January 12, 2011

How Do I Love Thee?

During the last week I have received several emails {no, not just the
usual ones imploring me to up my dosage! ;} But surprising, sweet,
amazing emails from people telling me that they had nominated me for
"Best Kept Secret" meaning a blog that a few people read but no one has
ever heard of! Sounds about right! HA!

I just wanted to thank you all...truly...deeply...madly... for going to that
much effort for a dork like me! The nominations process is not just:
"yah, that blog...click"...you have to nominate 2 other blogs too,
including their URL's {ie: www.whatalotof work.blogspot.com ;}
and then verify the email they send you! Sheesh! I am in no way worthy!

I have no idea how many nominations are needed to make the
final list and it ends on the 16th...but, these awards go to people
like Dooce, Pioneer Woman and the guy who created Blogger...
yah...I know. I don't have a snowballs chance...
But it's the thought that counts and I adore you for thinking of me!!!

And all of you who come here...and then come back again! I am so
thankful for you hearty souls who don't frighten easily and who entertain
my ridiculousness! {And by doing so only encourage me to write another
nonsensical post!!! ;} Without at least one person per day saying that I
made milk {or insert beverage of your choosing} come out their nose...
I might not have the will to go on! ;}

You are my daily BLOGGIE AWARD !



  1. awww well done you, you deserve it. You have an amazing blog and you are one very creative lady. You always make me smile. Have a great day. Dee x

  2. Oh my, a post which made me smile, SMILE, instead of giggling like crazy and spewing my tea all over the keyboard.......

  3. I LOVE ridiculous~ And I LOVE coming here- Congrats on being nominated-You are a winner any day, in my book! Hugs-Diana

  4. SO COOL! So when are we supposed to vote? I guess they need to short-list right?

  5. hehe- thanks for posting about the awards!!! You've been nominated again! :D *Hugs*

  6. I hope you win! Pioneer Woman couldn't hold a branding iron to your glitter glue stick! (j/k I like her heehee). Your creativity, take on life, the world and crafting is hilarious.
    Thanks for my weekly (or daily) fix!
    P.S. despite all your joking you DO inspire me!

  7. I've been coming here for 3 years now and I love your blog and YOU more every day! You are a part of my life and I think that's really cool! ♥

  8. I hope you win...your blog is beautiful!

  9. Diet coke! The nose thing, I mean!
    (I've learned never to read your posts with anything in my mouth).

    You ARE WAY worthy!!!!! Oh and in case you haven't been keeping track...you have eleven hundred plus followers. Can you even wrap your head around the fact that you have over 1100 people who adore you??? WOW, sometimes I wonder if my kids even like me, or are just putting up with me. SO to think that 1100 people love you......

    I just had an idea. The next time one of my kids, especially my oldest son rolls his eyes at me, with that, my mom's on crack look, I am going to show him my followers!
    Your blog makes my day...my whole year!
    big hugs
    I hope you and the snowball win!!!

  10. Your bloggie is soooo cute! No wonder you're on the list....

    Best wishes!

    Warm hugs,

  11. Congrats!! Such a fun honor, for sure! :>:>

  12. Well done, applause, you deserve it , Congratulations. and Hugs!

  13. Congratulations on your award, great looking blog.

  14. I, personally, have a strict "no beverages while reading tales from an oc cottage" policy. Because I am SURE I will do a spit take and ruin my computer.

    So. Play it safe, girls, read this blog sans liquids.

    Congratulations!! You so deserve it!



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