February 23, 2011

What Hath I Wrought!!??

Step away from this post...nothing to read here!
Ok...you'd probably have to be in my head to correlate my
post title to the content...and I'm gonna go out on a limb
here and say...that's not where you wanna be! ;} Not that
I have a PhD in Wordology...but I just liked the title because
it's vaguely Biblical and at the same time, Shakespearean...
See! This is why you don't want to be in my gray/grey matter!
{Besides the fact that we live in a world where I cannot get a
definitive spelling of the color/colour grey/gray...seriously?!!}
Aside from whole the grey/gray thing...I hate my hair...
Clinique has stopped making the albino foundation that
has spackled my face for years...and I desperately need new
black shoes!

I know! Governments are falling...the earth is quaking...etc., etc. and
I am just all about ME! Can I blame it on being a native born So.
Cali-an? No? Hmmmmmm...give me a sec then...

I think that as ALL this scary big stuff is multiplying...I find myself
looking to the trivial minutia as a distraction...otherwise I'd want to
crawl under my bed with a box of Twinkies and just camp out for a
while...know what I mean???
Don't get me wrong...I know how it all ends...
where I will end up...of that I am certain.
It's just the getting there that has me a bit nervous.

So, I watch and wait and pray...
and create wall tchotchkes for my bedroom re-do...
I now I sound hideously shallow and, well, I probably am...
just being "real", as people like to say...
is it so very wrong to have a cute bed to pray next to? And to
now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleep in? Huh?
{This may be the reason I am not asked to speak at any churches?? ;}
Armageddon, end times, rapture, eternity, swatches & window
Yah, I know...I'm such a big weenie!

Sorry...forget this post!
I did warn you though...

freckled laundry

Saturday Nite Special @ Funky Junk Interiors


  1. I just found a new albino foundation from Revlon (I know, knock me over with a feather) it's their Colorstay line, and it's called Buff. It's a balanced Fair....not to pink, not too yellow.

    Love the frame.

  2. the colour is grey! I understand you perfectly, I see no problem at all..;j

  3. Honey, I'm just listening for trumpets while I paint the living room!

  4. It must be catchy. Another blog I read today had a similar post! I totally enjoyed it. And that, my friend, makes it all seem pretty normal, right? You spelled that hard word for knick-knacks and I won't even try!

  5. You are right there is alot going on in the world-crazy things! I love all your creations for your lovely room! Atleast you will have a gorgeous, wonderful bedroom!

  6. Whatever gets you thru the day girlfriend...twinkies, creating!
    WHERE did you get that burlap for the inside of the frame? Did I miss a stamped burlap post?
    p.s. i feel your foundation pain...if I had every cent I spent on foundations, looking for the right colors, I'd buy out Trump!

  7. I totally get what you are saying.. Each day I tell myself and pray that today will be a better day for the world. I too have to keep busy, or I would be joining you under the bed with Twinkies :) Take care,

  8. This is coming from a woman who just found out the hair spray she has used since 1988 is now off the market...the sun will come out tomorrow, the wall hanging will brighten up your room, and you will find a new foundation. xoxo tami

  9. Oh My this was truly funny and SO REAL! Yes we do know how it all ends and we just have to trust. I have also had a feeling of just hunkering down. I also am an artist and enjoy having beauty around me so go ahead and enjoy a beautiful bed to pray by just be ok with it if it is taken away and be joyful with a burlap sack if that is what you get. We can find beauty there too, don't you think? I enjoyed this post.

  10. We think it is going to be very crowded under that bed. Should we bring a case of twinkies? I have given up on the spelling, if a red line appears "so be it". Enjoy the good and Pray for the bad, and all will be well.

    Sincerely, Isabeau and Miss Chif

  11. I LOVE weenies and prefer mine with just a line of mustard down one side. That being said, I thought this was a mind-altering post...so you can only imagine what my mind was like before I stopped here~ G'day! xxoo Diana

  12. I would have been here sooner M, but I was under my (pretty) bed with my potato chips!
    Oh I think I'm going to love your bedroom redo if these pretties are going to hang in there!!!

  13. I think you just voiced how we are all feeling...and I think Twinkies would be a perfect way to cope!!!

  14. That was an awesome ramble... brilliant


  15. I'm with ya... I know where I'm going :) in the meantime...I wear Estee Lauder and love it. I have very fair skin also and it's called porcelain. It's rather "high end" for my budget...it's worth every penny! I color my hair at home..so it all evens out!
    Love your chintz. Have a few pieces myself. It's so Happy!

  16. :lol: Good luck on getting those shoes. I have always spelled it gray.

  17. I wouldn't care what you wrote, I was too busy loving those pictures and shells and pretties! The scary thing is that I think I understood what you said!

  18. Well, guess I'm out of the whole govt world ending stuff, I have not had cable for months...probably a good thing it would freak me out. Love the frame!

  19. Know just how you feel. Sometimes I think I use my decorating, blog, crafting, etc as a way to bury my head in the sand. I've decided I'm going to give thanks and enjoy all the beauty around us while it lasts and just hang on to Jesus when it all comes crashing down. It's all He expects of us and we're all in the boat together.

  20. so pretty. Home is where I feel safe and try not to worry about all of that stuff. I've had to limit my news watching these days; it's just too depressing!

  21. All I can say is "I hear ya" and "AMEN"

  22. Well that post is exactly what all of us are probably feeling about the world's troubles. WE DO KNOW how it all end's and that we can take comfort in.
    Have you tried Bare Essentials foundation-love it. Have a great end to your Frinday.

  23. I enjoyed your post, and I think we can blame alot on being native So. Californians. We're definitely "weather" spoiled :-)
    I loved your beautiful framed creations.

  24. I think it is great to keep doing the things you love even when times seem crazy. The things we have to do and enjoy doing have always been what keeps people looking to the future, especially since we know the end of the story.

  25. Are you SURE you need new black shoes? ;-)

    I'm totally disappointed because I got my hair cut and I don't like it. He didn't cut enough layers so it sticks out like Bozo the Clown.

  26. There's enough sorrow in the world without depriving ourselves on purpose. Go for it and enjoy! ♥

  27. I think we all find comfort in the small things in life, love what you've been keeping busy with. Thanks for coming to the party!
    big hugs,

  28. Wow,,so GORGEOUS of a blog Sweetie.. And I soooooo miss So. Cali.. A native of there myself and somehow ended up in Iowa..
    Your blog is beautiful and I'm loving all the white ands the seashells are my FAVORITE..
    And girlfriend, I hate my hair too. And I want some gorgeous white sandals...And to feel the sand beneath my feet. Not the hot sand, thats tooo hot. Preferably to have my feet in the sand as the little waves lap at my feet, pulling the sand slowly out from under them.
    But of course NOT soooo much that I lose my balance.. Well, that might be OK too???? Guess I should go get one of my adult ADHD meds afterall ;0)
    Silly me.. Think I've been in Iowa a tad too long huh...
    May you feel His Presence throughout your weekend and new week..and
    May His blessings continue on you and yours... Amen and Amen~~~Hugs Dena

  29. And OMGosh,, I LOVE the sparkly pink starfish!!!!
    Hugs Dena

  30. What?!? Never mind. I love your pics. :)


  31. Loved this post ~ I agree under the bed with Mindy and a case or two of twinkies and all is right with me. Love the pictures a very lovely distraction with all the chaos in this world..

  32. You are NOT a weenie and I loved this post. xoxo Lynn who is also a weenie....or NOT :)

  33. New follower.. gorgeous blog. I love people who are real. Hope you find a new color soon. They stopped discontinued the type I used for my skin a couple of years ago and the girl at the counter had the nerve to tell me I needed something different for my age anyway! Really?

  34. Well of course it is grEy!
    ya shoulda asked me :D


  35. ooo i love that frame!

    and don't beat yourself up...we all have those ahh poor me days!!

  36. Absolutely charming post - thank you (somehow you got into my head for this one)

  37. How I wish I'd found your blog sooner! I am rolling.....LOL! U r a keeper :) girlie. RobinA


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