December 7, 2012

A Yultide Tute...{Christmas Past}

 since i KNOW you are all busily wrapping away 
{what am i saying...i'm sure you're already done! ;}
i thought i'd give you a little help in the form a tutorial from a Christmas past!

That's short for "tutorial", just in case you're not "in the know"...
and that was a complete lie! ;}
Why do I do that?
It's just awful! And here it is almost Christmas! I should be ashamed!
{I promise, I shall be heartily sorry tomorrow....just let me finish this
post first,ok?}
So, as I was saying before I almost broke out into the entire Act of
I present to you today, for your perusal, A BOW TUTORIAL that I
totally ripped off from Kathy @ A SPECTACULAR MESS !
{And it's also chapter 747 of my Lazy Girl's Guide To Crafting From Your Couch! ;}
Geezaloooooo! There I go again! Can I work my way through the "7 Deadlies"
in one single post?!, un-Christmasy...I am heartily sorry!

{the bird, the shell & the cat hair are merely there to add "visual interest"
to the shot. OK, the bird and the shell are...the cat hair is just everywhere,
all the time, 24/7...I'm not gonna lie...again...there's not a tape roller big
enough to tame it all, so I just dress accordingly! ;}

OK, let's get down to brass tacks here...
have your cat cut 7 strips of paper, 7" long and 3/4" wide...ish...
Now Kathy is a librarian, she probably did this all very meticulously
and, it goes without saying, quietly!
Then there's me...I started to cut strips of paper that only had something of
interest on ONE side...don't so this! BOTH sides of the paper will be visible
ergo...use the sense the God gave a goose and use sheet music or book pages!
I don't have a ruler...I had to use a tape measure and almost put an eye out!
But what I lacked in exact measurement, I tried to make-up for by using
my sassily edged scissors...see! were so taken with the curvy edges
that you didn't even noticed that my strips are 7 x 3/4...give or take... ;}

Now turn your strips into sorta-kinda-figure 8's...
easy as that! Tickety-boo!
Yes...That's another lie...tongue sticking out...trying to get the over-under...
under-over...Saints preserve us! What am I doing??! If I had filmed myself
REPEATEDLY trying to get the hang of this...they'd have me under a 72 hour
hold! But once you "get it" and then proceed to smack yourself in the head
a few's cinchy! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So, now that you've got that under control...
make 7! ;}
What? It's easy!

{Ooops, forgot. Kathy logically uses two-sided tape for all her adhering needs.
Welllllllllllll, I was plumb out of that particular I used my glue
gun! Is that Can-Do-American-Spirit or what? No ruler, no tape and yet I
press pioneer ancestors are so proud! ;}

Now, stack 'em up!
You've all seen a bow...hop to it!

And there you have it!
Is that adorable, or what!
And I am adoring it...let me tell you!
Yah, yah...Kathy's is all neat and tidy and symmetrical and all
that other entirely superfluous stuff...but she had a ruler and
tape...AND she's a librarian with all that Dewey Decimalness
just oozing from every pore!
Don't judge!

{no muss, no fuss...a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4...
for anyone who is more visual and doesn't need all verbiage...
how boring! ;}

HOW cute would my sister's BOW-dacious apothecary look be with the
sheet music bows...possibly with glittered edges?
I am just dying here!

I say lose that lackluster white "been there done that" bow!!! And crown your
gifts with one of these little charmers instead!

{Kathy's is a tad more detailed and a bit more coherent...
for your own might want to check it out?! Plus, her tutorial
has a Star Wars theme that I really enjoyed! ;}

{click HERE to see non-Christmasy bows made from non-Christmasy materials! ;} 

sure missed out when he didn't take this fabulous
monster/bow-maker-helper! Lucky me!!


  1. so cute! i love it that this is in a are so crafty (i need to learn a few things)....

  2. Love it!! And your kitty is so precious too~*~*HUGS,Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  3. lOve it! Yep I have cat hair and dog hair as well. It always just magicaly appears even after I clean! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  4. Very cool bow, I never knew you could make one! Great!
    Pretty Kitty!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I Love it!! Great Job!! Thank~you very much for stopping by my Blog with your thoughts and Prayers, I really appreciated it!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  6. Cat hair for visual interest - ha! Then my house has a whole lot of visual interest! ;)

    Okay how doggone cute are these bows? I was making a paper bow today - half what I thought I'd read in a tute and half made up/I think this is how it goes. There were no rulers or measurements of any kind. Your bows are much cuter, I will absolutely be trying this out.

  7. That is sooooo lovely and you did such a great job, well done. Have e lovely christmas. Dee x

  8. Oh how fun this 'tute' is.
    Have a great christmas

  9. Oh!! how very pretty!!! My goodness you are so very talented!!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Cathy

  10. This appears to be so simple that even the scissored challenged like me might be able to accomplish it! with Cat Daddy, tute takes on a whole different meaning here at the Casita de Trash!

  11. You are too funny! Love the bow and your "tute"!!!!!

  12. That was a great Tute...I have to admit I thought the other way too...I'll definitely have to bookmark it for next year. Too late now or you can repost it for me about December 4th before I mail stuff out. Oh wait..hubby had me send checks this year...I'll just bookmark it for decorations. Have a great day.

  13. This turned out so cute - I have yet to try one. I like your twist of using the scissors with the design.

  14. oh how i love a good "tute" and laugh at the same time! (no pun intended here!) TFS that awesome project...i'm heading for the couch (you DID say a good couch project, right? Just checkin....) to start cutting up some sheet music!

  15. i LOVE recycled ideas! Come on over and link up to MMM :)

  16. I'm so happy I found this tutorial in time for wrapping presents! Not only a great idea and instructions but humorous as well :) Love it!

  17. Just now got a look at your beautiful music notes bow,so classy.I love it.You are one talented girl thats for sure.Merry Christmas.

  18. Looks wonderful love the vintage chic charm to it, Have a sweet day!

  19. Oh I needed that giggle today. I am beginning to feel overwelmed. The bow looks beautiful on the parcel.

  20. This was a riot!! A repurposed tute!! I laughed, I cried. Well, I didn't really cry. I was just kidding about that. Loved the fact that you used fancy scissors too! Although, hot glueing while sitting on the couch is too dangerous for even me! I'm glad you posted it. I've gained some new followers from this!! You have a fabulous Christmas! Cheers- Kathy

  21. So fun! What a clever idea! The perfect topper to any gift! Hoping you'll visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made With Love Monday! Wishing you a very blessed Christmas!

  22. A very fun and instructional post here! You did hold my interest right to the very end! I think I can follow your instructions too! :)

  23. Want you to know that I am very impressed with your scalloped edges on these adorable music page bows and who would've known you weren't an exact measurer? (is that even a word?) LOL
    My motto is to NEVER tell anyone if or where I screwed up- only I should know that! Have to keep up the illusion that I still have that Perfection Thing going...
    Merry Christmas wishes to you!
    ~ Sue

  24. Great tutorial, the bows look so sweet! I linked it to my "book pages" post too.

  25. This bow is cute and looks so simple, but I bet you I could screw it up!! LOL

  26. hose bows are fabulous - and your tutorial is perfect - thanks so much! Love your sweet kitty - he (she?) is so beautiful!


  27. that bow! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  28. This is so great. I linked to your site and "borrowed" some of your pictures. Let me know if that's okay. I also gave credit to A Spectacular Mess like you did with a link. Really great tutorial. Thanks!! Here's where your mentioned btw

  29. yes, yes, yes! I love sheet music ideas. I'll be looking into these directions in more detail...(no time at the moment). thanks for sharing!

  30. OK, I have only two things to say.
    1. You are HILARIOUS!
    2. That bow is GENIUS! You are GENIUS!
    I love it.
    ~Angela :-)

  31. My friend, Donna, sent this link along to me, because she thought I would love these. She's right! Great idea!

  32. Good LORD, I have tears running down my face: you are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOO much for the belly laugh this morning. I REALLY needed that! I came over from Met Monday. Have a GREAT (and fun filled) week!!! XO, Pinky I will be your newest follower!!!!

  33. I just found you and your bow years later!!! but wow its brilliant. Love your sence of humour too

  34. That bow is ADORABLE!!! Thanks! =]


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