December 18, 2010

Just Ozma-ing With Creativity!

Whereas I, in a flight of fancy aka: a sugar high{...btw, if you haven't had
the apricot filled short bread cookies from CORNER BAKERY ...
I suggest that you don't...ever! Because once you's all over!
You'll be ever so cheerfully willing to give up an kidney, your car or
your first born just to lay your grubby little mitts on more! }
made this silly DECOUPAGED TEACUP ...and then was a
a loss to know what to do with it!

Miss I-Make-All-Things-Magical, Rosemary @ OZMA OF ODDS came up with this creative Christmastime cuteness!
I knew she'd have something up here fairy-dust-filled-sleeve!

And here's wishing all of you a "cup of good cheer" to get you through this week
before Christmas!

Get Wrapping!!!!! ;}


  1. You always make the best stuff girl and you must have a fortune in glitter ha ha!! Love it...I just did my book cabinet with sheet music don't know yet if I like it...will have to live with it for awhile...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Just so you know. JUST so you know. I am absolutely STEALING that idea of the decoupaged cup with the glitter inside. Stealing it. Do you hear me?!! LOL I think that's adorable! And the number of cast off, less than desirable cups out What a thought. This is charming. Have a wonderful Christmas season. It looks as if you already are!
    Cheers - Kathy

  3. How are you going to have coffee with that apricot filled shortbread cookie if your cup is full of glitter?

  4. Don't you love Rosemary's beauties. Your little cup is a sweet one. DO you think my husband's cowboy hat would be good covered in glitter?

    Christmas hugs!

  5. Had lunch today at The Corner Bakery as a matter of fact and I'm revved up like never before!
    Now that's a cup of sugar I'd borrow and forget to return!

  6. as always, glittericious!

    ... now I have to go check out Rosemary's treasures!

  7. I am convinced you have a magical hand! Gorgeous...once again!

  8. What a nice cup... hey you snow-missing lady, I made a new post just for you ;) xoxo Mira!


love to hear from you! ;}