March 2, 2011

A Little Funny...A Little Weird!

If you are a Blogger you ever look at your "Stats"?
Let me tell makes for some interesting reading!
Give it a try...look under "Traffic Sources" then "key search words"
and get ready to laugh when you see the search words that someone,
most likely "googled", possibly "binged" that lead them to you blog.

As you can see above, someone searched for CATH KIDSTON FLOORING
and was lead to this blog!
This is actually one I liked!!! Then Cath and I can be BFF's
and she will send me treats from across the pond...for free! ;}
{yah...wishful thinking! ;}

And while I am sucking up to Cath {I just call her Cat...we're
tight like that!} did you know that her Rose Sprig pattern
is also available as wallpaper and haberdashery fabric??!
{just the name "haberdashery" makes you want to buy it!! ;}

But this searching business ain't all Cath & roses...
it's weirdness too!

Someone searching "high fructose corn syrup" was lead... this blog too! I imagine it was because, several
posts back I sort of mocked it. I am sure it's probably not
as good as tofu as far as nutritional value is concerned...
but I know this guy who turns into a pulpit thumping
preacher whenever the subject comes up...and with him...
IT DOES! It's just that I believe in personal responsibility...
so, while I am fully aware that Coke it not particularly good
for me...I'm am more than willing to gamble a little just
to feel that burn! ;}

And my opinion surely makes me one of these! ;}

"Hoarding pictures"was searched for and...yep...I bet they
were a tad taken aback to see all manner of foofery, glitter
and silliness!

Which is not to say that I don't hoard...books, magazines, shoes...
and sure I have more crafting goods than Michael's...but... ;}
And none of this explains why pictures of Lindsay Lohan came
up when I googled pictures of "hoarding"...go figure!

Why anyone would search "Fun Dip vs. Flaming Hot Cheetos" is
beyond me! HELLO! No competition! Cheetos for sure! ;}

But I do adore the sugary {high fructose} stick that comes with
a Fun Dip! I wish they were sold separately!

Flummoxed...that's all I can say.
I cannot fathom why this man wasted perfectly good bread
as a fashion statement...
Or why anyone would be searching for this...
Or why this search lead them to me?
{That mini-baguette over his right ear sure looks tasty though!! ;}

Go! Check your's a good time!

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  1. OMGosh this is hilarious!!! Will do!

  2. Been there and done that what a hilarious venture. it is funny what leads people to our blogs????and so is your post. gave me quite the chuckle.
    Bonne nuit

  3. Okay- I am going to do this...being a computer goofer...if I get lost along the way will you please come find me? xxoo Diana

  4. Those stats certainly are interesting! One of my most viewed posts is one on Pineapple vinegar- I never imagined that would be a top 10!! I also have some links from that turn up being porn sites and have no idea how they found me.

  5. Oh, wow....that is funny!!! I don't care what brings 'em...I just hope they like it enough to stay...haha!

  6. Giggle!
    I won't even tell you what "Talking Trash" drags home.

  7. That is funny! I love to look at my stats because it's pretty interesting see who hits from what country, etc. Maybe Cat is checking you out! I'm sad that I cannot see a blog picture on my blog snippet on the sidebar anymore and cannot seem to figure out what I did wrong and what changed?? I'm a picture gal and so disappointed right now!!

  8. ha ha ha ha thats funny ;-)) I would never have even known you could do this before you posted about it, i will try and check mine out later. have a great day, dee x

  9. Hilarious . . . thank you.


  10. I have to check this out. I have looked at my stats but never noticed the keyword search. How is Cat, by the way?


  11. Hilarious! Will check it out! I love Cath Kidston too! xx

  12. I've done this from time to time and always find it bewildering.


  13. What fun - thank you for making me laugh first thing in the morning.

    Hope your day is filled with sunshine and more laughter.


  14. I didn't even know there was a stat thingy until a couple months ago! I guess I just ignored it or something? I haven't checked out the key word thingy,though. I'll do that today!

    Have a thingy day! :)

  15. this post is a good time, too! COL = chuckling out loud.


  16. You are CRAZY!!!! Crazy funny! and you have waaay too much time on your hands if you are looking in your traffic sources! But now that you have taught me how to do it...I just haveta' try it.

    Will you put in a good word for me with Cat? I love her stuff.
    You are the highlight of my blog reading!

  17. I have done the exact same thing and don't just wonder WHY IN THE WORLD????

  18. I think our train of though goes in the same crazy direction. Love it!

  19. Haha! I've noticed a few funny ones myself. Up until last week, if someone Googled "sweets", my blog was like the 5th one on the list. (I start every post with "Hi, sweets.") I'm sure my blog isn't the sugary surprise they are hoping for. Ah, you always make me giggle.


  20. Ok, so now that I have stopped laughing I have to let you in on my findings...just the other day I checked out my keyword stats and as gross as it is, someone had searched "farrier's dauhgter porn" GASP!!! Seriously?!?! What a suprise some nasty guy got when he opened my blog only to find vintage home decor and handmade goodies! Haha! Take that perv-o!
    Any who, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog.


  21. I really get a kick when I check my stats. It's always weird how people are led to my blog. And I love seeing what is most popular, it's never what I think it will be! I love "Cat" myself, hmmm let me know if she gets in touch with freebies and I'll blog about her too! Actually I have had people contact me after blogging about their family or their historic properties. It always blows me away that it's so easy to network!

  22. I love to look at what brings the common folk to my Regal blog. There are some doozies indeed.

  23. Love your post today my friend. xo

  24. ok, thats crazy...I have to go look now!!!

  25. I love digging into Google analytics for a good laugh too.


  26. My friend brought me 2 Cath Kidson dish towels from London plus a purse from the same for my daughter.

  27. Hey It's Cheri from Its So Very Cheri. I just wanted you to know I am featuring you tomorrow.



love to hear from you! ;}