December 19, 2010


Today I received the most BEAUTIFUL Christmas present ever from
Miss Snow Angel herself, MIRA of BELLE BLANC !
It was the gift of a BLOG POST that is something I have never gotten
before! You may remember that I was whining...ya ya, so I do that a lot...
but I was whining about not ever having a White Christmas...
so Mira sent me quite a gorgeous "virtual" gift! And I am still swooning
and completely a-flutter!
Mira does have a magical touch when it comes to photography...but who
could help but be inspired by such amazingly gorgeous surroundings!
Seriously! I'd show you all a picture of my immediate surroundings...but
no amount of photoshopping will make the front door of a Domino's Pizza
look dreamy...belle...or even blanc! ACK!

Mira & Bianca's { WHITE LIVING } book,
Belle Blanc For The Love Of White, comes out in February!!!
It's available for pre-order HERE
on Amazon's German site...
they aren't sure if it will be available on Amazon's main site...what?!
This is just so vexing I think I may have to eat a cookie{s}! ARRGH!
Well, I'll get my paws on it one way or another...hopefully within the
parameters of the law...but I'm not promising anything!! ;}

THANK YOU MIRA, from the bottom of my whiny, glittery, Cali heart!
You are such a Belle Blanc Ange!


  1. Aren't blog posts just wonderful gifts and yours looks so lovely and white. Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas.

  2. how sweet!

    your blog header is very dear!


  3. aww thats lovely ;-) You should be here we have so much snow right now i would be more than happy to share it with you ;-)) Have a lovely christmas, Dee x

  4. Oh M, now I am also on "gorgeous overload" :) Thank you so much for this beautiful post and for sharing my book with your visitors. I wish I could send you some real snow but this is not possible. Today we had snow again newly fallen 20 cm (8 inches). Our childish neighbours have built a funny snowman (he even has ears)...
    Dear M, I wish you a seren and peaceful christmas, may all your wishes come true, see you soon

    xoxo Mira...

  5. I popped over to visit Mira with the magical touch with a camera... pure bliss on this blustery day in So. Cal.
    Loved her post sent to you !
    I'll return & visit her again, thank you for sharing the beauty !


love to hear from you! ;}