February 13, 2011

Just Cuz...

After making my set of little boxes for the
I found the urge to foof-up a matchbox was still in there...lurking...

...taunting even! Calling me a slacker for holding back my innate
sense of over-kill...creating a princess-y, poof-y, pink-y piece that
would make you cough up a fluffy tulle-ball just by looking at it!
{that's quite a "word-picture", eh?!" ;}

So, after the proper combination of frosted heart-shaped cookies &
white chocolate dipped pretzels...sugar-buzz whirring...my Muse
doing the jitterbug...I was inspired to create this frothy little treat.
Covered in pink dotted Swiss fabric, tulle, crepe, glitter, velvet
ribbon, bits & bobs and a sparkly heart-shaped seashell...phew!

I just LOVE to take these "Up-close & Personal" macro shots to show
"detail"...like that adorable trim! But then again, the way that everything
else gets blurred kind of makes you feel like you are wearing someone
else's glasses when you look it, doesn't it? OUCH!

It's so hard to take pictures of tulle! I tried though...and I promise! It's
there! A great big fluff of tulle-y goodness!

ACK! Here's another painful one! Just trying to get a shot of
the wings and pink feather...my eyes are crossing!!!!! HELP!

So, this box will be added my OHOW Give Away !
The winner will get all 5 boxes.
No need to re-enter...if you have already entered, then you are good to go!
If you haven't just go HERE to leave a comment!
Winner announced 17th!!!!

Transformation Thursday



  1. What a pretty little box...
    Happy V-Day to you and your family


  2. Now that's what I call a sweet, girlie little trinket box.


  3. I really love this box as well as the others I've seen. I so want to learn to do this. It looks like it would be fun to do some. I guess the first thing would be to get some matchboxes :)

  4. Well, you KNOW I gotta say something! LOVE that little pink frou-frou box! You are sooo talented. Love it! Hugs- Diana

  5. Very VERY enticing lil froufrou box, M! Images of fluffy tulle hairballs will be with me all day! Tee hee!

    I'm using a pic of the sweet altered bottle you gifted me with on my slideshow ~ please take a peek! Please!!! It took me forever to figure out how to do a slideshow. But I proved that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  6. Oh, this is beautiful. The wings really made it look complete!! And for your looks: Think about it, you´re as precious as all of us!!!

  7. ;-))) Awwww thats so pretty, girly and romantic, Im going to name you the "glitter queen" ;-)) dee x

  8. What a perfect little box to show us on Valentine's Day, such wonderfully pink, glittery gorgeousness.


love to hear from you! ;}