January 7, 2011

The First {And Last!} Noel...

Hi! I'm Kae's new kitten.
I'm adorable...wouldn't you agree?!
Me too!
Kae and her family adopted me a few weeks ago...
they named me Noel {you didn't see that one coming
a mile away, did you?!}
They actually got me just before Thanksgiving, so I guess
I'm lucky that I wasn't named Giblet or Durkee!
And anyway, Noel hasn't really "stuck"...most everyone
calls me "Satan with fur"!

Is this thing on?!
I'm adorable, I say!

Is this pose cute, or what?
I have to throw them a bone every once in a while
and "pose".
Besides, I need A LOT of "ahhhhhh, look how cute she is"s
to make up for the "OH! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHE HAS

So, I roll in the sunshine in my momma's window!
How cute is that?
I know!
I'm workin' it!

But then I noticed that my tail was trying to accostify me
and I had to ATTACK!
This brought momma's very sparkly holly to my attention...
so, had to ATTACK!
Which lead to me knocking over momma's Lillian Vernon
needless to say, I had to run under the Christmas tree!

Momma put tiny little wreaths on all her birdhouses...
Cute, huh?
I know...
So....I bit!
Momma shrieked...like a crazed banshee-woman!
She's so silly!
As if my furry loins could resistify such tempty treats!
So darn silly!

But, even I knew it was time for one of these...
place white whiskers in direct sunlight...
display soft and tiny paws...
purrrrrr like a little motor boat!

They're putty, I tell ya...putty! ;}


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  1. Dearest 'M' and Noel,

    You MUST meet our feline girls too: http://bit.ly/gP6rKw they resemble cute Noel.
    Oh, the Putty thing is sooooooooo true! But you will love her to death. It takes a while before they understand the rules of the house but then. You're ready to go for life.

    Lots of love and congratulations and what a joy to read it in such a humorous way! You're grand!!!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  2. Noel you are a cutie and playing it 'just right'.

  3. How could anyone resist a face like Noel's? What a sweetie...here's hoping you have many many happy years & adventures together. Keep up those poses, Noel...they'll get us every time!

  4. I laughed through this whole post! She is irresistible!

  5. Happy New Year!! She is so sweet!! I bet you just can't wait until she gets bored and jumps on the kitchen counter, while your preparing food of course, straight from the Litter box!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  6. I'd say Kae is a pretty lucky woman to have a talking cat! You could/should take that act on the road...minus the poopy foot, or course! She got you at Thanksgiving? You're lucky you didn't get named ButterBall...which probably would have been the case at my house!

    Love this baby! Just darling and makes me want a kitty again. Hugs-Diana

  7. Oh what an adorable kitty and very clever too. Funny how they can wrap us around their little paws! LOL.
    My little kitty is snoozing beside of me right now. She is allowing me to sit next to her as she sleeps.
    The other kitty is on the screened in porch pretending that it isn't freezing outside. She is very busy chasing a bird that she sees in the shrubs. So she runs back and forth from one end of the screen to the other! LOL.

    Nothing like sweet kitties to liven up our homes.


  8. I think you were channeling her thoughts....lol...so cute.

  9. I'm not a cat girl, but this one is darling!

    I had a friend who had a satan issue with her cat, they called him "devil cat"

  10. Bonjour adorable Noël!!!!

    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  11. she is adorable...congrats on Noel!

  12. What cute little paws!
    Why is it a cat will wait until a visitor comes in to jump on the kitchen table? Ours wait until that special time to impress people.

  13. Oh what fun and with lots of purrrr-sonality too!!! Too precious!!

  14. Oh... I love Noel or little Satan.. whatever this little beaut shall be called! Precious!

  15. Love it!! What a sweet kitty. It's funny how when you have a pet cat you are constantly in fluctuating between "Awwww, how cute!!!" and "That darn cat!!!" It's kind of the same with toddlers... ;-)

    -The Menu Mama

  16. What a beautiful cat! We have two Siamese cats at the Fairfield House.
    You never own a cat. They own you!

    Happy New Year!


  17. "display soft and tiny paws" ☺

    It worked for me! The roll in the window was the clincher, though! we're enjoying having only one mature cat right now but we do miss our kitten farm!

    I've been waiting and waiting for these kitty pics to load! Your (wonderful) blog with it's many (wonderful) pics is very hard to load with slow Internet! I've been trying to come by and say hi but it just hasn't worked until now! So, Hiiiiii! come by and see me when you get a chance. ♥

  18. awww....what a cutie for sure:):)

  19. Noel- You are one adorable kitty! Try to take it easy on your new owners!


  20. Oh how I feel your pain - and pleasure! My husband brought home a kitten and named it "sweetie pie" - for heavens sakes - what a stupid name! Has been a long time since we had a kitten in the house - needlesss to say I have had to put all my pretties up and away for now - (drives me crazy) - but I have to admit she is cute - even if she has a silly name!

    Noel is absolutely adorable and your photos are priceless. I loved this post and the story - as always - I love being here!


  21. awwww so cute, cuddly and fun ;-)) maybe a nightmare at times to i remember my Timmy was into everything and everywhere i didn't want him to be. But he out grow it well most of it ;-)) Enjoy her Dee x

  22. Noel-you are a darling little girl. So you are a little talker-too bad you cannot come over and play with me-I am quite the talker also.


love to hear from you! ;}