February 8, 2011

Totally White...TMI...& Some Questions...

The first shall be last and the last shall be first...
that is the uploading key used by Blogger...never knew they
were so Biblical, huh? Sometimes when I have a momentary
mental infarction and forget how to upload the pics so they'll
be in the order I want them...I actually say that to myself as
a reminder...and God surely shakes his head and ponders
the need for another flood!
Tonight I even forget to remember to remind myself! ACK!

I know! "copy & paste...copy & paste"...it's really not that hard to rearrange
them. But the thing is, I am writing the post in my head as I select and edit
the pictures so all my malarkey goes in that order. So tonight when I just hit
"upload" and they appeared...all helter skelter...I wanted to kick myself and
say some decidedly un-Biblical things!
Yah...I have issues.
{I LOVE that platter above..it's nearly perfection and I've never been able
to find another piece in that pattern...and thus, I weep bitter tears {or,
have a cookie...I'm flexible! ;}

See...now I have turned this post...which was meant to be a melange {sorry!;}
of serene-whites-that-I-like-to-take-pictures-of...into a rant...and a rant
against myself even! That's is low...even for me!
{that "tablecloth" is plastic fake Battenberg lace...I know...openly mock
me...but don't judge me...}

I will now attempt to turn this post around and pull it from the ash-
heap of flailing and floundering falderal...**finger crossed**
So, as I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself...
I ordered some pretties from Etsy and I received this little
heart-stamped "swatchallini"{the text is in Italian...I didn't use
Babelfish or anything, but I'm pretty sure that's how you say
"swatch" in Italian...right?} as a bonus. I though it would look
super cute as an addition to my white frames gallery...then I
noticed that the tea-stained swatchallini and my rag-rolled
wall are almost exactly the same color...NOT! What would
Nate Berkus say???!!!

I think these are little sherry glasses...we used to sneak out of the cupboard
that was behind the niche-thingie where there 3 foot tall Virgin Mary
statue stood... and drink Rose's lime juice from them!
Yah...I have been partying like a rock star from a very early age! ;}

It's probably not right to put a little ballerina in a cage...then hang the
key just out of reach...Ok, it's not exactly "make the lambs stop screaming",
but what does that say about me? HA! ;} Well, it seemed intriguing at the time...
ELYSE , my evil co-conspiratrix, even suggest I write a short little tale
about it...when I got to about 50 pages and had an entire fantasy world
and warring clans created...I stopped...
I tend to be a tad "wordy"...you may have noticed... ;}

Indulge me...won't you.{I just wanted to see what you'd say after all that I
have already put you through with this post! ;} I have my photo albums set
up to rotate as my screen saver...impressive, huh? Actually, I did it on
accident and I can't make it stop...yah...Microsoft is headhunting me...NOT!
Anyway, this shot came up the other day, even now, years later, I still get
borderline giddy over the way the sun is shining on that seam binding!
YOWZAAA! {please don't fear me! ;}

This just cracks me up! When enlarged...you can see a cat hair on nearly
every "petal" of the doily...wouldn't that just give Martha Stewart a nervous
tick! And maybe some of you, too! I know I should be ashamed, but it's
just par for the course...I tried, but my cats refused to wear little plastic
jumpsuits! ;}

I probably shouldn't take...and want to take...so many pictures of dishes.
It's becoming a little stalker-like...I never leave them in peace...they have
no place to hide...poor little things!

"BAD BOY! GET DOWN! But first turn gnaw on that little crystal so that
it catches that light for mommy!"
I know...bring on the straight jacket! ;}

wall-to-wall whites...
and a cat hair too...
There's just no place like it... ;}

Now run screaming, I mean hurry, fast as you can, over to Kathleen's for more

And now for the questions:

1} Remind me why people hate Target again? I know I should know...
it's just that I can't remember...what else is new! And I know I didn't
mention Target in this post...but I was going to and didn't because I
knew I get a bunch of "boooo-hissssss Target" comments. Clue me in,

2} What product gives you fabulously soft lips? My lips are like nasty!
Like The Man In The Iron Mask when the mask comes off! Like Tom
Hanks in Castaway! {2a How could I possible cry over a soccer ball
falling into the ocean??? ;} Not chapped though...chewed. I don't smoke
crack or bite my nails...but I do...unconsciously...chew my bottom
lip and consequently, am less than luscious. Tonight I'm going to try
that greasy Mary Kay hand cream! Save me from myself!

3} Did you watch the Super Bowl? I'm sure I shouldn't say that I
didn't...and that I didn't even know who won until Monday morning...
am I the only person in the US who didn't?

Thank you for you help in advance,
Curious in Cali.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha for once im a little lost for words but laughing which has to be good ;-)) Vaseline for your lips i swear by it ;-)) And your cat looks scary but sweet ;-)) dee x

  2. Love love love Target! Vaseline throuout the day (no chapstick) & worked on valentines with the kids while the boys were all upstairs watching the game in the theater! Xoxo

  3. LOL you are too funny! Love your pretty whites and furry baby!And I have to say I LOVE target!! hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. Thoroughly entertaining....Made me smile ear to ear!

    I've never tried vaseline (though I use lip balm regularly and adore one made by Epicuran) but the softest feet I ever massaged (I worked at a spa for 6 years) belonged to a lady who said she put vaseline and socks on once a week....who knew petroleum would do that?

    Great post! ...and don't worry, I have cat hair on everything too...with 1 black cat and 1 white, nothing is safe!

  5. I'm up early today and while I was reading your post trying not to laugh too loud or I'll wake hubby up! Thanks for a good laugh today and I like all you pictures! I think the photo of the sunshine on the grosgrain ribbon is phenomenal-it captures the ribbon beautifully! Have a great day!

  6. Use Lansinoh on your lips. It's actually made from sheep's fat (gag) and is used for dry and cracked nipples from breast feeding (yet another jolly image) but will turn you from mangled to luscious in no time.

    Now if you can find anyone to kiss you afterwards, that's another question.

  7. You have made me belly laugh this morning. For your lips I definitely say the "Roc" ~ it works for me. Target ~ don't know and your kittie looks just like mine ;-)

  8. I love all your photos!! So pretty:)

    Let's see for soft lips....I make my own brown sugar and olive oil scrub!! Scrub it on...let it sit for a bit and then scrub it off!! Plus it tastes delicious:)

  9. That was such a funny post! I wouldn't have noticed the cat hair if you hadn't mentioned it. And good old vaseline for the lips.

    You can upgrade your blogger to the new version, I just recently did it and it's so much easier to upload your pics! You just add them all and they go inside a box then you highlight which one you want to add to your post and they show up in the order you add them...so no more last goes first thing. I just can't remember how I upgraded, it's somewhere in the account area but I highly recommend doing it:)

  10. You are not the only person who didn't watch the super bowl! I didn't, nor did my husband or my ex husband and they're men so they don't have a good excuse!

  11. You are so funny, at least you made me laugh.. I needed it today. love all your pictures.


  12. Thanks for making me laugh.I often forget the order to load my photos and am also endlessly frustrated at my ineptitude.I try to tell myself it does not matter but the story in my head has to follow a certain path so...I start all over again!

  13. Gorgeous photos "M"... hair and all! lol, just had to chuckle at that. Honey, I couldn't believe just today, when I enlarged one of my photos from today's post I saw numbers written on the top my $1 mini shelf that once was a lamp...remember the one I'd gotten from a garage sale and re-invented it...well lo and behold those people that owned it before me must have been using the thing as a note pad before deciding to ditch it lol! Wonders never cease!
    Hope you have a sweet day...
    Big hugs,
    and give a hug to your "Bad Boy" (kitty) I'd love to get my hands on him...he's so cute!

  14. Love all your white pics! And no, no, bad kitty, noooooooooo. LOL. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  15. 1. I'm not sure why people are dissing Target - perhaps being a type of Big Box store, people feel it may drive out the local merchants? We don't have one locally, but when I come across one I always find something that I need but didn't know it until then.
    2. My lips are ok, but the back of my hands could snag hosiery!
    3. I am in Wisconsin, so not only did we WATCH the Super Bowl, we leaned towards the tv the entire time. And did a lot of dancing at the end.
    4. I intend to use the term "momentary mental infarction" now every day for the rest of my life.

  16. Target - can take it or leave it. HATE Wallmart.

    I use Chapstick several times a day and always right before bed.

    As a general rule I don't watch sports but I'll make an exception for synchronized swimming.

    Love the Fur Baby. I have 4 cats, 2 Calicos a Tuxedo and a Smoke and white. As well 90 lb, long haired collie mix and a black lab mix living in my house. Not all of them belong to me but they all shed on me. Things in my house don't come with a side of pet hair, they come with a side of "FUR".

  17. Good morning, M! Yes, the light on that ribbon is lovley and the blue and the everything. Def a card worthy pic!

    Cat hair, dust, soot, I never knew how dirty my house was until I started blogging. It's okay. My house is still cute and we can't have it ALL now can we?

    I've been a chronic Blistex user since my 20s. I use the stuff in the little pot which is somewhat the consistancy of Vaseline. I never have chapped lips but hardly ever have bare lips either- can't stand them feeling dry. Blistex gives your lips a minty/tingly feel that I guess I must be adicted too! I have been told that if your lips are chapped and you put Blistex on them that it will burn slightly for a bit because it's healing but like I said, my lips are never chapped so I wouldn't know.

    Well I like Target and even Walmart! Target is now over an hour away from me though so I don't know when I'll ever get there again.

    Balarina is a bird cage sounds like a story to me! Keep at it!

    Didn't watch the Superbowl but had to get on facebook to find out who won so I would look cool to my son.

    Have a great day! ♥

  18. What's the Target thing??? I love target. Sweet cat.

  19. I love it! You are too funny! This is keeping it real. I cannot escape the animal hair and I am sure it has shown up in many of my posts over the past year. As for the superbowl, I had no clue! Since my boys reached adulthood, I hardly ever pay attention to sports anymore. Your photos are awesome!

    ~ Tracy

  20. Well, you were on a roll today, my friend. I was thinking maybe because your pictures posted backwards I should go to the bottom and read up...but that didn't make much sense either!;>)

    I think it is a very good thing that you and I do not live close together because we would be partners locked on the Crazy Train....and I can already see where you hang the needed key to get out...and I'm sure there is some torture involved there somewhere.

    Today you made me laugh out loud...it is nice to see someone else with such a warped sense of humor...it does my heart good!

    Please post the 400 page story you wrote;>) Or..HOW many pages did you say it had? I am just a bit too lazy to scroll back through and find the exact number. Hugs-Diana

  21. Don't think roes lime juice has alcohol...those were good times!I hope I don't have nightmares from that picture of ur pickle! Rahhhwow!

  22. Love all your whites! Especially love the kitty~

  23. People hate Target? I am SO out of the loop. :-)

    Lips: I can't even say the "V" word without wanting to gack, so I personally don't go that route.

    Blistex is my fave -- medicated lip balm in the green little tube thing is the best (the teal green one, not the "mint" one in regular green) -- fixes all probs and is SPF 15 too. Plus it's kinda minty/mentholy and has a slight pink blush to it. Subtle, but there.

    And yeah, don't get a yummy flavor, that will definitely not help with lip chewing.

    I've been meaning to try their herbal one but haven't gotten to it yet.


  24. Who doesn't love Target? I've never heard such nonsense! I use Rosebud Salve on my lips, pick it up at Sephora or Anthro, and I yes I watched the Super Bowl. I didn't care who won, I'm A SD Charger fan. I think I'm the only person who LOVED the half-time show! Marcia

  25. You're too funny. Love the whites. Like Target but don't really shop there often. Great pictures as usual.

  26. finding comfort (and many smiles and lol's)in your post this morning...i am not alone.

    1)i love target...not sure what's the deal?
    2)i use arbonne chapstick. it's like 8 bucks for one stick, but it's the best i ever had! ;)
    3)i live in a home with my husband, four sons and brother in law...super bowl was watched and re-watched. no help there.

  27. Target is French...does not support American troops or any charity that supports the troops...
    I was in the same room with the SB but never saw any of it...I love blogging!!!

    Have you ever tried LiveWriter...it takes all the pain out of blogging...it's a free program that lets you do exactly what you want to do with your posts...I wouldn't be blogging if I didn't have it...No patience for blogger!!!
    Thanks for visiting and sharing my sunrise...it was awesome...and so are you gorgeous photos...I had to laugh about the cat hair...every time I photograph something I have to dust or clean it and then give it a good blow to make sure it doesn't have dog hair on it...darn stuff gets everywhere!!!
    Have a sunshine filled day!!!

  28. I just love the photograph of your cat and in regard to lip care I use Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera Vaseline. - Marjorie

  29. greetings, dearest M from your evil co-conspiratrix, elyse! so glad i caught this post tonight -- i am soooo behind on my bloggy visits.

    okay, first. wait, what were those questions again?
    chapped lips? vaseline. wipe on, wipe off.
    superbowl? overheard some of it. the oscars are my superbowl.
    target? who hates target? not i, said the cat.

    speaking of cat hairs, perhaps you could take up tatting cat hair. would that be called "catting" or catatting? c'tatting?

    love your pretty pics of dishes and swatchallinis. why am i thinking that candy was consumed throughout the writing of this post?

    nate berkus, eh? still not sure what i think of that guy.

    okay ... :06 until TMZ!



love to hear from you! ;}