March 16, 2011

Irish Eyes...

Sometime in the 1850's {no one knows exactly when...}, my great grand
father left the potato famine ravaged shores of Ireland and sailed to
America. He died in 1889, so naturally, I never knew grand
mother never even knew him since he died just before she was born.
I wonder what Paddy would think of his great grand daughter...
typing away on a little white box she calls a "lap top" and spouting
nonsense to people she has never met? He, who had to live in a
"soddy" until his home was finally built on the lonely mid-western
prairie...way before "prairie" was so cool!
Yah...he'd think I was crazy too! ;}

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
And remember...
if you're lucky enough to be Irish...
you're lucky enough!


  1. I am SO Irish, SO lucky and SO blessed...Happy St. Patrick's Day...oh, and stop by me place and check out my Spring-fling give-away!

  2. I am so lucky!!! It's great to be Irish. Especially on the 17th of March!

    How in the world did I miss so many of your crazy posts??? I had to go back and read them all tonight. And now it's past my bedtime...and I have to try and fall asleep while visions of pink dotty candles run through my head! How do you expect me to sleep now???
    big Irish hugs to you...

  3. I am lucky enough!!!! Great grandmother came from Ireland...married an Englishman and both families disowned them. I grew up in an Irish community~ xxoo Diana

  4. I think he'd say "Lassie, you're a bit of a boob, typing away on that electronic box you call a lap top. Stop right now and give ye ole Pa a kiss" (How was my accent?)
    Top of the morning to ya!
    The Italian princess with two 1/2 Irish Rose daughters!

  5. Happy St Patricks Day to you!! Its hard to believe what our relatives went through, isnt it? My parents came over to England in the 1950s but always missed their true home. Lovely post! xx

  6. Happy St. Patrick's Day, M!

    I'd tell you to enjoy the day, but I can tell you ALWAYS do, so you certainly don't need my permission!

    Love your funny posts!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. sweet post. Big hugs and happy spring!

  8. Amazing what our ancestors went through, I am German but my greatgrandfather came over and lived in a sod house in the Dakotas. I actually saw it, there were remnants left when we took that pilgrimage.


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