December 5, 2010

The Carpenters, Cesar Millan & Santa...

Whatever you do...DO NOT get pulled into all the Christmas gadgets
Picnik's like going through a time warp and before you know
it an hour has's dark outside...and your bum in numb!
Not that I know from personal experience or anything... ;}

And now I bring you selections and snippets from Bee's home this year...
she filled this apothecary jar with package bows and I think it's the best
thing since sliced bread! { the wise men are acting very cool, but it's all
they can do to keep from staring!} (was that sacrilegious?)

I always love how the garlands look against the stark white ...
{it's "red" year...she alternates between pink and red every other year...
she would do pink every year but her kids demand the traditional red
& green! You know how subversive and anti-establishment children
can be! ;}

Speaking of unruly children! Bad dog! Down! I am so telling mommy...
after I take a picture!

More jars and pretties. Really... bows in the jars are completely floating
my boat!

The previous picture was the "mercy crop"...because this is the other view...
yep, there's the total gym...isn't it more of a New Year's decoration???!!! HA!

An excellent "Merry Christmas"! Our criteria for a fabulous Merry Christmas
sign is if it reminds us of the cover of The Carpenter's Christmas CD! {we have
issues! ;}

Gosh! Isn't that really big "Merry Christmas" above her mantel cool!
You'd think she'd get them for her sisters too...well, you'd be WRONG!
{she's the middle explains so much!}

Moving on...

Bee was a tad peeved {not really, I just wanted to put the word "peeved" in
a post! ;} that when I unveiled her new patio I didn't show the other seating
area and her new cushions...

Please don't be intimidated by my photography skills!!
I just couldn't get the whole sun-into-shade thing figured out!
You can get the gist though, right?
Pretty darn cute! And obviously had the small-bratty-dog-seal-

The new cushions...she was wanting more of a striped and polka dot and
solid thing going on but GEEZALOO! The variances of corals, pinks & greens
is enough to drive a body to drink! The FDA or NRA or someone really needs
to step in an standardize colors! Anywho...she went with the green and then
found those really cool wallpaper patterned pillows from Restoration Hardware
on BIG TIME sale! And everyone knows that things on sale are 10 times cuter
than they appear in the rear view mirror!!!

Even the plants get all festive! {You know Santa takes all of these things
into account when making "the LIST!!}

Sorry...artsy shot...well, at least to me...I'm easy like that!

She had intended the garland for the actual patio...but, like math is totally
not our strong suit... ;}... so, there wasn't enough. But it looks really cute
on the arbor!!! {you can't tell but the incline is steep and oye vey the toe
cramps I got from gripping the inside of my tennies in order to stay upright!

Another wreath for the birdies to abuse!!

Seriously!!!! Ring! Ring! Hello Cesar Millan!!!
Someone needs a "calm-assertive" furry butt woopin'!
{she is a cute little rat though...}

All-in-all, I think Santa will be pleased and will enjoy a nice little respite
here after he pops out of the chimney, don't you?

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  1. All beautiful shots, the decor is stunning, but I really got a great laugh at the pups on the couch and the table! Too funny! I have one at home a little like that :)

  2. I bet that cuties has never had a butt woopin'!!! Love this post ... and I love those bows in the jar, too! Gonna copy! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  3. Geeze...this is the cutest post...with the cutest canines...with the most to die-for outside living space...written by the cutest blogger around!!! Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out...but I sure did enjoy this entire post!!!

  4. Beautiful home, beautifully and lovingly decorated. I certainly hope that there's a "Merry Christmas" sign in it somewhere for you for taking such wonderful photos of it all. Cute pup, too!

  5. How fun! I've never seen bows in a jar before and while I don't like those bows much for packages...I really do like them under glass!

    As for the Carpenters...saw them 3 times in concert, front row once in college, even stayed in the same hotel with them once and had breakfast at the next table...why is that a bit embarrassing to say these days?

  6. I love the bows in the jar, a great idea. The house looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas.

  7. Everything is so beautiful. I'll try not to say that a cute little black dog on a white chair is sooooo

  8. Did you say The Carpenters? Yep! I saw them too...used to know every word to every song by that sad, or what?

    Love the house and that to see it again with a bit different perspective. Hate those bows for packages...finally a good use for them! Doggie is hysterical! He should go into the circus he has such good balance. He could travel with his own flea circus!

    Have a great night- Diana

  9. Oooo, Most Sparkly! I love seeing your beautiful home! Everything looks fantastic. Your tiny little fuzzy face is adorable!
    Merry Merry,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Your photography is fantastic!! I love the bows in the Jars, but not the dog on the Beautiful white furniture. I would Freak!! Thanks for Sharing!!

  11. Wow her home looks great and the patio is amazing. Its a bit strange for me seeing christmas things around while the weather is looking only jealous wish it was here to its freezing. And those bows in the jar are super cool may have to copy that idea ;-) Have a lovely week. Dee x

  12. Wow, great post - lovely pics of your sister's place - she certainly knows how to decorate. Love the bows / jar - great idea. White seating and a dog? - aaarggh!

  13. Oh my! How beautifully festive! Really wonderful! Your mantle is so lovely! Cathy

  14. In Re: Pink v. Red or Bee v. Kids
    Do what I do...use the same time. That'll learn 'em dern 'em and the little dog too!
    Fun post.

  15. muy lindas fotos!!
    te deseo una buena semana
    abrazos desde Chile

  16. That is so cute, you write so wonderfully and I love your sense of humor! Bea's home is just stunning and I love the little pups in the post too... the bows in jars do look beautiful, as well as the ornaments mixed with pinecones... that is some house... I would love to visit there... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. Can Bee come and decorate my house too? Some people got it, some don't.

  18. My bum has been numb for the last year...way too much blogging going on!
    Your outdoor space is outdoor space is full of gray snow and dog droppings!


  19. The jar decorations look great. I especially love the coral and green colours of the cushions and throw.

  20. Wow I am just going to have to buy some bows after christmas now. I love how you displayed your apothecary jars. Have a great week!

  21. Your home is lovely and looks so festive for the holidays!


  22. M, any plans to do some stand-up comedy over the holidays? or, maybe you could take the show on the road and perform at an art event like silverbella!

    always a good chuckle and lots o' swooning over here at the OC!


  23. Hahahaha! What a funny post -- you really are hilarious! And your sister's decorations (and the spiffed up Taj Mahal) look great!
    ~Angela :-)

  24. Yup! Those bows in the jar are doing it for me too! How simple yet clever! Thanks for the tour of Bs home! That doggy and you should write a book. ;)

    Oh and i was JUST telling Bobby how I want to get the carpenters christmas album some day and then I saw this post!

    I'm enjoying my phone so much! I smile EVERY time i see it! ♥

  25. I've decorated vases and jars with Christmas ornaments but not bows. What a great idea!


love to hear from you! ;}