February 26, 2011

P Is For Pretty Pink Peony...And Pitiful!

We want what we can't have...
this is probably the reason that I adore peonies!

So. Cal is sun, silicon...diet Coke with a Cinnabon...not peonies!

Apparently they need 400 hours of freezing and, uh...
we don't really get that around here...you know, global
warming and all...

Anyway, we don't do well with "freezing"...it's 50 degrees right now...
and my teeth are all a-chatter...my cats are pathetically searching
out the tiniest patch of sunlight on the carpet...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Maybe peonies are a reward for those of you who spend months
shoveling your front walk, scraping your windshield, wearing
wool and paying for heating oil?

Pretty darn good reward I say! You lucky ducks!

{painfully gorgeous wreath made by and photo courtesy of June @ Laughing with angels}
They even look pretty when they are dead & dried!
How is this possible??!!

This must be what heaven looks like!

So, I'll just sit here pitifully looking at the rolling green
hills against the blue sky and await my annual peony fix from
JUNE {...and all this time I thought Idaho was the spud state... ;}

Pink Saturday @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. Oh how I love peonies! We live in Indiana which is supposed to be great for peonies but I have never had much luck growing them. I planted dozens last year and am keeping my fingers crossed that the come up.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I love Peonies and had them before in my garden. Yes, they need freezing temperatures to bloom.

    I love this wreath, did you make it?
    It's stunning!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. I too am yearning for warmer weather, sun-shining, birds a chirping..... I know soon this snow will melt and temperature will rise... Loved looking at the Peonies--give us hope springs a coming!

  4. Very beautiful post ... very beautiful... peonies are so pretty flowers either fresh or dried... and June collection is always superb........ Love your post very much... it soothes me and make me happy from my heart...

  5. OMG! I am drooling over all the peonies! The wreath is to die for. Oh I would love a field full of them. I tired to grow them a couple of times but they didn't cooperate with me. :( Thanks for sharing...I'm going back to look again! :)

  6. I do live where 400 hours of freezing temps is a walk in the park. I love peonies and have lots of them in my yard. Guess it's one of God's little gifts to those of us who have freezing weather for months on end.

  7. If anyone can grow a peony, it's June!!! That girl has a green thumb like no one else. I am in love with that wreath, of my!!!

    I'm on the eastern coast, so no peonies for me either.
    I used to have them when we lived in the northeast and I would snip them off the bush as fast as I could.

    Your beautiful post makes me miss them so much.


  8. well, from one of the frozen people....yeah us!! we get peonies here. There are so many things I long for that just give up and die the minute they hear North Dakota winter. I envy my step mom's (Mississippi) lemon trees, magnolias, wisteria, lantana, camellias ....the list goes on. She however cannot have peonies and rhubarb. Small justice for -40 and 7 feet of snow. ;)

  9. Peonies are my absolute favourite. I LOVE them. They have special symbolism in my life, too. I can't wait for mine to grow!

  10. That wreath is absolutely gorgeous!!

  11. Beautiful!! I can't wait for the peonies to bloom...they smell like heaven:)

  12. I had no idea it took 400 hours of freezing for them. We've had some freezing cold weather this weekend, and even a bit of snow, but not enough for these beautiful flowers.
    Love your photos!

  13. What a lovely post, gorgeous pictures, i have to say im with you on this one, Peonies are just to beautiful for words, dee x

  14. I love peonies too - I had no idea you couldn't grow them in warm climates.

  15. Wowza! that wreath is soooo pretty!

    Yes, I will miss my peony bushes this Summer. I had 2 in Virginia but there are none here that I know of. At least I have a farm house and a red barn. :)

  16. Peonies are definitely one of my favorites as well!! Living in CO, however, is limited to a short few months of growing season, so my peonies are fast asleep....until June! Enjoy the 50 degrees- that's our high today and we're pretty excited about it!! But I truly understand...it's not what you are used to! Thank you for such a beautiful blog...I always enjoy it!!

  17. Well you can tell I have been away from my computer or I would have been all over this one. YES, this has to be our reward for having red, ruddy faces all Winter (and most of the Spring) and having to wear gloves and boots for six months of the year!!!!
    You are so great to actually feature me in one of your posts M! Somehow my picture even look better over here on your blog.LOL!

    hugs from 'TOO DARN COLD'


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