January 15, 2011

Hey Honey!

First of all {have you ever noticed that most of the time when someone
says "first of all" they rarely follow-up with a "second of all"...and I won't
either so just stop looking for it right now!} I'd like to clear my conscience
and unburden my soul by admitting that I had no idea that a color called
"Honeysuckle" would be PINK? I mistakenly and boorishly assumed it
would be yellow...but what do I know?!
And I cannot tell you how this revelation pleases me! :}

So, as I do, from time to time...I recently got sucked down Alice's
rabbit hole and ended up amongst some designer's and design related
blogs. {I never really know how this happens...one minute I am saying
"Ohhhh!" click, "Ohhhh!" click, "Ohhh!" and the next I am trying to
figure out if I need to back out of these pages or "x" them out entirely...a
computer wiz I ain't...noooooot Bill Gates...or even his wife, his
toddler OR his dog!;}
Anyway, blog after breathless blog was bringing forth tidings of great joy...
Pantone had announced the color of the year!
And all I could could think was 'Huh? Who is this Pantone and unless he
makes something with a creamy caramel center...why should I care?!'

{ all images pantone }

Until I read further I was not aware that I should have been hiding my
head in backward shame! For PANTONE you see, my fellow bottom-
dwellers, decides which color is IN...each and every year! And how I got
through each and every day before this knowledge was bestowed upon me...
I know not...
and yet, amazingly, I have.
If "design" is your business and livelihood I can completely understand
that this information is the "be-all & end-all"...but some of the blogs I
saw...these were just civilians...all atwitter....and making plans to ditch
their current interior and entirely update it to Honeysuckle! Because
Turquoise and all its hues are just so last year!

So, girls, I just wanted to share this uplifting news with you! We have
been freed from our uncool shackles and are now IN STYLE! Just feel
that wave of relief wash over you! Walk tall, heads high and stride
confidently into this new year in the knowledge that you lead the pack!
What has our motto always been? Oh yes, "Pink, pink...and for good
measure...a little more PINK!"
I, for one, am just too darn lazy to be a slave to trends...I am the one living
in my house so I have to like it...I'm just weird like that! And I won't
care if Mochachokalatteyaya is the "it" color next year...I will still do what
I like and have what I like and I like PINK!

And even though we are regularly "pooh-poohed" for our pinkery,
this year girls...we are at the head of the class...uh, enjoy it while
it lasts...we'll be dorks again in now time! ;}

This is an actual quote for the PANTONE site:
"But be warned – once you try this arresting shade, it can become addictive."


{this post, in its entirety, was blogged from and on, a PINK couch for
PINK SATURDAY @ How Sweet The Sound !}


  1. Pantone has been peeking at our blogs ;)
    Were your ears ringing this week? I bought a pink enamel tub from the dollar spot at Tarjay and thought "I wonder what M's cheeto stained fingers will create with these". It's on my PS post if you want to peek at it. LOL
    Happy PS

  2. Enjoy your afternoon on the couch! And thanks for the insight!

  3. I am on your wavelength. I also blogged about this for pink Sat. I really wasn't aware of "color of the year" till last year. When aqua was everywhere. Funny post. We who aren't in the design circles must keep are eyes peeled. LOL

  4. Great minds think alike! I blogged about this for PS as well! Great colour.

    Happy Pink Saturday

  5. I love pink...but this one is a little 'out there'.


  6. I'm your newest follower. http://moogieland.blogspot.com/

  7. Great post...and you're not the only one who thought Honeysuckle should be yellow...duh...they have no knowledge of the "real" world certainly!!!

  8. I've always know it as the Color Institute. This is why I love blogging...learn something new every day!

  9. Great post and so well said for all of us pinky loving bloggerettes!
    We've been preachin the pink thing for a long time but I guess it's a fact that pink is good because Pantone say so! LOL.


  10. I'd want to know if it contained a truffle center... Have fun stylin'!

  11. I've heard of this color board. Thats' funny because I can't sell pink to save my life.... at least to New Englanders.
    I'll have to tell them Honeysuckle is in! lol

  12. I always enjoy your posts. They are so entertaining. I too have lived in the dark ages and had not heard of Pantone. I too would have thought honeysuckle would be yellow not pink. But then, I've never been in "the know". I've always been a dork. But I do love pink. And I even like this new honeysuckle pink. Bring on the pink.

  13. me likey the pantone visa card.

    honeysuckle, eh?


  14. Cute post and now I know more about the word Pantone.

  15. And here I thought Pantone was a slimming new line of Pantyhose. Who knew? Pinkly proud of you for doing your Pinkalicious research...thank you- xxoo Diana

  16. lovvve your blog!!! just found it :)

  17. Ha ha ha ha well i have to say honey suckle to me is peach and not pink so who ever came up with that crazy idea have they never looked at a honey suckle in bloom ;-)).....But Well i love pink so im still going to embrace it. A great post as always ;-)) Have a lovely sunday. Dee x

  18. Wow, thanks for filling me in, I had no idea! And, um- has anyone ever SEEN pink honeysuckle??? Not me. I wonder if they let the colors all have equal time, or if some of the colors are slighted...

  19. Ah yesss pretty in pink my sweet bloggy friend. I love this post! Recently I read ( in a style mag to remain nameless starts with a V) that women over the age of 40 should not wear pink. Ironically I was cozy on the couch wrapped in my pink robe at the time. So I say yea for pink,wear it proudly. Paint with it,create with it and eat cupcakes frosted with it.
    I use pantone for my artwork but I had no idea it was part of the fashion designers pallet. So I say yippee for "the color of the year". Hugs, Katherine

  20. And oh, how sweet it is. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  21. I love Pink...I love Honeysuckle Pink...and like you I thought Honeysuckles were yellow...and the wild ones are but there are some cultured bushes that are a vivid pink and very pretty. They are hummingbird magnets.

    Anyhow...I started a book review blog for this year and decided to let Pantone set my blog color...come see me if you get a chance.

  22. Hahahaha! You are just too funny!
    Damn, is turquoise really out? I was seriously thinking of changing my dining room from red to pale tiffany!
    Well, it is good news- this pink trend... looks like the forest will be hoppin!
    Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  23. I would have also thought honeysuckle was yellow. I would call this color carnation...but, obviously I'm no Pantone!

  24. I think I can now go to bed, secure in the fact that I am no longer a 'dork'. At least not because of the pink thing anyway...still a dork for living in podunk Idaho though. But at least I'm pink in podunk. Thanks to you M, I have a beautiful pink teapot...the only one (I'm positive)in podunk.
    hugs to you (you funny girl)

  25. I recently wrote down all my favorite Pantone colors. I was surprised at what I liked.

  26. I lived in Manhattan so even a fashion dunce like me knows who Pantone is.

    I do love pink.

  27. I don't know how I have missed the boat on your blog but I have redeemed my silly self and I now follow your every post!
    As you know...I adore this shade pink! This pink is a little bit pepto for me but I still love it!
    Pantone has the most amazing color chips! I used to carry them like a bible...everywhere I went.
    Now...I hear them...but don't always follow the pantone code of color conduct!
    Thank you for finding me so that I could find you! I need to take some down time and just read your blog. This way....I am no longer the only person on the planet who does not stop by daily!
    Have a wonderful and creative day!

  28. Sheesh. I nearly wet myself in my cracked-up-ed-ness on this one. Don't stop... Don't stop...! Love your blog!


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