May 14, 2011

Can You Be Too Charming?

Yes, I have been MIA this week...I was going to name this post The Snot
Chronicles and tell you all about it...but that just seemed less than
charming...don't you think?!! ;} Besides, the point of this post is to share
our COTTAGE CHARM GIVE AWAY PART DEUX ! Now, these treats...
and more treats to come...can only be won by the other give away participants.
I know...mean, huh?

So, if you have a hankering for 4 Cath Kidston-esque napkins...get a move on!
Go a-huntin' through all your treasures for some "cottage-y" tidbits...take a
few pictures and post them! Come on! You know you want to!

Because if you could possible get your mitts on this little
vintage chintz pitcher. {I just had to add more chintz since you girls
are just nutty for it! Where were you all during our chintz collecting
mania days??!! ;}

This is one of those times when jumping on the bandwagon is a good thing! ;}

Hope to see your post added to the list of participants at TWICE REMEMBERED COTTAGE soon!

Fear not! Yours are still safely sealed in plastic, away from all dander!!! ;}


  1. Love the cat tail! and the napkins, very summery. I had fun last year with the Cottage Charm Giveaway so I couldn't wait to give away again this year.

  2. Your blog is the essence of charming.


  3. Oh love, sweet love...beautiful goodies!

  4. I want all your stuff it's the Shiz!!

  5. Very pretty pictures! I have been missing in action and then blogger goes down...I will never catch up LOL


  6. Darling idea- It is funny how chintz comes and goes (even if it is through the mail-I kknow SAD joke)...Can I have the cat instead? In exchange I will send you one beastly cat that likes no one including himself~ Hugs-Diana

  7. Love your tail included...and the napkins are wonderful...I'm going to have to get my cottage on and enter!

  8. Just stopping buy to say hello ;-)) have a wonderful week and hope you feel better soon, dee x

  9. Wonderful little treasures and I do love that cat tail :)

  10. hello mastress of the giveaway! (is mastress a word?) lovely things here, as always. glad you renamed your post because itsnot funny.



  11. So those of us who don't have blogs would be blogladytes? Thus making us ineligible for C. Kidston and Chintz?? So wrong!!!! Kinda like tossing raw meat just inches from the jaws of chained ravenous wolves I think!!!! Evil!!!

  12. Who can say no to more tablescape stuff? Not me. Love the little chintz pitcher, always love chintz.


love to hear from you! ;}