December 12, 2010

Of Birdies, Baskets, Baubles & Badgers...

You all have heard that, right?
That Badgers can be lured with bright, shiny objects?
{Come on! Even I know this and I'm am not quite certain
what a badger looks like...but I shall Googleth it since I
have a picture of a beaver in my mind...but I do know it's
some college's mascot...right? Or is that a wolverine?
ACK! Oh,'s been ages since a badger was seen in
these parts...if ever...coyotes, opossums, skunks, raccoons,
these are things I know...badgers...not so, why
did I even bring it up?! Sheesh!}

So, where was I {pre-badger}...I bought this nest-basket a while ago
for no other reason that I loved the birdie wearing a crown...
how easy am I? {well, that doesn't sound nice at all, does it?!}

It's so "Narnia"...a birdie wearing a crown...and I do love Narnia!
{yes, don't have to tell any one that you know me!}

And I love the vintage millinery too {such a non-lovely word for such loveliness!}

Well, I decided that the birdie with the crown needed a Christmastime
make over! Not him, he's perfection...just his fine feathered abode!

A snowflake pin here...
{I am soooooooo about the Yuletide snowflake!}

A shiny badgerlicious bauble there...

And voila!
I can see that Mr. Birdie is so very pleased that he will no longer be
relegated solely to the Spring/Easter months with his new multi-
seasonal make over...hmmmm...I wonder how he will look in an
Uncle Sam hat? {I'll get crackin' on that right away! ;}

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  1. I love your birdie with his crown and his abode!! What a great idea to Christmas his abode up!! I am sure he appreciates it very much!!

  2. So very merry and bright! The birdys' bling is very Christmas glamour. Good job.

  3. Gorgeous! You always have the most gorgeous things! and stunning photo's! So pretty!

  4. I wish you would get interested in glitter and sparkle - no, really!

  5. That gorgeous little bird is just too perfect for words! And I love the snowflake and your whole little introduction, badgers, baubles and Have a wonderful week!

  6. Love that little bird and the way he sparkles! What a great idea.

  7. What a perfectly wonderful post. It is just a "girly" post and I love it...all the birdies and basket and baubles and BADGERS? OMGosh? BADGERS? Do you know that is the Wisconsin state animal..and is one of the meanest animals God ever put on Earth? And they ARE mean and I mean MEAN! So.. you might want to take that little description out of your header so ya don't scare the Wisconsinites in the group off...I'm just sayin.... Hugs-Diana

  8. Pretty! I like the way you worked in costume jewelry.

  9. How in the world did I manage to miss so many great posts here M??? This little crowned birdie is a darling. I think I have a bird or two that needs a crown.

    Let me tell you a little about badgers...they are the meanest, badest little creature in the world, and I sure hope you don't have a doggie door or you will wake up to a million of them in your house with all the glitter you keep in there! I'm just warnin' ya, cause I don't want to read in the paper tomorrow...'women eaten alive by badgers after luring them in with shiny, glittery things'.

    Thanks for sneaking into Bee's and sharing her gorgeous decor with us.
    hugs to you and the sisters

  10. Love that crown and all the pink and silver! (I don't know what a badger looks like either.)

  11. It's gorgeous, and your pics are divine!

  12. Oh how sweet!! I bet he loves his New Holiday Home, and thanks you too!

  13. I love the pink and silver together. Beautiful photos.

  14. Ohh that basket is to beautiful for words i love it so pretty. Dee x

  15. Too cute and too funny. Yes, an Uncle Sam hat would look quite fetching on Mr. Bird! LOL LOts of bling and beauty here. But where in the world did you get badgers? HUH?! I wouldn't want one of those things around- mean as heck...

  16. I love your crowned birdie and his new winter home! Gorgeous!

  17. The little crown on the bird is really different. It sure makes a very festive decoration but I'm looking forward to his July 4th regalia.

  18. He is darling and I bet he loves his nest!

  19. Oh, the beautiful colors of Christmas! I love lots of vintage pink balls...and have bowls of them around my house! Happy holidays! ♥

  20. Why you easy girl, you! :)

    I luv that snowflake pin! That's the first thing that caught my eye!

    Let me tell you: badgers are WEIRD. They flatten themselves and walk backwards and do all sorts of un- natural things!

    I hope you and your sisters are enjoying the holidays! I sure am! ♥

  21. Lovely sparkles and shine - very festive!

  22. I think everyone/everything should wear a crown!

  23. Very soft touch in everything... very pretty and touches the heart... Love your glittering bird and you shot absolutely gorgeous...
    Hope you would like to peek into my world of craft…

  24. I love Narnia too, I grew up on the books.

    Beautiful little bird. I thought only magpies were attracted to shiny objects.

  25. you are brilliantly funny... just found your blog, and can't wait to snoop around. I just got here, so i don't know if you were kidding about writing a book... but you are sooooo a writer!


  26. What a cute royal bird! I love your created basket, so pretty!...Christine

  27. I'm just as easy as you it!!!!

  28. Just coming to check on you- crazy girl! Be happy! ♥

  29. Oh my gosh - these photos are fabulous! and the ones in the previous post too! You are killing me with these gorgeous photos - wow - you sure have the knack for a great camera eye! Beautiful!!



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