January 23, 2011

Marie Osmond, Get Out Of My Head!

I like to do this with my crepe paper...
it looks dreamy and dessert-like and I am a big fan of all
things dessert-like! And my scale will confirm this{the
big lyin' snitch!}.
Anyway, I do love crepe paper...not as much as cheese cake,
but it's totally right up there! {sorry, it's just the hormones
talking and they keep saying "FEEEEEEEED MEEEEEE!"
WOW! I should be fine by tomorrow though..."she says with
hopeful expectation, while not truly believing the lie even as
she speaks it"... ;}

OK...so, I have all this crepe paper...and I always buy more
every time I go the the 99¢ Store because they have it in
every color of the rainbow and you get 2 rolls for 99¢!!!
{Yes, yes, I know that I can get a better deal from Oriental
Trading Co. or places like that where you get a roll the
length of a nautical mile for $5, but I just don't have a
warehouse to keep it in!{..."she says wistfully, instantly
imagining a warehouse full of crepe paper which then
turns into pizzas...she sniffs at the air like a wolf for
the mere hint of mozzarella."}

So, I have had this idea rattling around in my head for like ever,
{after watching Jami's {of Freckled Laundry fame} ROSETTE TUTORIAL }
but as fate would have it, my Muse is even lazier than me and has
been working on her own book The Lazy Muse's Guide To Ripping Off You Master!
So, since we're not on speaking terms right now, I
decided to take the bull by the horns and go it alone...museless...
and hungry!

Now Jami made it look easy as pie{did someone say "PIE??!!"}
and yet the thought of all the cutting of fabric and threading
of needles...and scissors...ACK! If I am going to work that hard
the end result better smell like a hot apple pie and fries from

So, I decided to go with crepe paper that is all nicely rolled and
and neatly sized...why can't I just make rosettes from crepe paper?
{even as she punctuated the last sentence her mind was already in
a happy place where everyone wore big red shoes and McNuggets
were never far out of reach....}

I industriously folded, spindled and mutilated...twisted, twisted and did
I mention...twisted...{little FYI here...if you have any hint of carpelly
tunnelness...this IS NOT the project for you...cross my heart...and if I'm
lying may I never have another Famous Star as long as I live...no lie
is worth that risk!

And when I was all done, I had turned varying shades of pink crepe
paper{they look like sherbet ice cream, don't they??!!} and a paper
plate into...
{Noooo...not BBQ'd ribs. Sorry to get you all excited! Uh, ok, maybe
just myself excited...}

A crepe paper rosette wreath.
I love it for its very Mary Engelbreity-ness {and that fact
that these colors are tantalizingly similar to those of
Starburst candies!}

Now, if you will excuse me, there is an chocolate donut calling
my name! {"come here you fat little thing...you know you
want me".... ;}

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The reference to Marie Osmond in the post title was in no way
intended to imply that Marie, or any other Osmond, endorsed
this post, McDonalds, Carl's Jr. or Starburst candies...or
crepe paper even...it's just that I was singing Paper Roses the
whole time I was making it!

Crepe paper roses are too easy an idea to NEVER have been
made by another before me. Therefore I do NOT wish to
give the impression the I invented them, so please do not
write scathing posts about me in which you inform me
that you have a shank with my name on it waiting for
me behind the In n' Out at high noon tomorrow...ok.
I apologize in advance. Thank you


  1. I love these crepe paper roses!!! The ones that I make are a different kind of flower. These are beautiful and I'm sure Marie would agree!!!

  2. I think they look wonderful and perfect together. Dark and light pink. They make a lovely wreath.

  3. You are so talented. I would like to say that I have leftover crepe paper and I am sure if I tried to make roses out of it, they would not look like this! Excellent!

  4. Perfect for this dreary time of year! And my favorite color. ♥♫

  5. I Love it too, and I love your work, it's cheery, and beats the winter blahs.

  6. I Love it!! I want to make one too! Such Talent and Humor!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  7. lol - i loved that song "Paper Roses" i would think of that myself! really cute & that frame is amazing! xoxo

  8. I like all the shades of pink it is so lovely!!!

  9. love,love,love it! Oh so pretty & pink! Spring is in the air...

  10. Who cares if someone has made paper roses before you. To quote Marie (as she talks about her dolls on QVC) your wreath is TOO CUTE!

  11. LOL....HA HA..... I do so like you soooo very much you always make me laugh ;-)) Wow well for what its worth that is the first time i have seen roses or any flowers for that matter made out of crepe paper... i am very impressed i love it, its so pretty...i want one now for my bedroom. You always make things look so easy ;-)) Have a great week, dee x

  12. always fun to visit. love your crepe paper rose wreath (that is a mouthful). pink on!

  13. Great post! Smiling. Your roses are just lovely.


  14. I think you did a wonderful job whipping that crepe paper into shape. Your wreath looks great & I love the varying shades of pink.

  15. Fabulous creation! I would be honored to have you add it to my blog party

    Amaze Me Monday Blog Party

  16. Geez, Louise! Have you had scathing posts about something you made? I hope not. As you know, really, nothing is original. Well, that's what I think. I loved this! I've got some old, crappy-er, vintage crepe paper I'll have to try this with. Love it!! - Kathy (thanks for the Monday morning smiles)

  17. Ok, thanks a lot! "...like your imitation love for meeeee...." In two hours, if that's still in my head, I'm writing you another comment! But loooove the wreath. Gorgeous.

  18. LOL A shank with your name on it! I laughed out loud at this post!! And I LOVE this!! I love the colors and I LOVE it inside the frame! SO CUTE!

    Have you made a book page wreath yet? Same warning regarding carpal tunnel-ness! LOL

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda

  19. such an amusing post - but, I must try this - they do look wonderful and Mary Engelbreity!
    Love it!

  20. just gorgeous! you never fail to inspire AND entertain!:)

  21. Your roseate wreath is beautiful, well done!

  22. Adore! These are so bright and cheerful! I love crepe paper flowers, and once made over two hundred corsages from vintage crepe paper for a ladies' Christmas brunch. It's so nice to see I'm not alone in my paper flower love :)

  23. What a cheerful wreath. The flowers are beautiful!

  24. I love your little rosette wreath and it looks lovely hung inside your white frame!

  25. I think we should all make paper roses and then...and then...and then...we can get on a parade float and cover the whole blithering thing with paper roses...and we can wear crepe paper dresses...and...and...I can wave my arms...wait...can't wave my arms the flab will jiggle ( I almost wrote giggle instead of jiggle there by mistake)..

    Anyway...I LOVE your roses and I love your wreath and yes, it does remind me of Mary Englebright who no longer publishes her magazine that I used to love! Hugs to you-Diana

  26. Really M...Landon is running short on Depends because of you. (not that I put on a pair while reading your posts)never)). This post and the one before required it!
    I LOVE these beautiful little rosettes. And the wreath is so pretty!!!! I really hope you are planning to submit this idea. They really are wonderful.
    sending hugs

  27. These are so pretty. I actually never know what to do with crêpe paper.

  28. Oh so sweet! I have to try this some time! Your wreath really looks perfect hanging inside your frame. I Love your frames. I look for them every time I go out. There seems to be a shortage now!

    Hmmm... I had thought the Marie reference possibly had something to do with dieting! Ha! Hope you were able to get something to eat after this post, dear! I voted for the donut. ♥

  29. as soon as i saw the title of this post, i just knew it would be "paper roses" and got the song in my head. grrrr! (LOL)



    gosh, remember what a big deal watching the donny and marie show was?

  30. Wow, how very pretty!

    Glad you explained the reference to Marie Osmond ~ I was thinkin' it had to do with all the food references and her being a spokesperson for Weight Watchers!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  31. Your crepe roses are divine and yes, they so reminded me of Mary too...Oh how I miss her magazine!!! I have some blue crepe paper to make a pennant for my new baby Grandson's shower! I can hardly wait to mess around with it and seeing your pretty roses makes me want more colors too! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  32. love love love your crepe paper roses! they all so beautiful! love the colours!

  33. I love the color combos and the frame! So pretty and very springish!

  34. Love the roses, hate that you made me so hungry during the post. You are a hoot.
    Thanks for sharing,

  35. This looks so lovely. I look forward to you stopping by at My Dream Canvas:-)

  36. Wow ~ how lovely. Could you do a tutorial on how to make these luscious paper roses? ;-)

  37. Lovely and I have a sweet tooth as well and so I enjoyed your little story.

  38. This is such an amazing project!! I would love it if you linked to our Valentine Party! http://paperissues.blogspot.com/2011/01/valentines-day-party.html

  39. I LOVE this project! Love the colors and the white frame. And I'm glad I was already stuffing my face with Ben & Jerry's Half Baked while I read this, because if not, I would have had to get up and go to the store for a yummy treat.

  40. Oh my goodness, I think that's the prettiest project for the season that I've seen! I love it! LOVE! I really want to make one. I am crepe-paper challenged, though -- how do you do it? I just got a bunch of freebie crepe paper from a friend, so I am rarin' to go!

    Also, wanted you to know I finally (FINALLY) posted about your great giveaway. It's my most recent post if you want to check it out.

    Thanks again!


  41. Thank you so much for being awesome!! We featured you today!

  42. Saw this over at Paper Issues and just stopped by to say this is the prettiest wreath! I am in love. Would love for you to share at my party Gettin' Krafty With It if you get the chance.

  43. I just love this, and would love to feature it in an "I Heart Wreaths" post that is going up tonight or tomorrow -- with proper credit and a link, of course.

    Would you mind?


  44. Gorgeous! Congrats on being featured at Paper Issues!


love to hear from you! ;}