April 28, 2011

If I Could Save Paint In A Bottle...

So...I was perusing Romantic Country as I am wont to do and I did spy
with my little eye a painted bottle that not only looked peachy keen...
but seemed simple enough for such a lazy girl as me to tackle!

Next, I was perusing the aisles of Ross...as I am also wont to do, when
searching for "table treats". Alas and alack, I found none. But I did
happen upon these bottles...and at $1.99 each...just cheap enough for
experimentation...ya know...should my "easy" project go astray! ;}

I had a really cool aqua colored paint, but as for pink, I usually mix it
myself to get the "baby" pink that suits my exacting specifications...
{wow, that sounded like I knew what I was talking about, huh?!} Which
means I squirted a bit of pink into a old bottle of white...and shook it...
shook it real good!

It seemed easy enough...
pour the paint into the bottle...
roll the bottle around to coat the inside of the bottle...
Sheesh...how hard can it be?!!

A little friendly advice here...
All nice and fresh and VERY pourable!!!!

Also...squeeze it evenly and steadily into the opening of the bottle...
don't get impatient and squeeze too hard so that the paint goes
"fffffffffffffrrrrrrrthhhhhhhhhh!" {the technical term} and
splatters all over the neck of the bottle that you DIDN'T want
painted...and you spend A LOT of quality time UN-painting it!

Also, also...don't thin the paint with water...trust me...it will NEVER
dry! ;} Like I said...USE FABULOUSLY NEW PAINT!!!! And maybe even
follow the direction as delineated in said issue of Romantic Country...I didn't!
Remember? "How hard can it be?" Well, I made it much harder than
it needed to be! Even this lazy girl can be TOO lazy sometimes!!!!
But they still look cute and for $1.99...I can see more of them in my

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FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! {Such a novel idea!!!! ;}


  1. But if we always followed the directions we might miss the results of the "happy accidents" which sometimes occur!Looks great.Oh, just what I needed.ANOTHER project idea for my list and ANOTHER reason to hoard bottles!

  2. Love it...my favourite color combination..xo

  3. Wow ~ I love this ~ gotta try it ~ thanks for the wonderful inspiration ;-)

  4. how fun to see this cuz i wrote that article and tutorial! looks beautiful, dahling!


  5. Those are very pretty!!! I always like the softest of pinks, too! Love your cute header picture ~ what type of jar/lid is that? Inquiring minds would love to see the entire shebang!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  6. These are so lovely! I am always seeing interesting bottles in the thrift store, but don't have any idea what I would do with them. This is a great idea. Thank you so much.

  7. WOW, that's a great idea and it looks really cool.


  8. Well howdy there Jim! ;)

    I love this project! So cute! And I can relate because I for one-hate to follow directions or a recipi and I'm always surprised how well things turn out when I do! Why am I surprised? ♥

  9. Great bottles and they look so cute.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise with all of us.


  10. Directions? What are those? I love your bottles! And although I am always drawn to aqua I LOVE that soft pink! Perfect-absolutely perfect! xxoo Diana

  11. I'm trying it out this weekend....looks easy enough right?! :)

  12. What a fantastic idea. I love it, and are going to try.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Hugs Bente

  13. HA! This sounds like many of my project experiences! I once made a bottle doll and forgot to let the glitter glaze inside the bottle dry before putting the sculpted head and shoulders on...nope...never did dry completely in there! Your bottles look great!

  14. I love the way the bottles turned out. I think I am going to try it. They look so pretty.

  15. I love them both! That teal number, though....I may need one soon. I'm the same with my pinks: I mix them very very light and put a hint of yellow in.
    I love the technical noise that the paint makes, "fffffffffffffrrrrrrrthhhhhhhhhh!"
    My grandsons always crack up when the paint passes gas. :-)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  16. So fun! And thanks for the tips because I would've been right behind you NOT following directions. Ha.
    My Blog

  17. Oh I just love these, and have yet to give it a try. Thanks for the advice though! Marcia

  18. what a fun idea...I love all your creativity...

  19. Happy Pink Saturday
    This is such a simple but gorgeous idea.

  20. Very pretty! I just have to try that!

  21. Those pretty little bottles turned out so well...even if you didn't follow the instructions! :)


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