January 2, 2011

The Past...Under Glass

It's raining again...of course I LOVE it, but 2010 was supposed to be a
dry, hot El Niño year...when it has actually rained more than I can remember
and I have had to use my heater A LOT...don't make fun...it has seriously
been in the 30's at night! The rain and cold seem to indicate that it really
is a La Niña year...

It all sounds like a bunch of malarkey to me, whatever name you want to
give it...El Niño-schmiño, La Niña, Maria, Bernardo, Chino, Tony...
sorry, got a little carried away there...I saw West Side Story on Saturday
night and I still have "daddy-o's" and "la-la-la-la in America" on the brain!

It was actually the first time I saw the stars on Hollywood Blvd.
you might think that's kind of sad, since I was born and raised
in Cali...unless you have been to Hollywood...ACK!
It's one big dirty, noisy, ramshackle episode of What Not To Wear!

The Pantages Theater is VERY cool though...Art Deco heaven...built
in 1930...just look at that ceiling! Ok...I did take this from a bathroom
stall, but I didn't want to look like a tourist!{I thought a leopard
purse seemed appropriate for Hollywood! ;} And you should have seen
the line for the bathroom...if anyone had known that I was in there
taking pictures I would have been tarred and feathered! Come to think
of it...I do believe I saw someone wearing tar and feathers! ;}

So what does all that have to do with my post title?
sorry about that...
I believe that was what Timothy Leary called a "stream of consciousness".

Moving on to the reason why I asked you all here today...
{and I truly thank you for your attendance! ;}

Tiny bubbles...
{I SO want to go all Don Ho right now, but I'll restrain myself!}
Sometimes called discs or marbles {why? I have no idea...where I come from
marbles are round and they roll...flat-on-one-side does not a marble make! No
wonder SAT scores are declining!}

Just look how they magnify! {I feel like Bill Nye The Science Guy now...marbles
are round and glass magnifies...fire is hot...always use protective eye-wear!}
See where I'm going with this?
You can glue ANYTHING to the flat side of one of these flat marbles and

I decided to copy old pictures and make nostalgic "scatters" I think is what they
are called in catalogs...little do-dads to decorate your table...like little pumpkins
for Thanksgiving...little carrots or eggs for Easter...we call them "table flair".
So, I was thinking that it would be fun to do themes too...
old family photos of Christmas, Easter or any occasion scattered around your
table would be such a conversation piece! Everyone saying "remember when"
and, if you are like my sisters and me, getting all teary-eyed. We are pretty
much like that Affair To Remember scene in Sleepless In Seattle...24/7!

I thought this was a good idea...uber-personalization...how cute would
that be for some one's special day?! But upon reflection, this picture would
not work...look at that smirk...you just know she is saying "hey there, fatty,
fatty, two by four! Why don't you just put down that napkin and push away
the table before your chair collapses!"
Ok, maybe that's just my post-Christmas-too-much-toffee-guilt talking!
Boy I need a self esteem cookie right now!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. I think you will find a ton of things to use these little baubles for. I love them!!


  2. Wow - you always make me laugh. And Timothy LEARY??? Now there's a name that I haven't heard in ages. Between Leary and the self-esteem cookie I'm laughing my head off. Well, I would be if I wasn't finishing off the pie that would otherwise just go to waist er..umm..waste. - Cheers and Happiest of New Years!! - Kathy

  3. I've missed your humor this past week. Welcome back, and thanks for the laughs. Love the idea of personalized scatters.

  4. I was with you on the Don Ho reference for sure! These are very cute but ya gotta watch for those smirks! Oh yes and a good laugh was had by all!

  5. Creative and a sense of humor too!Those little 'scatters' are cute.

    Happy New Year!


  6. Those are really cute! And to think...all I ever did with them was throw them in a vase to hold floral stems! Save me one of those guilt cookies will ya? I need a couple! Hugs you talented gal, you~ xxoo Diana

  7. You must channel a baby boomer! I always enjoy your crafty tips AND humor but this post had me rolling! As a SoCal born and raised turned NorCal resident I enjoy reading your OC perspective. Your references make me remember all the great things about growing up there. Love that you were bold enough to snap pictures from a stall...still laughing. Thanks from all of us who need an OC fix now and then! Happy New Year, Cinda

  8. Ha ha ha i sooo love your humour every time you make me smile and laugh out loud ;-) I adore those marbles what a fantastic idea you are so clever you have one very cute clever, creative brain and 3 words beginning with c wow that was a fluke ;-) The theatre looks amazing i love art deco theres something very romantic about that period. Happy new year to you. Dee x

  9. Completely understand about not seeing (walk of stars) things you grow up around, I grew up in the SF bay area and never saw or crossed the Golden Gate Bridge till I was grown.
    Love the baubles!

  10. Had to stop by and wish you a very Happy 2011, dear friend!! Also needed to get my giggles for the day! Your humor is fantastic and a great pick me up! Love those tiny flat marble pics, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  11. This had me crackin up - still love the scatters.

  12. I love these!! I do have a question though...does the glue cause the ink on the photos to run??



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