April 5, 2011

A Table Fable...

Once upon a time, the fair maiden, Bee, did wander through
the veritable wonderland called TJ Maxx & More...'twas truly
a smorgasbord to behold!
When Bee chanced upon this shining silvery table, she was at once
smitten...and vexed! She could not deny that its glimmer stirred her
inner badger! And yet...it be made of metal...cold and sterile...and
came perilously close to being...dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn...
modern! **SHOCK!**HORROR!**

With the convincing of several elves, a variety of woodland creatures
and a few talking trees, she bought the sparkly table from the little
old man who seemed nice enough...but after he charged her nearly
10% in sales tax...the spell was broken and she could see he was
really a hideous bridge troll! Bee clutched her purchse to her ample
bosom and fled outside, where her carriage driver did await her!
{husband in the Sequoia}

Bee quickly found the perfect place for her new treasure...it seemed
to have been made just for her castle! Her sister, the lithe, angelically
beautiful and modest, princess M sang its praises, waxed lyrical
and snapped a few shots with the mystical pink picture making
device! M rhapsodized over its shape...its sheen...and its sassy
little legs!

Uh, hem...I mean, alas...Bee doth appear to be clinging to the vines on
indecision that bind...

Come on! How cute is that table!!! Should it be KEPT, or what???!!!

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Now this, on the other hand, is naughty from the word go!
And should be banished to a land of no fleece blankies
or tortilla chips!!


  1. I love the table! Keep it, keep it! I think it looks right at home, all glam in it's shabbiness and chicness. Definitely keep!


  2. Keeper.Keeper.I saw one many months ago at Tuesday Morning (after seeing one MANY moons before that in an Elle Decor magazine) and have regretted my failure to purchase it ever since.So many possibilities with this one.Enjoy.

  3. I vote that it's a keeper! so sweet and shiny...very different and fun! I think its found it's new home..very pretty! xoox,tracie

  4. ps - wishing i had a home goods store! certainly could find a sweet spot for this table too! xoox, tracie

  5. I think you should get rid of it immediately...I mean now...pronto...I'll be here to give it a good home.

  6. It's darling!! Love the glamorous touch!!

  7. I.LOVE.IT! You need to keep this jewel!
    And the tortilla chip eater too. ;)

  8. Oh, take it back. Wait! First . . . ummm . . . which store will you be returning it to? You ask, Why would I want to know? ummmm . . . no reason. ;)

    {seriously, I think I'll hit my local store tomorrow! That's too good to be true!}

  9. Ha ha ha ha bless you loved your story telling skills today ;-)) You must keep it, it gorgeous and fits just right by your chair, but i would banish your little poouch on a white chair shock horror how do you keep it sooooooo clean ;-)) dee x

  10. yata yata yata Im keeping it! Who let Rissel on my lovley white chair? She is quite photogenic maybe we should send her picture to Charlie!


  11. I think a keeper as well. It looks right, especialy in the context of being next to the sofa and with the books and glass on top.

  12. It's an elegant little table and looks right at home in your decor.
    I'd keep it. :)


  13. Too perfect. Shabby in a glamorous sort of way. ~~Sherry~~

  14. Keep the table..it is perfect! Adds some fabulous retro glam and glimmer to your space. A nice eclectic contrast to the shabby chic.
    (Great story BTW!)

  15. A "keeper!!" (the table AND the pooch...)

  16. Definitely keep the table! I love the legs and base of it - very chic. And keep the pup too - he just has good taste wanting to be near those oh so lovely pillows - how could anyone resist?!

    Sharon :-)

  17. ...LOVE IT!!
    I see a gorgeous vintage lace-iness atop of this with a most fabulous HUGE glass cloche, encapsulating something facinatin' within...like lets say a mossy moss rock topiary...LOL!!!

    hhhmmmmm...perhaps I shall take a trip to the Maxx myself!!
    xo, Rosemary

  18. BEE HAS TO KEEP THAT TABLE!!!! If not, I think she should be banished to the tower! (And then I'll sneak in and take it) That is sooooo cooool. You know I love your stories, or fables!
    I loved your post on the birds. Is there nothing you can't make cuter??? I'm catching a plane to see what kind of magic you can work on me!

    Oh boy...do you make my days brighter!
    sending hugs

  19. I say keep this cute table. I love it and would have picked it up on a minute!

    I also love your post writing today. You are making me smile.


  20. Sweet doggie :)
    Your paper birds are FUN!

  21. It goes so perfectly with the couch and rug - yes. Did you keep it?

  22. That table is definitely a keeper!! She is a sassy little lady, isn't she? I love finding things I love!! It doesn't happen super often, but when it does...bliss!!
    Have a fab week!!

  23. That is beautiful. A keeper for sure.


love to hear from you! ;}