January 20, 2011

Someone's In The Kitchen With Jane Austen...

This is REALLY sad!
Poor thing! He's befuddled...much like the first time
cavemen saw fire, "Wwwwwwwwhat is thissssss?"
His food bowl has been in front of that cupboard
his entire life...and he had no idea it actually opened!
{smelling salts were administered! ;}
Geez, I was just looking for a bowl...the right sized
bowl...I knew it was somewhere...bought it from
Etsy...pink Pyrex...hmmmmm....

{time elapsed: 1 hour}

How SILLY of me to forget that it was down by the garage door
and that it was filled with all the character figurines from "Rudolf
The Red-Nosed Reindeer" {and some seriously snarling dust
bunnies}! I'd love to explain...but I honestly cannot
remember the sequence of events that lead to this! And that's
probably best for all concerned!

Moving on...

I needed a bowl so that I could make this YUMMALICIOUS
frosting recipe that my niece had given me! See! I have my
priorities in order! She assured me that it was so de-lish
it could tempt anyone! It would even taste good on cardboard!
And that is was easy enough for any moron to make...
now that is riiiiight up my alley!

So, I began with a CLEAN bowl...
and there was Jane!
I know that they say she spent her life in solitude
scribbling away at her little table {ok, for those of you
who aren't actually Jane Austen freaks...that is what
they say...would I lie to you??! ;}
All I know, is when I get the camera out...she turns
into the Paris Hilton!

1 block of cream cheese...Jane says "not the Philly cream cheese!"
She said it with venom too! I think someone is still holding a
teensy weensy grudge against the colonies...wow! If I could just
get her to loosen her corset and try a Philly cheese steak sandwich,
I know all would be forgiven!

One box of powdered sugar...luckily, she had no idea what C & H meant...
so, I avoided another corset fueled scene!

She mumbled something about "checking it for freshness"...
and if you believe that...I have some swamp land in Florida
you might be interested in!

One teaspoon of vanilla...
not the fancy schmancy stuff...I like McCormick...
we go back a LONG way together! It gives me the warm fuzzies!
Like Glabber Girl, Morton's, Arm & Hammer...geez, I'm OLD!
Yes, I said 1 teaspoon...but I have no idea where my
teaspoon is...and I'm a whiz with "1/2 + 1/2 =..."
{but after that, I'm lost...and don't ask me anything
metric...my eyes will just glaze over...much like yours
are right now! ;}


She acts like she just escaped from a cloistered convent!
{as she raucously hummed The Hallelujah Chorus!}

After wrestling the straw out of the bottle and out of her hand...
all ingredients were ready...

...to be beaten to a heavenly, billowy, snowy glob of fattening delightfullness!

It must have been hormones!

2 kinds of food...my beast is being finicky...he still wants one kind...
but needs the other...I am having trouble convincing him!

Well...since it came with such a ringing endorsement...
I thought it might coax him into trying his new food....
uh, no sale!

Can a cupcake have too much frosting?
{Jane says no!}

These are only 100 calories for 3...so, what could a little
dollop of frosting hurt, eh?

Well, covering these with ranch isn't getting me anywhere!
{these food issues just might explain why I have pants...of
several different sizes...my dieting skills are somewhat lacking...
and Jenny Craig no longer returns my calls! ;}

Ok, the cardboard thing...pure myth...trust me!

I decided to cut to the chase and get all those other hindrances
out of my way!

We have a WINNER!!!

Jane was so busy wiping sugar from her face she forget to jot down
the recipe...
1 block cream cheese
1 box powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Grab spoon.
{add a few TUMS later}

I don't care care if she's an immortal novelist...
if she wants that beater...she'll have to pry if from
my cold, dead hand!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special



Foodie Friday with GOLLUM


  1. How funny! I've not seen the Jane action figure. Maybe she'd like to date my Sherlock Holmes!

  2. LOL....Thanks for such a good laugh...a much needed one.

    I'm having the very first GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please stop by to submit an entry. Good luck.


  3. I so enjoyed this...but I must say, all the pink at the beginning...MY DAUGHTER would need the smelling salts if she saw all the pink...she loves pink.


  4. You just absolutely crack me up.

    I have a deep dark confession to make. I didn't actually nominate you because I didn't know how to do it. I wanted to just be able to click and vote for you.

    Is it too late? I'm soooooooory.

  5. What a delightful way to start my day today. You have a gift for storytelling. Hilarious.

  6. Oh I adore cream cheese frosting! I have yet to try it out on veggies though. You are such a daredevil.

    I need me a Jane. Where on earth did you find her.

  7. I just have one question...how do I remove pizza from my laptop screen? You had me laughing so hard I spit it all out! LMBO


  8. Your having way too much fun, thanks for the laughs.

  9. Too cute, M!

    I think I need to come help you lick the bowl!! :0)

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. I am laughing out loud. Sooo funny -- snarling dust bunnies, self-esteem cookies, and more. I love bloggers who are not afraid to let their inner child run rampant.

  11. This was hilarious!
    And ohhh I love the pink!!!
    I would need a BIG spoon , cream cheese and powdered sugar . YUM!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. a wonderful and witty post. I laughed till I cried then I wanted some of that frosting - but you live to far away - so I had to settle for a piece of apple pie.


  13. G'morn, M ~ Darling presentation! Fun ...

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

  14. Great post! It's always fun to stop by to see what you're up to! Lovin' your pink bowl:@)

  15. I'm still laughing outloud at Jane - when she appeared I fell out -- an expression from I don't know where. We must see more of Jane in the kitchen along with some friends. Halarious. You might like my play on dolls as well this week. Touchet Terri www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com

  16. Sooooo funny! Thank you once again for a wonderful post full of humor & joy! have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. Such a funny post. You must know what frosting can do for a girl. ;)


  18. I haven't had this much fun reading a blog post in a long time! And I learned something too. That there are PINK Pyrex bowls out there. I've never seen one before, and now I'm not going to like my kitchen again until I find some!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  19. I just found your blog. Cute post.
    Hugs & Blessings ~Wendy

  20. bahahaha! Too funny!
    I can tell you like pink. I'm the same way with red, every single thing in my kitchen, including the walls, are red. :)

  21. LOL!!! I totally forgot about the recipe! I need to go read it again. :)

    You're crazy!(ier than me even)


  22. Haha oh my God I always enjoy your little photo stories! I died loughing about some of Jane's poses :D
    That's the funniest recipe post I've ever seen! Great humour! I love how you write :)

  23. I love Jane too & that was hilarious! I love your pink pyrex and if you could send me some of that frosting as an attachment, I'd really appreciate it! Hugs to kitty! JenT

  24. I love your pink appliances AND your sense of humor.


  25. LOL. you're ridiculous but i love it! Jane swiggin' vanilla right outta the bottle was my fav.

    ps. didn't I buy you Jane? If I remember correctly and i did, I'm so glad. She's obviously giving you hours of amusement :)


  26. You say frosting...I say dip....let's eat the whole thing off!

  27. Ha! How did I miss this post?! "Not the philly!" Ha-ha! Thanks for this post you creative frosting loving girl, you! ♥

  28. Thank you for a wonderful chuckle this morning! As a Jane Austen fan, I can never get enough of her superb wit. Your pictures and comments had me rolling! She would enjoy your site too :) fond wishes RobinA Texas

  29. So Darling! Love your blog!!

  30. This was a riot...especially when you got all those hindrances out of the way. :)


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