January 30, 2011

The Language Of Love...

Now, not everyone thinks the colors of Valentine's Day
are red & pink...
I know!!
The entire world has gone mad! ;}
But in IS possible to be "Valentine-y" in a more subdued manner
and as you can see...it ain't half bad!!
{I was trying to think of words that rhyme with "Valentine-y" and
all I could come up with was whiny, tiny & hiney!
Whiny I can do...even in my sleep! But the tiny hiney...
sheesh, not even with a titanium Spanx! And now, I just
want a cookie!}

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  1. So pretty...I think much of Valentine's Day is too "cute" for my taste. Now this...beautiful!

  2. Whiney, hiney don't seem very Valentiney! LOL! Great pictures! Beautiful shots! Very Valentiney :)

  3. So so pretty!!! did you hand paint the writing or are they stamps?

  4. I like your colours for Valentines, better then the harsh reds. Have a great week.

  5. I am not a red kind of girl, so your post is great to me. I am a florist and struggle with Valentines when doing my arrangements. I do a lot of lavenders and whites in silver for Valentines and my customers love it. So I guess I am not alone in the red department. ~~Sherry~~

  6. Soooo pretty~ Now after seeing YOUR beautiful artwork..if you get a chance..pop over and see OUR artwork....but only if you like spilled glitter and glue...just warning you- Hugs-Diana

    No tiny-whiny-hiney here either...matter of fact...you can't even see my spine-y..and that is finey- gotta go...just call me diney ...

  7. Very soft and pretty! I think a soft aqua is valentine-y too~Cindy

  8. Dearest M,

    That all looks very romantic and exactly like AMORE. Not the least in a 'tiny' way.

    With love,


  9. ;-))))) You made me smile with that post, whiney, hiney got to love those words ;-)) enjoy your day, dee x

  10. Love the Amore and the adore and the hiney!!!!!! You are too funny!

  11. Beautiful shots and they look very Valentiney!

  12. Consider how Christmas colours have changed, why not for Valentine's Day? I've always preferred pink over the red.

  13. Too cute post. I love the linen texture in your photo.

  14. Looks so lovely and no harsh reds.


  15. You're hilarious...and I do love these subdued colors!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  16. No matter how you say it M...it's all LOVE-ly to me. I love subdued, but I love pink and red too! All's fair in love.
    I loved all of Cassie's creations that you shared in your last post!
    sending hugs

  17. Well, you know me and pink but pretty is pretty!

    HA! I bought a pair of spanx and wore them once! I'll just stick with my amazon image! ♥

  18. Oh my gosh - you are beautifully creative AND clever!

  19. LOL! Love your rhyming words for Valentine-y! I agree Valentines need not be all things pink and red {although I do like those colors}. Sometimes I like a more subtle and subdued decoration. The pictures you shared are something I would have chosen as well.


love to hear from you! ;}