April 3, 2011


Now I don't speak much of the art of sewing...uh, because I am
more than completely incapable of even the simplest form of it...
like right now, I am experimenting with GLUING ruffles on a
pillow...yes, gluing! {I showed you how my Christmas stockings
turned out that one year...like I had made them with a knitting
needle an fishing line! Thus...I glue! ;}

All that to say...the thought of creating a "sewing" kit rarely enters my
mind...well, it could be in there, but fighting its way to the front of the
line is an entirely different thing! ;}
But the idea did overtake Karen @ TODOWLEN !
She had this darling little pink egg carton from Bath & Body {I confess,
as soon as I read that I SCOURED their site...alas and alack, there
are no more!} Apparently, the color did not sit well, with Karen
**GASP**!!!! Sometime I forget that not everyone luuuuuuurves
PINK! I had to get my mind right with few choruses of Black & White
by Three Dog Night...the shock slowly subsided and I was able to
continue! ;}

How cute is this little treat!
It just makes you want to see what lies within!!
And whoooooooooooaaaaaaaa doggies!
There be treasures {matey!}!!!!!

I just LOVE small containers packed with packed with bits and
bobs...odds and ends...trinkets and treasures!!! {Trust me...I cannot
even look at the Polly Pockets stuff on Etsy...please email me regularly
and remind me that I DO NOT need the PP Schoolhouse!!! It's
so cute! But I do not need it...right??!! What I need is HELP!! ;}

Karen thought of EVERYTHING! She made a pin cushion!
And there's a darling little bottle for holding all those scary, poky
needles! YIKES! It's intriguing, fascinating, amazingly creative
and practical! Talk about GREEN! It's one thing to turn trash into
compost...but truly...can compost be prettily displayed in your
home...I think not! :} I just love this little creation!!!!!
I am so inspired...I think I'll make my own Polly Pockets
School House...{somebody stop me!!!!}


  1. Oh.Em.Gee...It's magnificent. I heard the angels singing when I opened your blog. Have a beautiful Sunday!!! =)

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! It really is very, very sweet. It almost makes we want to make one...I say almost because I do not have the patience. But I definitely would by one...
    Thanks for sharing this idea:o)

  3. Is that the cutest sewing kit you ever saw? Seriously?!?! And a PINK egg carton? Oh...I so want one of those!

    I am a sewer so I can't IMAGINE gluing anything that I can sew because, well, let's face it, I am NOT a good gluer. I would end up with all my fingers glued together and would probably be stuck to my chair! But, sister, if you can glue---well, you just glue your little heart out! Hugs- Diana

  4. Well my Polly Pocket sets are for my daughter.Cough, cough...Never mind that I started her "collection" when she was an infant and could not possibly have articulated whether or not she enjoyed them.I have even purchased sets in the UK which I had shipped to my sister in Scotland who then brought them in her luggage when she came to visit.I do not have a problem...I do not have a problem...giggle!Enjoy.

  5. Now that is just the cutest thing ever. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  6. oh!!!! that is the cutest EVER!!!!

  7. Leave it to my Most Sparkly One to fix up such a darling little sewing kit! :) Love it! You don't want to sew - you'd poke up your dainty little creative fingers! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. This is THE cutesy thing ever! What an original and creative idea- amazing! Love this!!

  9. Well, since seeing this darling composition the other day and the other carton on tattered something website.......I've spent close to 75 hours scouring the countryside by car and by internet searching for egg cartons that size!!! and I am tired!!! There are NONE!!! boooo hoooooo.......Cleo

  10. O WOW this is just the sweetest sewing box what a unique idea..beautiful and such fun to. dee x

  11. Sew pretty! I want one (maybe 2 or 3)!!!

  12. You are right...that is sew darn cute!


love to hear from you! ;}