January 30, 2011

The Poof Is Out There...

Hi! I love you!
Sorry, not you, I mean seriously, we hardly know each other!
I'm not that kind of girl! ;}
Whooooooooooooooooo doggies! I am LOVING this
"specimen sampler"{come on...there HAS got to be a better name...
"specimen" & "Valentine-y love"...do not exactly go hand-in-hand...
It sure is A-dorable though!!

So, Miss Cassie @ PAPER ISSUES invited me to join in her
Valentines Linky Party and when I hopped over there to check it
out I have to say that I was in Valentine-y heaven! What cuteness!
And I don't know about you but I am SERIOUSLY lacking in
inspiration lately...but seeing all all creations...
the PINK & POOFY PRETTINESS...put those
"visions of sugarplums" right back into my head!
Inspiration is always out there...you just have to put
down the remote long enough to look for it...gosh,
that's beautiful...I think I'll embroider it on pillow!

And this banner!
WHO among you does not LOVE a darling banner?
{and WHO among you has enough places to hang all the
darling banners you love? I know. Me too. ;}

I want to gobble it up!
{I won't. I promise! But I'm certain a slather of Ranch dressing
can make anything taste yummy! ;}

Too darn cute and edible! {which saves me from actually trying
out that "Ranch" theory! ;}


Ok, this is vertical instead of horizontal, so it's not s banner, right?
More like "wall ornamentation"? {work with me here, people!}

I would wear these!
Come on, look at all those colors! They'd "go with" any
out fit...kinda like Garanimals...it would make dressing
so much easier!

This is FABULOUS!!!
Make you own bird cage!!!
It's too much!

Oh man!
{But I have to confess...I'm not quite sure that my attraction to this is
entirely "artistic"...it may be because I haven't had breakfast and those
dotted clothespins remind me of a Baskin-Robbins container!;}

And this is just precious!
Small houses...doll houses...any little houses
get me giddier than Taco Tuesday @ Jack In The Box!
{I know...they are an "acquired" taste...American cheese
on a taco is really just sick{yet multi-cultural}...
in a yum-fabulous way! ;}

Truly, though...
I was really inspired by all these and MANY more creations!
So, if you are experiencing an inspirational drought too...that
no amount of sour gummy bears has cured...hop
on over to CASSIE'S and get re-charged!


  1. I'm with you on the choice of using the word "speciman." It calls up either something fun from the doctors or dead bugs. Either way, nothing that screams I heart you. BUT - it is cool just the same. Thanks for the VD post... hee-hee-hee


  2. very sweet ideas! thank you for sharing....

  3. Oh my, you are right, way too much eye candy. I loved it all. Hugs, Marty

  4. Wow...wonderful sweet treats!
    I am inspired!

    Smiles, Dolly

  5. After looking at all of these sweet Valentine decorations I'm wanting to make something!


  6. This is so cute!! My grandchildren use to do paper art all the time!! I miss them so!

  7. Love all those valentine things-so cute! I especially love those shoes and the banners!!

  8. Love that clothespin wreath! My daughter loves all of these and thinks we should make them. Ha!

  9. You really are spreading the love.....and I love it!

  10. Well, those are some of the cutest VD things I have ever seen...wait a minute...doesn't VD stand for something else? Too late now..I typed it and it's staying! Anyway..I love everything..from the painted clothespins to the banner to the bird/cage to the rose topiary. Can I come live with you if I promise not to eat YOUR food?>) Diana

  11. Thanks for the comment, your blog is really cute! Love the ideas:)


love to hear from you! ;}