make one to use! I love them though- Especially the white washing- you sure that was water and not vodka floating around in there? just asking...cuz you were talking kinda potty (mouth) there- xxoo Diana ps...They are all darling!

  19. Wonderful project! The star fish is too cute, and the pot turned out great, I too think it would make a wonderful pen holder for a shabby chic desk, or coastal decor.

  20. I just adore your pots, how very clever and so unique!!! Fabulous job!!

  21. It's gorgeous! You have a lovely blog here :)

    Love and luck!

  22. Now how clever is that! I love it!

  23. Love the pots- love the flowers- and this is what you do when you are bored?!! You are so so crafty- every photo is a dream! You make terra cotta magical!

  24. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity - these look fabulous!

  25. Hey Girl~ ~Love your pots and your title. When I saw it I thought, OK another story about someones grandkids, I'll go have a look. Too funny. So you know where my mind was, right?


love to hear from you! ;}