February 13, 2011

Things To Hold All Your Other Things...

First things first...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! May every treat you
partake of be magically calorie free!!! ;}

Now...down to business! So, I bought these canisters a VERY long
while ago...not because I needed them specifically...although I knew
they would be useful, in some way, in the future...{a very slippery
justification, huh?! ;} Come on! We all need "things" to hold all
of our accumulations of other "things"...right? Well, anyway...
they were only $4.99...almost free...sort of...

So, approximately 18 months after their purchase...I was inspired to
create this...but then I promptly gave it away...so, not only am I thrifty...
I'm charitable too...give me a sec to polish my halo, please! ;}

And then there were 3...

Well, my lazy old Muse finally gave herself a kick in the pants {does a Muse
wear pants?} and got to painting!

Bubble gum pink...Robin's Egg-ish...and Baby pink!
YUMMY colors..yet boring don't you think?
Seriously...I'm bored just typing the word "bored"...
They surely need a little something to add a bit of
zing-a-ling-a doo!!!

So, I though to myself...'self, why don't you embellish them with
the thing you will be storing within them?'

"Self", I said aloud...yet to myself..."that's a darn fine idea!"
Not only cute and fun, but also functional...let's face it...I'm very
happy if I remember to put on deodorant before I leave for work...
so any little clue I can give myself as to the actual vicinity of the
item that I am sure I have...but can't remember where I put...is a

This actually started out with glitter in the little vials....
but again...BORING! So, I went with pink sugar! Since
ants preclude my actually decorating with candy and
Hostess products, as I would like...this will have to do! ;}

Silly, fun, whimsy...if we could only put it in our water supply...
what a world it would be!

Never fear...I have enough to go around!!! ;}

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Transformation Thursday


  1. Too clever by half - I love the idea of re-purposing the cannisters.

  2. Love the colors you picked for the canister makeover! Fun idea!
    I just realized you are having a giveaway and left a comment on that post and I'm number 246! Yikes! That is ALOT of entries!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  3. Oh Wow! You just gave me an idea! I have the 4 pce. set AND the breadbox that were given to us for a wedding gift. I painted the bread box white a couple of years ago and I use it for my cookbooks (always did as it smelled of varnish and made the bread smell the same). The set is mahagony stained and has the words in French and English etched on the fronts (ie, sugar/sucre). Now I have to get myself some fun paint and get to work! Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great Valentine Day. Pamela

  4. Oh, clever you! Love the colors and love the idea....think I'm lovin' your attitude, as well! Happy V Day.

  5. Wow ~ they turned out FABULOUS and what a great idea to put what inside on the outside I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them ;-)

  6. That's such a cute tranformation! Thanks for sharing!

    Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement

  7. Well, you have me giggling and the canisters look fabulous. So creative. Hugs, Marty

  8. Now that's a bunch of eye candy...gorgeous and your blog post is hilarious!!! I understand completely!!!
    Have a beautiful week!

  9. Great idea to paint the cannisters and the colours are adorable.

  10. the have made a beautiful transformation of these simple boxes, and I am sure given plenty of inspiration in the process! Iy just goes to show you don't need much to make something beautiful.

  11. Well, aren't you the clever girl. I can't wait to see you shaking that great big box sideways when you want to use the glitter in one of those tubes~ What a great, great use for old cannisters..you thrifty, generous, halo-wearing woman! Hugs-Diana

  12. Handy and beautiful....hey and the canisters are great, too...haha! Love them :)

  13. Dearest M,

    Clever solution and in no way 'BORING'...
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


  14. Fun & creative. Thanks for sharing this idea.

    Warmly, Michelle

  15. Now this is pure genius M. I need all the help I can get in remembering anything these days.(except putting my deoderant on) This IS an ides I will be stealing.
    hugs to you...

  16. Lovely makeovers! You did a wonderful job & what fun to add to your craft room or wherever!

  17. Sooo cute and what wonderful colors you chose to paint them. Great job seeing the potential of what they could become. :)

  18. I love your storage ideas. I'm your neighbor this week on Metamorphis Monday. Stop by for a look
    Sheila @ junkandjewels.blogspot.com

  19. I love the colors you chose! Great idea to put the actual items they will be storing on the outside. I need to tag some of my own storage baskets so I know what's in them.

  20. You amaze me every time i see what you create your fantastic, dee ;-)) x

  21. Your metamorphosis is absolutely fabulous. I so hope that you enjoy every bit of it.

    Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  22. Why don't sugar highs give me such great ideas? So so cute!

  23. I love the soft pretty colors! What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I was sold when the pink paint came out...darling idea! Lori

  25. I "REALLY, REALLY Love the shell canister you Made"! and your others are SO Cleverly decorated...Thank you for sharing... If you have a spare moment Please drop over for tea!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you,

  26. Only YOU could take such things and turn them into treasures such as this - I adore the colors and the whimsey - absolutely beautiful!!


  27. I have things to hold my other things but I can't remember what's in the things that hold my things....so this is a wonderful idea. I'll just put things on the front like you did and I'll know what's inside! You are a genius!

    Love the colors too.


  28. Oh, they are lovely! And such beautiful colors! Hope your Valentine's day was sweet! :)

  29. Since I become a blogger I look at things in a different way How can I use this? I am always amazed at other bloggers come up with. the cannisters are too cute and clever use.

  30. Wow, today I was driving with my husband and daughter in Boston, and saw your wonderful eye candy colors on huge water type vats, large containers, all different sizes in your aqua, pink, mint green, pale yellow and a purple, all delicious minty looking. I actually pointed them out to my daughter and I thought I would love to just go home and paint the colors down on paper. Tonight I come across your site. Amazing. Cool!

  31. So cute! Love the colors you chose. I'd love for you to share this at I Heart Nap Time


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