December 14, 2010

A Yultide Tantrum...

I am five years old!
And I want to pitch a nasty fit!

I am in the midst of a pernicious snit!
{ok, "midst" & "pernicious" are not very five-year-oldish
words...but trust me, I have always been quite wordy! ;}

Now where was I...oh, yes...I was throwing myself down in the middle
of a department store and screaming while someone is trying in vain
to pull me up by one arm so now I will go limp and just hang there
as I cry louder!
{Familiar scene? Hee! Hee! I love when kids do this...not kids that I
am with...but I do enjoy it from a do all children
innately know this maneuver?}

Why this hissy fit?

I know. I know.
I say this every year...every winter...every Christmas.


There are no snowmen...without snow.
No sleigh bells without a sleigh and no sleigh...without snow.

It was HOT Monday...people had on shorts...
{trust me, just because we can wear shorts...doesn't mean
we should wear shorts...we are not in Australia and it's
not Summer...which means "less than toned"..."less than
tan"...cover it up people! You'll scare Santa away!!! '}

It doesn't help that the tv and newspapers are brimming with
stories and pictures of a....


I know those of you back East are
slipping and sliding and digging out from under...
and it's not all fun and magical..

...and yet I pout.

I guess I'll go see if some Almond Roca will help...
{I always find food to be fun and magical! ;}


  1. Cute post! I am with you - I really want snow and it is Canada after all but spring like weather for last couple of days here on the Island.

    I hope you have a wonderful WHITE Christmas.


  2. That was so cute. You can have some of our Florida cold and that might bring you some snow or at least "chill bumps". That's the politically correct words for "goose bumps" per my 10 year old grandson. Evidently goose is now a bad, I'll stop having a hissy fit. Take care.

  3. LOL I don't blame you!! I want to throw a hissy fit too! We are cold here in South Carolina, but no snow!

  4. Thank goodness for Almond Roca.

    I just moved from Seattle to Chicago . . . I am trying to get used to the snow. :)


  5. Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous!

    We got ice here today....not fun...I am in Alabama....we are way South! What is up with that??

    Wishing you a White Christmas!

    Lou Cinda

  6. I love it...."pernicious snit". I am saving that one because I might need it one day! lol I can box up and send you all kinds of snow. How much do you want?? :)

  7. I like to visit snow but wouldn't want to live there. I'm a life long SoCal gal and love my sunshine. but, there's always Big Bear (:

  8. Beautiful pictures, where do you live? I am in Orlando and we are breaking cold records and throwing our tantrums! Our blood is just to thin for this and we are not liking it. At least it won't last long, and should be back to the 70's this weekend.


  9. How about if I send you some snow from Illinois and you send me anything you want that you have pictured on this post. Oh my goodness you have beautiful things...I'm drooling!

  10. Girl I am so with you on that snow! Praying for it right now! No more 80 degree weather I am ready for a good old fashioned white Christmas!

  11. Oh goodness! The Yuletide Tantrum! I get it, sister, I truly get it. But you have to be a little careful. Last year someone threw such a big tantrum that up here in Ye Olde Pacific Northwest we had like 10 feet of snow. OK, maybe not that much, but you get my point! :-)

    Yes, I want snow! But, you know, just enough to be pretty, not so much that I have to shovel out the house.



  12. awww bless you ;-)) Snow is coming back our way and as much as i love it and would love a white christmas if it comes my parents may not be able to come and visit and stay with me so my fingers are half crossed ;-)) dee x

  13. I feel you pain (or at least I used to). I grew up in Florida and I only remember seeing snow 3 times in 36 yrs and each time was past Christmas and it always melted the minute the snow started to peak over the horizon.

    Then we moved to NC and we get snow every year but not always before Christmas, many times it's not until Feb, and every then sometimes it's very thin, so a lot of the charm is wasted. But this year we've had snow 3 times, it's not more than a little dusting and it's gone by noon but I have hopes for a nice deep one before the seasons over.

  14. want snow and we've got TONS of snow! I love it when I hear that others actually want snow....makes me stop and appreciate all the snow we are getting right now!!!

    Love all your very cute!

  15. Beautiful decor and the sheet music chain is AWESOME!

  16. I'll send you my address and you can come enjoy all the snow you want. I do know what you mean, there is nothing like a "little" snow to make the season jolly. Merry Christmas.

  17. As one who always decorates the tree in a beater shirt and bare feet...I hear your pain. Thing careful what you wish for...Santa IS listening!

  18. What a fun post with TONS of great pictures! I'll do my snow dance for you...

  19. Tehehehe, I am trying to picture you throwing a hissy fit, lol. We have snow forecast for the weekend again, I'll take some pictures for you ;-)muaaahhh.
    Anyway, what do you need snow for? You have so much beautiful white and sparkly stuff in your home, you don't need that cold stuff outside.

  20. Crack me up! You warm weather folks only covet snow because it looks good. But I really do think YOU understand it can be icky, as well. I just came in an hour ago from doing the driveway with my beast of a snow blower- I long since graduated from the snow shovel after I tore both rotator cuffs trying to lift 3 feet of wet snow- Anyhoo- the drive needs to be done again! Yikes, nobody told ME we were gonna have a blizzard. Guess I'll just have to settle in with a nice hot cup of tea and an LMN movie!! ~ Sue

  21. Those are some of the prettiest pictures I have ever seen! Wow, are you a talent even if you are pitching a fit!

  22. You need to not be in CA then dear.

    By the way, is that glittery christmas tree a baby bottle brush?

  23. Oh I love it, particularly your reference to Australia and summer and shorts which is where I am, how I am as I read this!

  24. I'm in KY and we have had more harsh weather than usual. I think we have already had 3 snow days for the kiddos. It's icy/snowy out there right now.

  25. Oh my goodness! I couldn't agree more with the shorts unless you are in a tropical area. I shake my head at those people as weather can turn around very fast. Don't feel bad though, we have seen snowflakes, ice here, but no real snow. Winter officially begins next week so there is still hope!

  26. Oh I laughed myself to tears... well sorry for making you jealous buuut we have snow snow snow and we have sleighs sleighs sleighs and bells bells bells and we have red red red cheeks and a snugly and cozy fire burning...
    It realy must be hard - a life without a cold and frosty christmas...
    sending you hugs & kisses and some snowflakes, Mira!

  27. You can come here to NE Ohio near Cleveland & take all of our snow...we've got more coming & I prefer my snow up on the mountains of S CA where it SHOULD be! All the snow you want is here...FREE. You're on your own for getting it out of here, though...although maybe I can bribe Santa into taking it to you.
    Merry Christmas!


love to hear from you! ;}