April 19, 2011

Chalk It Up To...

Chalkboard paint...
all at once addicting...and inspiring...
I knew that when I got my hands on a single splash of it...
I'd go nuts!

I had no idea...

I know! I know! Jumping on the band wagon kinda late here...
as per usual...but, to be truthful {which I am in all things...well,
except my weight, but HELLO! You aren't my doctor! ;} I was just
too darn lazy to go buy some...so, I actually ordered it from Amazon!
Whaaaaat???!!!! I was already placing an order and the shipping was free...
and I didn't even have to get off the couch...don't judge!

And just look at that label...
"Create a chalkboard on virtually any surface"
Is it just me, or is that a dare??!! And a double
dog dare, at that!

OK, Rust-oleum...GAME ON!

I started out slowly...somewhat normally, with a little bottle...
ok...I'm getting that hang of this stuff...

This is where I swerved into "me land"... where nothing is what
is should be...and Flaming Hot Cheetos and Sour Gummy Worms
are always on the menu {seriously...that's what I just had for dinner ;}

When I am not picking cat hair off my dark clothing...I have always
enjoyed making jewelry...so, I have an ungodly stockpile of brass findings...

I know, right!
Exactly what I thought...
make a little tiny message board-lette!
{yes, it was hard to write on...but it's so cute who cares
how many Hail Marys I have to say to make up for the
naughty words!}

Personalized tags for a gift, or for someone who is really forgetful...

I am thinking of adding Diamond Glaze to this to see if I
can preserve the lettering...to have the chalk-like effect...
and NOT have to worry about that little bugger smudging!

And this is why there are shells!!!!
To paint!
To glitter!
To chalk-ify!!!

I have foofed-up so many match boxes that I thought I'd leave this
one with its dignity in tact!
Basic black sophistication...{which is just SO necessary for something
that resides in close proximity to the commode! ;}

Ok, I fibbed {different from a lie...look it up!} I had to add a little
"somp-in', somp-in' "...if only to the back of the box.
Courtesy of The Graphics Fairy !

These were just the first wave of insanity...
I have a whole slew of items lined up to be blackened to within
an inch of the lives!


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  1. This is all great! Can't wait to see what else you have coming!


  2. I LOVE your chalk creations!;) Adorable~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. I think when it comes to the double dog dare...you are definitely winning:o)

  4. Looks like you were having a great time with the paint. I like the tags. Let us know how the diamond glaze works.

  5. Dearest M,

    You found some new creative outlet for LOTS of purposes! Worked great according to your many photos here. How many Hail Mary's you said you did...? Never mind, all of us do speak another language at times when our hands don't obey the mind artfully 'at once'...

    Lots of love,


  6. I jumped over to the Chalk Talk Party and yours was the best by far.
    I was trying to do some blog reading so my eyes would get tired and I could go to sleep. You just made me laugh so much, now my eyes are wide open! lol It felt good though, thank you.


  7. Love it what a great idea for tags ;-) I would love to have your creative thoughts ;-)) dee x

  8. How sweet, tiny and of course, .....CREATIVE!

  9. Lovin' all of your ideas so far, look forward to more-have fun:@)

  10. Looks like you had fun with the chalk board paint ~ hmmmmm ~ I think I had better get some. There are some pretties that need it ;-)

  11. This post was great!!! I'm a believer now....gonna go buy me some chalk board paint!!! Those tags are AWE-SOME!!!!

  12. Terrific.But don't those tags need glitter on the edges...?!Thanks for sharing.Looking forward to what you do next.I keep meaning to get some chalkboard paint myself!

  13. I like the mini chalkboard tags...I have not used that paint but could see doing these charming touches.

  14. Love the use of the chalkboard paint on the charms, brilliant! I've been wanting to try that paint for a while. Have been wanting to make some chalkboards out of old metal trays. I think I'm going looking for it now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. i have a whole can of this magic that i have yet to use! i'm puttin on my paitin clothes now....ta ta!

  16. I love it all! And yes chalkboard paint is quite addicting! I'm already plotting my next takeover. ;)


  17. Oh boy can I identify. When crackle finishes came in I crackled anything that would hold still, then on to painting everything black in the next phase and yes.....I do have many chalk board painted projects around too. None so cute as your little personalized bottle jewelry. Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. You have some fantastic uses for that chalk board paint! Who'd have thought it could be used in such beautiful ways!

  19. I love all your little blackboard charms- they are so precious.


  20. Adorable mini chalkboards! I myself have been a little chalkboard paint too! It's so darn fun though! Traci

  21. Gotta love these - I've never seen anything like this - you have made such adorable creations - AND - you are having some serious fun here!


  22. You are so stinkin talented!!! :-)

    (That pendant would be perfect for someone who changes partners each week).

  23. YOur pictures are stunning! Love all your creations, you make chalk so beautiful!

  24. You are having too much fun! I have wanted to play with chalkboard paint for a while. Thanks for the nudge.

  25. Good grief M!!!! You have me always guessing what you could possibly come up with next! You are a little creative genius, you know!!!
    sending hugs...

  26. FABULOUS. omg the matchbox. i'm so doing this for my powder room. awesome styling. love.

    come visit soon.


  27. I JUST painted my VERY first chalkboard project! As a matter of fact , it is drying on the living room floor. I bought a cool old window yesterday at St Vinney's for 5 dollars. I painted the frame white and the glass chalkboard ... I kid you not , I was just walking around the house looking for what else to paint. ADDICTING is right!
    Love your ideas!
    Have a pretty day!

  28. WOW! These are soo neat! I love everything about them! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  29. Lovely...we collect sea shells on our vacations so it would be cool to paint the insides and date them..thanks for the inspiration ;) btw...have you tried the chalk paint pens...they don't SMUDGE...talk about addicting! I posted about them...check out #122 on Chalk Talk. They also write on glass ;) Hope you have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

  30. I NEED to get some of that chalk paint!!!

  31. FAB-U-LOUS!! One of the cutest ways I've seen to use chalk paint...Amazon, here I come!!

  32. I love what you did! When you were talking about how it was hard to write on the little surfaces. How about those chalk pencils that they use in sewing? Maybe that would work...give you more of a point to write with.

  33. You are so creative, girl! :) I love your tiny chalky inspirations! Gotta luv that chalkboard paint, huh? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  34. Tres chic! Featured you tonight. Thank you for linking with air your laundry Friday!


  35. i have had a small can of chalkboard paint just sitting forever in my craft room, i know...shame on me! seeing this gave me the push i needed to bust it out!

    love each and everything that you have blackened!!!


love to hear from you! ;}