February 16, 2011

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful...

Made you look!

Of course I'm referring to the beauty of those luscious tulips...
and not myself! They are beautiful!
Teetering perilously close to "hot mess" territory, I am!
Migraine...hormonal...and WAY over my ovaries! {TMI? No
"boys" read this, so I don't think I have shocked anyone ;}
I need some drugs and something salty...then I'll be good...
I think I need the "something salty" first though!

I'll stop whining...after all...it's February...and my sister Kae's
yard looks like this! {although it was only 56 today...brrrrrr!}
Mean, aren't I?
I blame the hormones! {I'm mean anyway, that's a lie! ;}
I'd like to be a tulip right now...
they just stand there...all bright and happy!
Skinny stems and all "full" on top!
Basking in the sunshine...and never a reason to put a
heating pad on their lower abdomen...
I just hate tulips!

Sorry...forget you ever read this...I'll just put myself to bed now!


  1. I love coming to visit, I never know what I'll find here. rotfl.

  2. Dearest M,

    Guess you don't want to swap with those 'beautiful' but short-lived tulips! Period...

    Lots of love,


  3. awww bless you, i hope you feel better soon, those tulips do look beautiful but so are you a beautiful person and that comes out via your lovely blog, hugs dee x

  4. So refreshing!! Just like Spring!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  5. I did look! he he :-)

    I always want sweet.

  6. I know exactly how you feel. Every time I visit you make me giggle ~ LOVE the tulips ~ I can hardly wait for tulip time here in Ontario ;-)

  7. OH, you should be here, You would really be crying We are in ugly right now. I can't wait to show everyone how beautiful IN can be we have about two more small snows(I hope) Those tulips are so pretty.


  8. I should send you a photo of MY backyard - full of dirty snow, mud and a winter's worth of dog poo. We have 60 more days until we can anticipate tulips! So, I'm totally appreciating this photo.

  9. Hot damn those are a sight for sore eyes. Love the way you write!

  10. My daughter sent a photo of the flowers peeking up in her backyard. They think spring is here. Poor flowers. Poor you. "This too shall pass."

  11. me thinks you need to bake a batch of brownies. the perfect Rx for your "condition." then you'll be back to loving tulips in no time!

    same temp here today, too! of course, there are still glaciers in my front yard but it's a start.


  12. Ah My! It will be a LONG WAIT here in New England before we see the GROUND, little lone Tulips! What a beautiful picture! Hope you feel better soon...
    Hugs to you,

  13. You are a cute little tulip to me M...albeit...a very funny little tulip!
    I imagine Becca is pretty excited to be your winner. Congratulations to her!!!

  14. Hope you're feeling better! Your sister's tulips are gorgeous! I planted some bulbs last year. I can already see a little green peeking through the ground. Can't wait for Spring!


love to hear from you! ;}