January 25, 2011

The Cath Kidston That Ain't...

I'm cheap...really cheap.
But the stupid kinda cheap.

The kind that buys a big mixing bowl just because it looks
like a CATH KIDSTON design and is muuuuuuuuuuch cheaper than the real thing!
Did I need a mixing bowl?
Uh...no! {And just you shush up!}
But it has POLKA DOTS, for corn sake!
Who among you can resist the "dot", I ask???!!!!
And if you can then you are a better man than me
and since I am not a man at all...that's sayin' a lot! ;}

I love CATH ...I really do!
Even though she is all the colors I'm not supposed to like!
{See! This is how all that gang stuff starts...as innocently as all this!}

Anyway, my friend Katie and her big yap had to tell me that there were
these adorable dishes at TJ MAXX and so we had to go check them out
and then I had to buy some...because they were so, well...cheap!

But come on!
Are they not "Valentine-y" too??!!
Just look at that red!
Can't you just picture a scone on that plate?
Devonshire cream!
{I do spin a good yarn to justify them even to myself, eh?;}

Since I was in the Devonshire mood...
I popped this little cutie into the cart too!
$3.99! Isn't that what something from Starbuck's costs?
And I don't do Starbuck's, so basically, it was free!
Am I right?!!
{God save the queen!}

And just look!
A PINK flower!
All is right with the world!


This is Rose Sprig! {really truly live Cath Kidston}
Couldn't you just eat it up??!!
It's floor tile!
I know!
Shut up!

"SWOON!" quoth ELYSE !
My sister Kae is going to put this in her bathroom!
Will keep you updated...
She is not quite as cheap as me!


  1. where do you get the tile. that's pretty stuff. love the dishes, and i'm not addicted to the dot. and i better not be now that i read your post! doh.

  2. Oh- I want to come and live in your sister's bathroom...I would surely leave if anyone would like to bathe.

    I LOVE your dishes...oh my gosh! TJMAXX...that was a man with a dream, don't ya think? And then...I was part of the nightmare because I keep going and buying. I even have a huge old birdcage (shhhh...MyHero hasn't seen it yet) sitting in the little room off the garage awaiting a "sneak in" one day soon.

    Well, I DO love my Starbucks -everyone that buys me a coffee at the shop on my side of town asks for a Diana and they fix it for them just as I like it. Is that pathetic, or what? What? So...if I DIDN'T go to Starbucks one day..I could CERTAINLY say I got that cup for free...but that excuse just isn't cutting it for you....But...hey...Keep Calm and Carry On! Later my friend...Hugs- Diana

  3. OH, I love the goodies you found, especially the "Keep Calm and Carry On" mug. And everything really does look like Cath Kidson. I was just looking at her catalogue today. Fine Work!


  4. Floor tile! Amazing. Please don't show me polka dot dishes. I really don't have room for another bowl, dish, glass, etc...but, TJMaxx you said??? Oh, well, I have trouble saying no to chocolate too, and look where that got me!

  5. love it... I am addicted to crockry... so beautiful.. love to see how she arranged them in the bath room... polka dot oh fun has to be... isn't ??

  6. ;-))))) Love it, and flowers and polka dot what women could resist, i cant afford Cath kidstone she is far out of my reach so to see cheaper versions is fab ;-)) Enjoy them, dee x

  7. I Love those Dishes!! So cheerful!! I am going to have to see if they distributed some to my TJ Maxx across the USA!! A girl can dream right??
    Huggs, Nancy

  8. Those pretty dishes caught my eye too! I HAVE to find one of those mugs for myself though:@)

  9. How inspiring are you today? I love that floor....going to go look at more of her stuff. Love the TJMaxx stuff, maybe I have to head over there too!

  10. Okay- I have to find a TJ Max!
    And those floors tiles!? Definitely swoon worthy but they would never do in the land that I live in! I'd have to live in the land where the guys actually remove their shoes before coming in! But I wonder if I could put those tiles on my wall~ when they go on sale~! :)

  11. I have to head off to TJ Mazz today...I am loving those dishes. And the tile! Who would have thought?


  12. Ohhhhh, such cute dishes. I love them!! What a find.

  13. T J Max does have a lot of nice things don't they? I also go so wild in Tuesday Morning that my sweet hubby threatened to take my checkbook away - but the price was sooooooooo cheap.


  14. If it weren't snowing, I would be in the car right now on my way to TJ Maxx! And where did your sister get that tile....have to have it!!!!
    This is my first visiting in a while, and you got me all excited!!!!

  15. Great find on the dishes, my husband has given up asking about dishes anymore but who can resist at the TJ's pricing! Your sister bath is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing.

  16. The dishes are indeed Cath Kidston-esque. Of course you had to have them!

    Oh that tile. I am in love.


  17. Oooh how cute is this?! Your kitchen must be full of lovely things like the bowl and plates and all! Adorable! I couldn't resist either ;)

  18. You are too cute! I love your colorful new dishes. They are so bright and cheery!

    ~ Tracy

  19. Ya that Katie!Look what she does! U really have no restraint when it comes to T.J.!

    Love ur SistaMaxinista

  20. It all makes perfect sense to me M. You did all that justifying for nothing...you had me at the dots!

    Kae...this is going to scream BEAUTIFUL!
    hmmm maybe I could afford a closet????

  21. chomp chomp! <- that's me, eating up those tiles! adorable!

    and guess what, girlie? i saw those dishes at homegoods and nearly had a fit! i ended up with the tiered cake plate thing. so cute! so cath-like!


  22. I ran out to TJ's when I saw your post on these lovely, lovely dishes, but ours doesn't have them. I guess a road trip is in order to Columbus or Cincy. LOL I am addicted to picking up dishes here and there! I love to mix and match patterns. ♥

  23. I love your taste, cheap and all. I could seriously decorate after your style.

  24. I love those dishes! Such a bright and fun pattern!

  25. Holy moly that tile is sooo pretty - I wouldn't want to walk on it!! The dishes are awesome! JenT

  26. I love those dishes....every kitchen needs a little color!!! There is a TJ Maxx near me.....so, gotta run, LOL! ;-)

  27. Cute dishes! And oh, I am swooning over that Cath Kidston floor tile. I must have it! Do you know where to get it?



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