December 1, 2010

Will Santa Still Love Me If I'm Lazy?

I love this tea set...
It's stays out all the time so that I can revel in its cuteness...
So, instead of hiding it away at Christmastime...I fluffed...
threw in a few mini vintage ornaments...poured glitter into
some aperitif glasses...what? You don't pour glitter? ;}
I LOVE the particular looks like crushed pearls...
uh, I mean very snowy, don't you think?

I am wondering though...
is my "making do" theme this year a new leaf I have turned over?
A moral awakening?
A new path I have begun?

I have a feeling "someone" is just really lazy...with a capital L.
But, geezaloo! All that stuff sure sounded good for a minute there!
{One day I will finish my first book, The Lazy Girl's Guide To Crafting
From Your Couch...I'm just pacing myself!;}

A few more VOs in the cups I have been meaning to put away...but if I
like looking at them, I have a hard time convincing myself that I need to
put them away just because I'm not using normal people do...
I think I have just hit on something there...note to self: you're not normal!'re lazy!
{Who knew that one could take such a journey of self-discovery while
sort of decorating?}

I love the shape of this old platter...but it's a bit mangy...
I do love vintage things...but this has some discolorations that
kinda have an X Files look about them...

Cover them with a mound of VOs!
If only my morning make-up routine was so simple!

Up on the roof top...
Ok, I don't really have a white feather tree on my roof top!
Even in Cali...people would talk...but it's not like I haven't
heard "la guera loca" bandied about before! ;}

Flocked{reindeers}, Feathers, Fun!
You'll note my minimalist restraint with the tree decoration...
You decide.

I'd love to stay and chat...
but I have a lot of things to partially decorate with a restrained flair...
or I might just take a nap...I'll work on my book tomorrow! ;}

Vintage Inspiration Friday @ COMMON GROUND

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and Hooked On Houses HOLIDAY TOUR


  1. My, what carefully thought out, colour co-ordinated, elegantly restrained decor..... Seriously - wonderful! Keep doing what you're doing, whatever the reason!

  2. You make me laugh....lazy or not you have the touch to make anything look great. Love the way you arrange your stuff by adding the VOs and the glitter!

  3. Do put me on the waiting list for the book........

  4. So darling...lazy or looks great. I LOVE those little reindeer-they are just sweet looking~ Very the poured glitter...make sure you aren't sipping it by mistake!>) Hugs- Diana

  5. What a pretty vignette! I love the VO's and have a hundred on our tree. I even use the broken ones in bowls etc. I enjoy your blog and your humour in your writing. Thanks for the lift :-)

  6. Doesn't look like laziness to me-it looks like pure creativity! and not to mention it is all beautiful. I love the cups...don't put them away!

  7. Oh, you make me laugh. I'm knee deep in boxes. And some years it just doesn't always get out. I keep telling myself that it just turned December - so there's time!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Whatever you call it, I call it lovely!

  9. It's so beautiful and I love reading your blog. Everything you do is fantastic.

  10. Your blog always lifts my spirits. Just wondering how you keep the kitties away from the feather tree? And what is your source for the GGG?

  11. I agree with everyone! Your Xmas decor is the most lovely and charming I've seen! I particularly love the vintage ornaments....they so remind me of my childhood!...ahh

  12. Nothing lazy looking about your display. Very pretty and restrained looking. Either I'm lazy or cheap but I have very few ornaments. I like to call it frugal but I gave almost all our ornaments to my sons. They made most of them when we moved to full timing in the RV. Now we have a Park Model and not much stuff.

  13. I think it's all very pretty. I love how you incorporated the tea set.

  14. There is nothing lazy about this at is creative and gorgeous!

  15. Whatever it is, it is Gorgeous!! I love it! And the feather tree....soooo pretty!!

    And am a glitter FREAK and I pour mine too!

    Lou Cinda

  16. Very creative and pretty. You are not lazy in the least I think not. I love your vignettes and 'tis the season for {more} glitter!


  17. Off course he will still love you, fun post and lovely pictures, much inspiration!
    Have a happy Thursday. xx

  18. I love your decorations and it doesn't look like you were lazy either!! Enjoy your holidays!

  19. Hola
    que fotos tan lindas
    gracias por compartirlas
    me encanta

  20. Lazy or not, I think you added just the right amount of elegance and charm. Your home is beautiful!

  21. Wonderful post - as usual -

    I doubt very much if your lazy - just working smarter.


  22. Love the pink ornaments and the forget-me-not cup. Great way to add Christmas cheer to what you already love!

  23. I love your decor. The colors are great!!

  24. Lululiz has first dibs but I want the second copy of
    "The Lazy Girl's Guide To Crafting From Your Couch"
    signed please ! I am not kidding, what a perfect Christmas present it would make ! { Please Santa ! }
    You don't even need to get off the sofa,
    there must be a way to send it out for printing with just a couple clicks on your computer.
    { just print all the best blog posts, get an estimate for the cost to have it printed, take orders right here on your blog, when you have sales of the quantity needed place the order, we're patient and besides we have your posts in the meantime }

  25. This entire post cracked me up! hahha! X files! Lazy! Love all of it!
    That is a book I will buy!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  26. Very pretty vignette! I love the pink and white.

  27. Even in a slothful mode you outshine most of us, girlfriend! Love your pretty vignette!! If I ever came to visit, I might just have to pocket one of those sweet flocked reindeer. I've got such a thing for reindeer lately......decorated the entire kitchen ledge with them this year. My collection is multiplying!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. Lazy is least in your case it is, cause everything looks awesome (like everything you do).
    Not Normal and Lazy sounds like a great title for a book. Actually it sounds like something I would spend money on.

  29. Oh, it's all beautiful, that flying reindeer is just magical. Gorgeous, thanks for linking up!

  30. I have been doing that a lot lately, is it lazy, or just a uncluttered clean fresh style. I could also just frame the Image of your flying reindeer and say this is the magic of Christmas~Enjoy it!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  31. I wish my lazy decorating could look this amazing...I would totally buy your book...eventually lol.

    Keep doing what your not doing, it looks awesome

    Blessings Kelsie

  32. Tooo cute!... and so are you... I love your posts so much and your darling sense of humor... let them think you are "la guera loca"... I don't think you are the crazy lady one bit! I love how you have mixed so many pretty little things together... and I too would buy your book!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I especially love the little reindeer!

  33. Honey, it don't look lazy to me, it looks like perfection! OOOOhhhh, the pink! Just perfect!!
    So glad you came to the party!

  34. Lazy or not, your home looks amazing!!! I'm a big fan of using mostly one color and yours are perfect.
    Cheers, jj

  35. Simply adorable and really lazy, how about relaxed. Love the feather tree.

  36. I can't believe you are lazy! Lovely blog.

  37. Love it all!
    Mangy tray, tea set, vignette!

    And take your time on that book. I'm not ready for the couch yet. =)

    hugs and blessings.

    barbara jean

  38. Hey, no fair blurring out the ornament reflection of you! Ha-ha! Those type of "shots" are always so flattering -are they not? :)

    I just used MS glitter for the first time yesterday! I didn't pour it but I'm still finding it everywhere! Is there a secret to not making a mess with it? I'll have to try GG someday! ♥

  39. Ok I'm waayyyy late on seeing this and I'm having a love for the white/silver combination which I just did my entire room in. But I've looked through some of your posts and lol see you 'love' silver german glass glitter and I tried to see if you mentioned where you get yours but alas I cannot find that, so can you please tell me your source? beauty everyone on this blog! I'm following. blessings, lady


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