March 8, 2011

Her Chequered Past!

She's mad! Mad, I tell you! She can look at anything made
by MACKENZIE-CHILDS and make it over...with her own
personal flare...and, more importantly, for a fraction of the cost!
Can I get an "Amen" for being cheap and making it happen
anyway! Ok, I'll do it myself..."AMEN!"

The "she" of which I speak, is Terry of Forever Decorating
...the wild paintrix who gives a new topcoat to anything
that can't out run her! Just look what she did to these
teapots/kettles! {what, exactly is the diff between a teapot
and a kettle, I ask?}
Aren't they just tres fab!

No need to lust after this pricy little pretty...

Just pull up your bootstraps and paint your own!
{Not that I could, mind you...I just admire that "can-do"
spirit! 'Just what makes that little 'ol ant, think he can
move a rubber tree plant...' and all that!}

Now, Terry doesn't know me from Adam...or, uh, Eve I guess.
But when I saw the that she had an entire category on her blog
devoted to her MacKenzie-Childs wee little
heart went pittery-pat! And I had to share...and sing...but I'll
do the singing in private! ;}

How fun is this little table!

It may strike you as as tad odd that I have a closet MacKenzie-
Childs "thing"...well, I do. Much like my Mary Engelbreit
"thing", it revolves around my love of black & white stripes,
black & white checks...and the longing for a red kitchen!
I know!
Who am I?!!
This began LONG before Rachel Ashwell graced our fair shores,
and I have never found a patch that will eliminate these cravings!

Terry loved the tray above...a bit too "spendy" tho...

So, Bob's your uncle!
She created her own!
{HOW cute is her kitchen too!!!! ;}

She turned this chair...

into this!

She upholsters...
she paints...
she's an animal!

A dollar store place mat...

{I love you...won't you tell me your name!}

Well, I am just not brave enough to MacK-C my abode.
So, I will live out my design-crush through Terry and her
amazing make-overs!

{Pink & white checked...maybe I'll do that... ;}


  1. The title of this post was made for me! LOL
    Great blog.
    x Marnie

  2. O WOW im loving those kettles how on earth does she paint those...there fab, loved this post to, made me smile ;-)) dee x

  3. That Terry is amazing!! Love all the things you showed us!!

  4. Um... I think tea ketle goes on the stove top but tea pot just holds the hot water or tea. Sound right?

    In the 90s, I was all about green and white checks. Guess i got tires of them but now i'm thinking pink and white checks are just what I need on my old metal wash tub that I found here on the farm! ♥

  5. Oh my goodness! This was so much fun to look at. Love the kettles!

  6. I cannot believe your post... I am redoing a small jewelry dress form (about 10-12" tall) in MacK-C style as I type!! I LOVE her stuff! I did a highchair for my first grand in her style and it is a treasure to the little ones.
    I'm gonna go over to that site and drool!! See you later...
    hugs, sherry

  7. Ohhh delicious.

    A tea kettle sits on the stove and heats water - a teapot cannot go on the burner - it holds the tea that is going to be poured into the cups.

  8. Terry I so love your chair makeover!! Wow!

  9. Yes=That Terry is one talented chick. She does just about everything! I have to tell you, when I saw your post title I thought you were doing my life story. You can only imagine my relief when I saw the teapot! xxoo Diana

  10. I'm a black & white junkie, so these little jems are right up my alley! Way too cute!!!

  11. Mackenzie Childs stuff is so much fun...this gal has got it down pat. Great post.

  12. I'm a fan of MacKenzie-Childs, too, so I am always thrilled to see when someone copies it for a budget! Thanks for the intro ~ I think I love everything you've shown that she's done!


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