January 27, 2011

Dream A Little Dream...

So, unless you have been living under a rock...
you know who Maria from DREAMY WHITES is...

She specializes in decor that is, well "dreamy" and "white"...
and obviously spends all her free time cornering the market on
FABULOUS chandeliers! Seriously! This is picture...while truly
"dreamy" is just plain mean! A "two chandy" shot...when I
have none??? Just makes me need a box of tissues...and a cookie!

And LOOK at those windows! Floor to ceiling...I am in love!!! They are
almost better than a bowl full of World Class Chocolate for 31 Flavors!
{and yet another wicked "chandy shot"!}

When I first discovered her blog, she was doing this to her daughters' room!
I suddenly wanted to be her daughter...or just live in THAT room...neither of
which is practical or even reasonable...but even crazy girls can dream, right? ;}
Those "poofs"!!!! They are killing me!

And I keep coming back to see shots like this...
Dreamy...and white...was a blog ever more appropriately named?
{Unless of course it had been called "Chandy Lust"...that would
have worked too! ;}

Well, Maria has opened her own shop now... DREAMY WHITES ON LINE
And although you can't buy her windows or her chandeliers or those
"poofs"...you can by all sorts of fun and French things that will make
your heart go pitter patter! Like this little lunch pail...how cute is this?
{So, Anne of Green Gables!!}

And even if you don't buy anything {naughty} just pop in to see all
the pictures...seriously...I have no idea what is for sale in this one
and I don't really care...I just want to LOOK at it...and DREAM!

can someone explain why I am getting so many "hits" from
TATTOO DESIGN VAULT this week....really...what am I missing?


  1. You are too funny:) I love her blog as well and will have to join you in eating chocolate ice cream but I will need to add peanutbutter and whipped cream to mine;) She really knows her dreamy whites and what to do with them. Her photos always make me just want to sit and stare. Hope you are having a dreamy white week:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Ok...I thought it was just me with the tatoo hits...like maybe they thought all women experiencing mid life crisis want a tatoo or something. Whew!
    P.S. Cute review!

  3. I always used to think that white decor was very cold...but i have changed my mind it can be so warm, fresh and cozy even. I love those rooms. Dee x

  4. Yeah I have chandy lust after Marias lights too! also love the pink pouffs!!

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing this blog it is just breathtaking.

  6. Love it!!! It's so refreshing. Love the dishes you picked up at JT Maxx...I keep telling myself..You have ENOUGH dishes! Hope that works...

  7. I will have to stop by Maria's-her things are absolutely beautiful!!

  8. Is it time for you to buy your own "chandy"? Sounds fun to me.


  9. LOL!! Loved this post!;) I sooo agree with you!Maria is so talented and also very kind.Her new shop is just amazing too!!! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  10. A blog to sigh and cry over...it is gorgeous, isn't it? Calgon...whisk me away...remember that oldie? Probably not...lol Hugs-Diana

  11. It is a very lovely blog. I really enjoy stopping by hers and yours.

  12. I want to just sit in that green chair and stare into that amazing cupboard!! I have such a jar fetish

  13. Oh that first photo takes my breath away. Tanks for the tip on Dreamy Whites-- I'm off to check out the shop.

    Cheers, jj

  14. Maybe it's your destiny to get a rosebud tattoo.

  15. Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks for sharing Dreamy White's blog! I can see that I will be spending some time over there. So airy and fresh. You have a great blog as well! It's been fun peeking around. I'll be back!


love to hear from you! ;}