March 11, 2011

Fahrvergnugen & Tsunamis...

I have spent entirely too much time today with my knickers in a knot
thinking about tsunamis, so, for a few minutes...I am going to shallowly
focus on candles.
Have you seen these?
Me either!
Until today...when I saw them at Bee's house!
And, oh yes, I snapped some shots...because, had I been at my
house there would have been no candles to takes pictures of...
since she didn't buy me any!

{excuse my "snaps"...the light was not fab...
so, I used the smoke & mirrors of Picnik to
alter them...and cast blame elsewhere! ;}

She bought them at Ikea! And even though they look different in
each shot...they are literally THE perfect shade of pink! It's
enough to give you the vapors, Miss Scarlett!
{And to be fair...Bee knows I'm not a big "candle" chick...
but for theses...HELLO! I'd make an exception! Wouldn't
you??!! ;}

I believe their Ikea name is "freakinpinkincuten"...I am a tad leary
of these names though...I always wonder if the Swedes are just
laughing themselves silly naming these products for our consumption...
We think we're 'all that' using the store name for our new shelf...
when it really means "smelly cat box"! ;}
Do you ever wonder?

What ever their name...they are PERFECT and I believe they were
a mere $1.99 each! Makes your knees weak, right??!!

{ps...I do know that 'fahrvergnugen' is just makes me
wonder, it sounds funny! ;}

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for more Pink Saturday !
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...and now, back to thinking about Japan...those poor souls!


  1. Well ~ all I have to say is those are the freakincutenpinkin candles I've ever seen ~ LOVE them~ ;-)

  2. I have not seen them yet...and you know I love Ikea. I too wonder about those names.

    I love the new look of your banner too. Sweet. ox

  3. So lovely and fun candles.... I never saw before the polka dot ones. it looks beautiful...
    Happy spring time
    … Hope you like to pay a visit to my new spring arrangement saved in a cloche

  4. Hey there! I have got to get me some of these! In fact girlie that you posted this cute post I bet Ikea will be sold out before I get there!!!
    hahaha...I'm miles away from an Ikea...oh my....
    Maybe I will buy some pink candles and paint little white dots on them just to satisfy myself. These are sooooo cute!

  5. Ok.. i am trying to type, but I am holding my bladder due to laughter.... you crack me up! And I can see myself.. in a store..probably saying the same thing about their name out loud!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. oh my, aren't they just adorable! love them so much :O)

    Happy PINK Saturday!

  7. Im loving those and your humour as always ;-)) Have a great weekend, dee x

  8. Those candles are perfect. I am not a big candle person either (I like the flameless ones with the remote control from Amazon). They are boring beige. Polka dots or something else would be nice.

    I have been thinking about the Tsunamis and earthquakes too....Long day and night.


  9. So sweet! And yes, the perfect shade of Pink! ♥

  10. Sweet! I love the polka dots. Prayers and stress too for Japan ( my sister and her family live in Tokyo) Hugs

  11. Great German and Swedish!! ♥♫

    Oh, and darling candles.

  12. Really cute! Wishin' an Ikea was close by:@)

  13. Great candles. I love the pink AND the polka dots..they are perfect for Spring...and I have often wondered what others REALLY think when we slaughter their language.

    Did you ever read the Poisonwood Bible...where the arrogant pastor goes into Africa and because he is such a "know-it-all" won't take any help with, during his preaching he invited everyone to bring their babies down to the river to be baptized. However, by twisting his words he has invited everyone down to the river to have their babies eaten by crocodiles....then wonders why no one shows up. Yeah...Imagine that! xxoo Diana

  14. you are so your version of Swedish!
    I'm half Swedish and can't speak a of my greatest regrets.

  15. Who knew Bev owned Ikea ;)
    Seriously, very cute!

    Happy PS

  16. I am lovin those freakincutenpinkin candles also! Thanks for the moment of laughter! hugs, Linda

  17. The candles are darling! I love the prices at IKEA! Happy Saturday!


  18. Those candles are sooo pretty! We don't have an Ikea here where I live. I think a lot of us are watching the news updates the past couple of days... Those poor souls, is right! Happy Pink Saturday weekend.

  19. I love those candles and the holder and her table clothe!! Adore them actually!! I feel so helpless for these poor people in Japan. I couldn't imagine what they are going through. It's just all very sad :(

  20. You are too funny with the freakinpinkincuten. Some of those names are hysterical though, I agree. Usually my sister & I end up in hysterics in the self serve aisles because we can't get the boxes on the carts. I'm sure you wanted to know that. ;) Love the polkey dot candles. Love, love, love them!

  21. Your pink polka dotted candles are so pretty!!

  22. Those candles are cutey patootey! I know what you mean about poo Japan. Heavy hearted this weekend for those poor souls.

  23. envy envy envy...the nearest Ikea is five hours away. :(


  24. Polka dots are so fun and always bring a smile to my face. Considering I love pink too, those candles are the perfect combination of pretty and fun! Thanks for sharing them with us today.

  25. These are so very cute. I do hope the Melbourne ikea store has them!

  26. those candles are sooo cuuute!!!!

  27. Those candles are just too cute!!


  28. Cry baby! I will get u some maybe?

  29. I want me some of those!! If I go to Ikea, my husband never wants to about that for a super husband!!

    Happy Pink Saturday
    Deanna :D

  30. I do so love those candles.

    I heard someone say that they should have a marriage counselor at the checkout lines at each Ikea.

  31. I had a good laugh reading about Ikea names. I have Melltorp tables and Expedit cubbies in my studio. It probably means autopsy tables and corpse freezers! LOL Now you've gotten me started! The pink candles are terrific. Hmmm, maybe I need to go to Ikea again. Have a great week! Terri


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