March 15, 2011

Tea & Comfort...

So...I took a lot of pictures of my little teacup to join in
all of Tuesdays usual tea-related festivities and they were
all so ACK! and blown out that I became a deflated little
puddle of self-pity and I didn't even bother to post since
I thought they were irredeemable! Seriously...whoever
thought it was a good idea to put a camera in my
hands was on's just that simple!
My niece has tried to help me learn the lesson of photography
without flashing...apparently though, I am a hard nut to
crack {there's that word again! ;}

I use a Mac with a program called iPhoto to edit my snaps...
so, I decided to see what all the hullabaloo is about and I
attempted to dig images out from under all those blank
squares of whiteness the time...I had assumed were
pictures of my little no-name Homer Laughlin cup &

Well, with A LOT of contrasting this and highlighting that I
was magically able to make images appear...odd images...
ghostly images...but images nonetheless. No textures,
no Photoshop, just a big fat dose of "DUH"! ;}
I actually really like the first the rose stands out
so vividly... ok, maybe that's just the pathetic justification of
an inept picture-taker-chick!! ;}
But I think I'll go wade through some more "mishaps" and see
what appears!

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White Wednesday @ Faded Charm Cottage
Teacup Tuesday with MARTHA & TERRI


  1. Well done! Love the shots and the teacup!

  2. Such pretty photo's of your tea visiting you! oxox

  3. I always think you take the most amazing photo's your posts always inspire me and make me smile. have a lovely day, dee x

  4. Your photos are beautiful. Love the tea cup. Happy shooting ;-)

  5. Isn't editing photos fun!1 I think it's relaxing. I love my new windows photo editor. In one click it makes everything better! It even does touch up work.

    One of my goals is to learn how to use photshop so I can layer things.

    Have a great Tuesday dear M! ♥

  6. Lovin your photos, It's my first time at your blog, I came over from Faded Charms White Wednesday. Love the picture in your blogheader makes me want to scroll down to see more, so I'm off to do just that.

    Have A Fabulous White Wednesday

  7. Aw ... its awful when things don't turn out the way we want, isn't it? I think they are fine! You are right - the roses "pop".

  8. Your photos are very pretty...and I love your sweet teacup. Beautiful, sweet roses!

  9. Hi: I am so glad that you did not give up. The tea cup is perfect. I hope you will try it again next week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  10. Awesome Giveaway! Yum, Yum......I would be oh so happy with all that loot myself.~Cheers Kim

  11. I'm about to inherit an english tea set from my husband's aunt. 18th or 19th century, not sure. I'll post pictures when I get it.

  12. Such beatiful photos! I will have to do some tea related snapping at some point soon! xxxxxxxx

  13. Visiting your page from Graphics Fairy and got to looking around. Your no name Homer Laughlin cup does have a name...It's Carolyn, that is the style of the dishes, they came in many different decorative patterns, the flowers are a painted decal and the gold rim is painted on by hand. I visited the factory last month and took the tour because I too collected Homer Laughlin and couldn't identify my dishes. I showed the lady who gave the tour a dish that was shaped like mine but had different decorations on it from mine and she showed me and told me all about it. They still make that same pattern today along with their much more famous "Fiestaware"!


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