February 1, 2011

Naughty & Evil...and I have a secret...

Meet Micah.
He is a bird...not a real bird.
Just in case you thought he was inordinately well-trained!

He is a luscious little mica-encrusted treat
who mocks me...
my weakness...
my evilocity...
my selfish disregard for others {I think I heard that on
one of the Law And Orders!}

He perches tauntinly on this fabulous box...
which is why I bought him {please don't let that
cat out of that bag...he'll have self esteem issues!}

But for pity's sake, look at this box!
Crepe paper!
"Sprung-out" springs!

That "pinked-edged" base!
I AM ONLY HUMAN, for the love of Mike!

Yet there he's perched...
shaming me with that look in his tiny dot eyes!
He knows I have never shared with you the
LAST CALL section of the
A place I routinely haunt looking for an amazing price on
tidbits from the Evil Temptresses {you may know them as
Bethany Lowe & Wendy Addison}!

So, now you know my naughty & evil secret!
Click on that link above with caution my pets...it's a dangerous place!

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  1. The box would have had me too:-)) Perfect in it's whimsy!
    I love your glittery bird though... I posted my glittery bird is looking for love, maybe we can get them a a date :-))
    Fun post!!

  2. You ARE evil AND naughty and I think you FORGOT to add WICKED! That is one of the cutest little birds I have ever seen...anywhere...and I suppose you got the last one? Am I right? Shame...hang your head in shame...

    He is darling..I love it! Hugs-Diana

  3. This would be hard to resist. It made me go a little weak in the knees myself!

  4. I think I will second NanaDiana's comment... so wicked!
    (wink wink)

  5. Dearest M,

    Well, that's AMORE! Everyone would have fallen for that box... Guess I would have filled it with chocolate though as we have way too many cats for such a cute 'mockingbird' but you keep yours safe!

    Lots of love,


  6. so sparkly and twinkly he is very cute ;-)) dee x

  7. That is beyond precious, I can't imagine passing him up if I had seen him. Bethany Lowe traveled with the same country folk art show as I did for many years before she started out on her own. She is a vary talented person.

  8. Oh my that box would have had me in a second, LOVE it ~ ;-)

  9. He is a beauty! Or should I say handsome...

  10. ah, bayberry cove. my sis betsy is a frequent shopper. love the box. of course, i thought you made it. you could've fooled me, too.

    happy february ~


  11. Lovely box - I am a Betheny Lowe fan as well.


  12. At least your temptation is pretty, mine are dirty junky rusty galvanized pails and such. shhh!
    I love the little springs on the box ;)

  13. Oh, this is gorgeous. I can't wait to click and see. Blogging has been very dangerous for me. I now want things that I never even knew existed before...how fun!

  14. Yes, thanks to blogging and etsy shops, the world is now a much more evil place... As if magazines were'nt bad enough! Well,things could be worse. We could have power tools obsessions...



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