April 3, 2011

Jane Austen To The Rescue!

Paper covered birdies...how do I love thee? Well, I love thee
a lot-eth! But I would surely love thee moreth if you were not
covered in that ACK-inducing newsprint! And colored newsprint
no less! No thank you!

Just look at those down-turned beaks...even they know they need a
make over, stat! So, before they get too depressed and tie little rocks
around their little birdie legs and ever-so dramatically toss themselves
into the nearest birdbath...I took matter into my own hands!

When someone needs a make over I simply have to take over. I know,
I know exactly what they need! { I saw Wicked on Wednesday...I can't stop!}
And with a little help from Jane Austen & Mod Podge, I de-newsified
that birdie in no time! Phew! Is Elphaba ever relieved!

Glinda demanded a bit more ooomph! So, she was covered in vintage
wallpaper using Liquid Laminte to give her that extra shine {and I
find it easier to work with than the Podge...which gets that annoying
scum across it if you pour it into a bowl like I need to}.

Naturally, Elphaba needed a little something more to make her really
sing...so, she was given a cape of sorts...made from heart-shaped tags.

Glinda requested jewels. And since I am fresh out of diamonds...she had
to settle for pearls...they look better with the olden-look of the wallpaper.

These little guys were in the dollar bins at Michaels...
the I-can't-resist-you-anyway-but-now-that-they-moved-
THE-DOOR- bins!

Ahhhhhhhhhh...now they are free of the shackles if ugly newsprint that
bound them!

And they will live happily ever after...or until one of my cats finds them
to be an amusing diversion...which ever come first! ;}

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  1. Too cute! Both makeovers are excellent in their own way.

  2. Those came out so very
    sweet!! They are perfect!!


  3. Pretty! Love your story with them! Hope the kitties stay away.

  4. Your birdies are cute! I had the get me out of Michaels in a hurry today. LOL I spent alot of money buying crafty stuff!

  5. Too funny! I saw these this morning at Michaels and couldn't make heads nor tails of them. I love what you did with them. So much better!


  6. Fabulous makeovers! I love the little bird with the vintage wallpaper! They are very cute!

  7. Oh my- what a great project- the end result is fabulous! Absolutely love the little birdies!

  8. I never would have thought of it, but I love them. The pearls made me laugh...they are perfect!

  9. oooohhhh Glinda i love you ;-)) so pretty, you are clever. dee x

  10. Simply stunning - so fun to see the prosess. They are beautiful - make me think of spring!!

  11. Precious! And, I love those pearls.

  12. hola!!
    está lindo!!
    cariños y felíz semana

  13. What a makeover! What do you think you could do with my face and hair?? xxoo Diana

  14. So cute! I may have to make to Michaels...

  15. Adorable!...love the make overs.

    Thank you so much for visiting and for the sweet comments about the table and yes, it goes with our, as well marble and the black is marble-onix, the floors are not tiles, it's a marble that comes from mines from here, Ecuador, and it comes in an alabaster color, like the floors...the Italian Carara is very white, that's the only difference. Have a nice day.

  16. Hi Jane!
    Ha you are too funny!
    Thank goodness you were there for the rescue!

    Nice to meet you!!

  17. I LOVE to cover anything and EVERYTHING with a printed page, so the idea of wallpaper sounds even cooler! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration

  18. I sooo love your lil birdies! The one you gifted me with resides in our newly redone guest bathroom! A bit of timeworn elegance in the necessary room! I always think of you when I step in there! BTW, that sounds funny, doesn't it?@!?

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  19. Too cute! Love those little heart tags around the neck!

  20. Aw these are too cute! I wish I wasn't so scatter-brained and could actually do a craft or two. It always looks so peaceful over here on this blog.

  21. so sweet. Isn't Mod Podge the greatest?
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  22. I think I want you to give ME a makeover. Those little tweeters look SO much better now, especially with their accessories. ;) Where did you get the Petite Fleurs basket & bottles? Love them!

  23. Oh, this brightened my evening! Pearls! They're perfect. I have GOT to include them in next week's 'Visiting Other Nests...'

  24. So clever! What a transformation! These are really adorable.

  25. another fantastic idea. I have a pair of birdies I thrifted that I am going to make over for cake-toppers. Great inspiration.

  26. Now I know what to do with my wallpaper!!


love to hear from you! ;}