April 16, 2011

Remember The Movie "Scanners"?

It was about people who could make your head explode!

In the movie everyone assumed that these people used the power
of their twisted minds to make heads go, KABOOM!

But I know better!

Obviously, their heads exploded from their multitudinous
attempts at making a scanner behave and do what it's

My own head came perilously close to KABOOOM as I attempted
the very same thing...

Although my computer skills could fit quite nicely into a
mouse's thimble..
the true fault lies squarely upon the shoulders of my scanner!

It's possessed! There's no other explanation!

Well, anyway...I hope you can use some of these vintage images...

particularly the Easter postcards, since it is the season!

I think you can just trim off that annoying black line at the edge
of most of them...


I will overcome...get the hang of...and scan better images for you...
I promise...unless, of course...my head explodes first! ;}

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  1. Don't let your head explode ~ the images are absolutely lovely ;-)

  2. Great images and don't worry...my head wants to explode every now and again as well!!

  3. I love them they're so pretty!! I have a head exploding incident daily (my children tell people my head spins around like the exorcist)!!! As long as your head doesn't spin....you should be fine!!!

  4. I remember that movie. I think there was a sequel too. I love the images you posted. No bother about that scanner. It's just letting you know who's boss. (Remember the movie Maximum Overdrive?)

  5. You are too funny. "...would fit quite nicely in a mouse's thimble." ha! I want what's in YOUR coffee. Always love reading your wit so please, do not explode over there. Thanks for the vintage images! xo Jami

  6. what's that mess...oh dang!

  7. You crack me up! Sometimes I just want to throw my laptop through my living room window, LOL! Technology~ can't live with it, can't live without it.
    What year was Scanners? I vaguely recall it, not sure I saw it though!

  8. Love the cards. I'm kinda partial to Easter postcards.

    As for the scanner, surely it's been exorcised now with the Easter messages it's scanned. My scanner would always make the item I was scanning twice the size. Once I figured out what was happening, it came in pretty handy. Those tiny images we can't purposely blow up and have them look right were blown up perfectly! LOL

  9. There lovely images, so need for your head to explode. Go and put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea instead ;-)) dee x

  10. I love my scanner- it's my camera that makes me want to throw it hard against a wall...or barring that, toss it on the roof...depends on the day and how strong I am feeling.

    I can't tell from this end that you had any problems scanning; they all look wonderful here...but I know that the end looks do not always give an accurate accounting of all the frustrations that go into blogging. That being said...GOOD JOB and Thank You for all these wonderful images!!

    Shall I send you the name of a good neurosurgeon or do you have your own?;>) xxoo Diana


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