February 27, 2011

Pretty Light, Hogs & Intrigue...

Sometimes, when the light is juuuuuuust right a madness
comes over me...well, more than my usual madness. ;}

I start gathering and arranging bit and bobs just to see how
they will look "in the light".

Like ballerina feet...I knew they would look dainty and pretty!
{I'm not sure how the ballerina feels about this...
but I am the boss of her, so... ;}

And a tiny nest in a seashell because, well, that's where they belong!

But there is nothing better than silver in the sunlight! Ok, chocolate
is better...but it gets all melty so, we'll stick with the more photogenic

Now...I'd like opinions, please.
When I make my mosaics I always tend to enlarge them, Texas-size,
to show as much of the picture as possible. To hog all the space. More
is more and all that.

But my niece makes the mosaic for her website more like this...
just snippety slices that focus more on the object of interest.
Which do you prefer?
Which is more intriguing?
Which beckons to you...draws you in and makes you
Truly...this isn't a test!!
I'm not trying to psychologically profile you...
I'm just curious! Thx!!!

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  1. Regardless of which way you do the mosaics they all look so pretty and very romantic.

  2. I tend to like them Texas size but when I did mine in a large size...blogger cut one side of it off. I'm still wondering about that! I like to see the detail...up close! ♥

  3. Beautiful - and I would say....I like BOTH, so my opinion is....whatever "suits your fancy" when you are creating!!!

  4. I like bigger, but either way the mosaics are lovely. Yours are especially pretty. You have a real talent for the groupings. Happy MM.

  5. It's always fun to visit and see what wonderful mosaics you come up with each week. Such romance and beauty today!

  6. Beautiful any which way! I do enjoy the big shots with closeup detail though.

  7. Dearest M,

    You are so darn right about the light for photos! Annnnnnnnnnnd I too go for the Texas size as the visual effect of ANY blog is very important!
    Love your way of intrigueing and captivating the audience...
    Have a great week!


  8. A lil intrigue is okay, but I really appreciate the HUGE TX Sized pics! My eyes ain't what they used to be and your pics are always large, bright and oh so awesome!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. Texas sized is A-okay with me!

    (another Texas gal)

  10. I love the objects in a mosaic...my only thought is that it completely fit on the screen so I don't have to scroll down on it...I love the softness and light...gives a dreamy romantic feeling!!!
    Have a beautiful week...
    btw...those itty bitty photos that a lot of bloggers use give me a headache!!!

  11. I think what you are doing is just beautiful, i have not seen a photo you have done that hasn't been so amazing.

  12. Oh my goodness that teeny nest is adorable.

  13. They all look beautiful! I couldn't choose! But I always enjoy your talent at putting such beautiful things together!

  14. I like the mosaics both ways. Each offers an interesting perspective. Lovely creams and whites in these photos.

  15. I love the way you do them. Sometimes when I see them on other blogs they are just too small and you really don't get the all the beauty in them.


  16. I think I like the triptich as the first photo...the peek at what's to come on the rest of the post....and then, BAM....hit me with the big, larger than life details!

  17. I think this is just too beautiful!!! What talent you possess!!! Thank you!!! Cathy

  18. I think I like them enlarged, and no double-entendre is intended in that statement.

  19. I like them all....I'm not very good at making choices :) sorry

    but I do love how you pulled your bits and bobs together for this - you have very nice bits and bobs :)

  20. Love all your inspiring photos. I have the same problem when there is some light. Your mosaics are wonderful. V

  21. On some blogs, all that is shown is snippets, I get frustrated. Just sayin'.

  22. ...it depends on the image, like for instance ~ my brain prefers to view the 3 pictures side by side like the second mosaic
    the first mosaic pulled me in and was more fairytale like, because there were more of the images to see:)
    beautious light+lovely images=fabulous photo!!

    xo, Rosemary

  23. Well, personally, I like the bigger pictures...but I will take a peek at beautiful no matter what size it is. Hugs-Diana

  24. it's ALL so lovely. i like the mosaics both ways. beauty is beauty!

  25. These photos are lovely no matter how you slice them. I like to see details as that is what intrigues me.

  26. I tend to like them on the larger size, or at least to be able to click to enlarge them. Your photos are gorgeous.

  27. Hello! I am visiting from Beach Cottage's Good Life Wednesday. Your photography is absolutely beautiful. I cannot choose which mosaic is the best....they are both gorgeous!!

  28. I have to admit I like the last mosiac but your photography is so wonderful it really doesn't matter.

  29. I LOVE doing that too..and that light is rocking

    enjoy Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays, thanks for linking up!


  30. I am with you girl! Texas size for sure! Those turned out really pretty. Enjoyed it, I am so glad I am not the only one who likes to play. I am having a giveaway over on my Gloryfeathers blog if you are interested. blessings to you

  31. I like the larger size I think? Either is wonderful but I vote for big! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  32. Your blog is just too cute. I love all the beautiful photos. It's very relaxing.
    If you have time on Thursdays, you're invited to join the Thursday Two Questions to meet other writers on this meme. Thursday Two Questions

  33. I like it both ways! Doesn't matter how you do it your creations are so cute!

  34. Your photography is stunning!!!


  35. Oh please, no decisions on Wednesdays. I'd have to scroll up and down, up and down and then I'd get dizzy and have to lie down for a nap and then it would be Thursday and I've forgotten what we were talking about....

    oh yeah gray versus grey..it's grEy right? lol


  36. Oh so lovely to look at either way...thanks for coming by my place and commenting on my yummy cupcakes!

  37. I like the photos Texas size. I'm new on this blog adventure and I have a lot of things to learn, I would like to learn how to make my photos Texas size too. :)
    ~Have a wonderful day~

  38. Well M, I'm not about to vote against you, so I say I don't care how you do your mosaics as long as you keep doing them. I haven't even figured out how to do them yet (not so they look good anyway) But I think you have inspired me to keep working at it.
    Oh how I wish I could write like that and then have somebody put it in the perfect light and take pictures of it 100 years from now!

  39. Both are lovely, but I am more intrigued by your niece's style mosaics. But not matter - lovely is lovely is lovely - no matter what the size!


love to hear from you! ;}